How is an E-Bike Different From a Bike?

How is an E-Bike Different From a Bike?

Aug 23, 2022

Electric Bikes are the main force in the bicycle industry. Ebikes will also occupy half of the small motor vehicles or low-carbon and environmentally friendly means of transportation.

This electrified two-wheeled vehicle on the market is called an E-Bike. More and more people like it because of its powerful functions and multiple uses; it is not only fast but also good for the environment and personal health. So you might ask: What are the advantages of ebikes over ordinary bicycles? Is an E-Bike right for you? Please read carefully to find out.


Different from ordinary bicycles, e-bikes are mainly different in structure and function. The following will give you an example of 4 points:

  • Ebikes are Designed Differently

With technological advancements such as built-in batteries and smaller shocks, most e-bikes look similar to regular bicycles today but still function very differently. Ebikes have an excellent electric drive system, which is also the soul of the ebike. It can supply power for the ebike. The electric drive system mainly includes a motor, a battery and a display screen.

Cyrusher XF900

(Cyrusher XF900)

Electric bicycle motor: The motor is one of the most important parts of an ebike, and the motor can provide extra power for your pedaling. You can also use the controls to switch between different modes to control the power supplied by the motor.

Electric bicycle battery: The battery is an essential part of the ebike, and it is also the obvious feature that distinguishes it from ordinary bicycles. Different batteries have different capacity levels and many other factors. The battery will determine how far your e-bike can go on a single charge. Charging the battery is easy, unlock it and remove it from the bike, then use a power plug socket to charge it. Many ebike batteries are waterproof and removable.

E-Bike Display: Your e-bike display will show a range of information, including battery level, range, speed, distance traveled, and assist mode. The information displayed is also related to the type of ebike you have purchased and the ebike system you have selected.


  • Support Multiple Terrains

To meet the different needs of more riders, ebikes can support riding in various fields, so there are many types of specialized ebikes; like road bikes, mountain bikes, folding bikes, and step-through ebikes common in daily life. There are various ebikes to meet customers' needs for multiple purposes. Moreover, most ebikes on the market use fat tires. The fat tires have excellent grip ability, which can better ensure the riding experience. Its fat tires can also support riding on snow and muddy terrain!

Road bikes are one of the more common ebikes. For example, people use road bikes more for short-distance travel, play, etc., in daily life. Road bikes are fast, with a lighter frame and fat tires designed to help you reach maximum speed with minimal effort.

Cyrusher XF900

Mountain bikes are specially designed to deal with rugged and uneven off-road terrain. To cope with more special terrain, mountain bike material structure is more robust—better control over rough ground and a bit higher price than road ebikes. So if you plan to spend most of your time on the road, you can buy a road ebike.

When you go out, there will always be one or two ebikes that will successfully attract your attention. The folding bike is the most attractive ebike. It has the mighty power supply of the ebike. On top of it, it can also be folded, which can save a lot of space for the rider. Take the XF690Maxs, a folding ebike owned by Cyrusherq, for example. While it has a strong power supply, it is also equipped with fat tires with a strong grip and is installed with front and rear shock absorbers. Its excellent design can also make it a great mountain ebike.


  • Low Carbon and Environmental Friendly

The main reason why e-bikes are advocated and loved by people is that they can run on batteries without needing gasoline or diesel, which means it does not release any carbon emissions. Suppose you choose clean energy and solar energy to charge the battery. In that case, every use of an ebike is 100% environmentally friendly, a passenger car produces six metric tons of CO2 a year, and an electric bike does not use any CO2! At the same time, ebikes on the market now use more durable lithium batteries, and when the battery needs to be replaced, some parts of the battery can be recycled, which can better save resources.

As mentioned above, ebikes do not consume gasoline or diesel, achieving green emission reduction and saving a lot of fuel and parking space fees for riders. And compared to other medium or large vehicles, ebikes are more road-friendly, and if the road is damaged, heavier vehicles such as trucks are needed to fill and repair the road.

Another benefit is that trains, buses, and other means of transportation are crowded with people during the new crown virus. If you choose an ebike, you don't have to worry about crowds, and you can have a better view!


  • Good for Exercise

Ebikes are new means of transportation with batteries as the primary energy source. Ebikes support manpower to assist driving, and batteries can also provide acceleration. Therefore, compared with people who ride ordinary bicycles, people who ride electric ebikes will be willing to run farther and spend more time cycling. According to the survey, if people who ride ebikes and motorcycles have to go up to 5 floors every day, the riders on ebikes can easily reach five floors in one breath, while those on motorcycles will have a bit of difficulty.


Regarding whether it is suitable for an ebike, first, you need to determine the purpose of buying an ebike.

If you plan to use an ebike for your commute to get off work or for a long ride, using an ebike will make your journey easier. If you feel like you are not as fit and fast as you used to be, an ebike can help you ride more easily. Also, ebikes are more suitable for professional riders, recreational riders, delivery drivers, environmentalists, silver-haired people, and other groups.

Cyrusher XF900 and Kommoda

(Cyrusher XF900 and Kommoda)


Pick of the top electric bikes

At Cyrusher, you'll find a range of e-bikes to choose from at various price points. From folding city ebikes to pedal-assisted mountain ebikes, here's our pick of the top electric bikes:

All Terrain Electric Bike: Cyrusher XF900

The XF900 is among the best full suspension ebike for sale in Cyrusher. Its motorcycle-inspired frame makes it unique and one-of-a-kind electric bicycle. Top-of-the-line in Cyrusher ebike series, and comes with full suspension, fat tires, and a higher capacity battery for more range. Its motorcycle-style front forks will make you the center of attention wherever you go. The perfect all-terrain ebike and a great match for the Kommoda ebike model for couples.

Original price: $2,399
Price: $XXXX Click to see
Color: yellow blue white
Recommended index: ★★★★★

Cyrusher XF900

Cyrusher Kommoda

The Kommoda is the latest electric bike model added to Cyrusher current ebike catalog. This is a step-through electric bicycle that’s ideal for shorter riders and those with mobility limitations to get on and off the bike easier.

Its robust frame, full suspension, its incredible grip due to its huge, fat tires. And its attractive appearance, it is for all tastes... and for all terrains too! While it's great for commuting, its power also gets you through the trails and mountains.

It is worth mentioning that its massive fat tires and quality components makes it the perfect match for the XF900 ebike model for couples.

Original price: $2,299
Color: orange white yellow grey
Recommended index: ★★★★★


2022 New Arrival - Kuattro

The Kuattro is the latest model of electric bicycle added to Cyrusher current catalog of electric bicycles. This is an electric step-through bike that is ideal for riders with limited mobility to get on and off the bike more easily. This model features a taller frame and bigger fat tires, aimed at taller and heavier riders while allowing for more types of terrain riding. Its huge fat tires and the powerful motor will have you riding on any terrain, and its bright new colors and original paint will make you the envy of other riders.

Original price: $2,399
Color: Cyan White
Recommended index: ★★★★★


Beauty Queen
Ms. Stephanie Cook and Cyrusher XF770

"So happy with my new electric mountain bike XF770 from Cyrusher! I've been wanting a bike for years now, for cardio mainly- But now I am able to do that + relax and have fun with it. very smooth riding, more to come!" - Ms. Cook posted on her Instagram


Miss USA is about beauty and delicacy, but that doesn't stop them to like amazing Cyrusher ebikes. Ms. Nevada's finalist, Ms. Stephanie Cook, was delighted to purchase and own a Cyrusher e-bike, and enjoy it riding it on the Vegas strip and on the nearby hills.

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