From Kommoda to Kuattro | It's the Cyrusher Electric Bike Revolution

From Kommoda to Kuattro | It's the Cyrusher Electric Bike Revolution

Sep 05, 2022

In September 2022, the first shipments of Cyrusher Kuattro step electric bicycles will begin. The exterior design of this electric bike looks very comfortable. It is a new step-through electric bicycle after Cyrusher Kommoda and a new revolution in the Cyrusher step-through electric bicycle series.

Cyrusher Kuattro electric bike-20220906

Electric bikes aren't just made for pure speed racing. Like the bright look of the Kuattro, this change in Cyursher's new model could give riders a lighter lifestyle as it begins to lean more towards commuting and recreational cycling.

As a new look for the new stepper electric bike, the Kuattro embodies some of the new ideas Cyrusher has put in, with new features: 26" x 4.0" fat tires (larger than the Kommoda) for all terrains, bright LED horn lights, custom paint (with a more branded paint design), a longer-lasting battery, and a higher peak motor system.

The advent of Kommoda and Kuattro was a revolution in the development of Cyrusher electric bicycles. The Kuattro and Kommoda shared similar step-through geometric frames. From how they ride to the exterior design, they all reflect an urban-style travel lifestyle. This also reflects Cyrusher's new transformation of its products to meet customers' lifestyle needs for urban cycling, creating the most cost-effective products through innovative design and green technology.

The words 'bike' and 'fun' seemed to go hand in hand, which is so true. Kuattro step-through e-bikes are taking a new journey to make electric bikes look eco-friendly and fun, a true expression for anyone looking to explore the great outdoors emotions.

Development Story: Kuattro and Kommoda

The designs of the two electric bikes were launched after listening to customers' suggestions. Many customers want a step-through electric bike that their partners can easily ride. After research by the development team, taking into account the differences in height and body size of different riding groups, as well as the needs of a new generation of recreational urban commuter electric bikes, the Kuattro and Kommoda are brought to the market, allowing riders to ride with their loved ones.

Named after the Spanish word for "Comoda" for comfort, Kommoda uses smaller tires to provide better maneuverability in town. At the same time, larger fork shocks give the e-bike a more motorcycle-like look.

Kuattro's name comes from "Cuatro" in Spanish for "four" because four is stronger than two (wheel). You need to know that the future has arrived. Like the four-wheel-drive electric vehicle, the two-wheel-drive electric bicycle is also a member that can not be underestimated in changing the social transportation pattern. Kuattro's larger wheels are an excellent load-bearing option for bigger riders, and bright LED horn lights keep riders safe at night.

The innovations of Kuattro and Kommoda represent a change in the way of traveling around town or a new way of traveling in the city. They are fast, clean, and quiet. This technology is changing the way we live, go, and work.

Cyrusher Kommoda Kuatrro electric mountain bike

Innovative Features: Fun = Speed = Comfort

From Kommoda to Kuattro, where did Cyrusher's two electric bike products innovate? Is an innovative product a manifestation of a revolution every time a new product appears or is advertised?

The "all-around bike revolution" may be the most significant change for bikes since multi-speed drivetrains replaced single-speed drivetrains.

In The All-Round Bike Revolution, it is argued that modern all-road bikes combine attributes that were considered mutually exclusive just a few years ago: comfort and performance. Acceleration on slick surfaces and rough gravel, snappy feel, and the ability to carry camping loads. When the rider gets tired, the handling is stable and responsive on twisty hills.

These two step-through bikes from Cyrusher embody some of these characteristics. Striking a balance between fun rides, speed dynamics, and comfort and safety, combining the best performance aspects and looks of racing, touring, and even mountain biking in an e-bike.

All the facts about Kuattro and Kommoda:

Step-through geometry frame
Comfortable fat tires
Bright LED horn/brake light
Hydraulic disc brakes
Safety suspension
Colored rims

These two electric bikes are called innovative because they have made some new changes in frame and exterior design from previous Cyrusher electric bicycle types, and the commonality and personality between Kuattro and Kommoda , there are some subtle differences. Here are some of the new features that Kuattro embodies.

gril riding Cyrusher Kuatrro

Feature 1: Step-through geometric frame

Compared with the geometry of the previous Cyrusher high-stepping electric bicycles, Kuattro and Kommada is no longer the traditional diamond structure composed of two triangles, and their easy-to-cross step structure is inconvenient to dress and relatively petite. And it helps the rider solves the puzzle.

The seat post's height and the handlebar's position can be adjusted to accommodate different riders of different physical sizes better. The overall frame of the Kuattro is taller than that of the Kommada, a new feature designed for taller riders and consideration by the brand for people with different geometric structure needs to gain more riding experience.

Feature 2: Larger size fat tires

Compared to the Kommoda, the Kuattro has larger-gauge fat tires, giving riders more traction and cushioning on the ground when touring around town or riding on a field trial. In the tire revolution, as long as the tire is designed for high pressure, wide tires and high performance create mutually exclusive forces. But now, the Cyrusher's fat tires roll fast at low, comfortable pressures and are relatively more stable whether the ground is flat or rough.

In addition, the five-level pedal assist system allows the rider not to have to spend a lot of energy focusing on the assist system and only needs to be easily adjusted on the screen to help the rider climb those steep hills or traverse the city streets to allow the rider go fast pass.

Feature 3: Larger battery and higher peak power system

The Kuattro e-bike has a larger battery than the Kommoda, and the Cyrusher brand uses a larger battery in the Kuattro electric bike, offering the rider the possibility of a more extended range when riding. The Kuattro is the ideal vehicle for urban lifestyles and field trail travel.

When riding on the road, the large 48V 17 Ah battery continues the motor's power, making people feel the wind in their ears and look forward to the infinite distance. The 750W motor system outputs a peak of 1200W to provide mighty power to the rider, allowing the free soul to search for the vast mountains and blue coasts. These high-quality batteries and motor systems provide the foundation for a great time with friends and family, where comfort and performance never collide.

Feature 4: Bright LED horn light

A more prominent new feature of Kuattro is the LED horn light. This design considers the need for electric bicycle riders to ride at night. For riders who pass through town, the horn light can be used for riding on the road at night, improving lighting and safety and reminders merge, and this is where Kuattro shines. The Cyrusher brand has created a high-quality riding experience from the details in the design of this configuration.

kuattro fat tire front fork light

Cyrusher Brand

The wheels of the Cyrusher best electric bike revolution are turning. Until today, electric bicycles have been continuously optimized and updated for eight years and invested in creative design to get more and more fans who love riding.

They are headquartered in China's Silicon Valley - Shenzhen, with distribution centers in the US, UK, France, Germany and Japan. At the same time, it has also launched offline store trial ride services in many countries, such as the United States, the United Kingdom, and France.

Branded bikes are also tested for international quality and comply with CE, UL, Rhos and FCC standards. Brand names are also registered and recognized in Australia, China, the European Union, Japan, South Korea, and the United States. It also has distribution centers in the US, UK, France, Germany and Japan.

Electrical bicycle products and brands have mutual strength, the brand is growing to create more interesting electric bicycle products, and electric bicycles also choose the Cyrusher brand.

Rolling stones do not grow moss. Cyrusher is looking for the energy of product innovation again and again in international development. By launching high-quality personal mobile products and thoughtful services, Cyrusher exchanges customers' trust and support with the most sincere attitude.

Adhering to meticulous professionalism, unremitting efforts, and persistence, the team always returns high-quality products and considerate services to every customer who loves Cyrusher. It constantly promotes the ideal of going abroad, going global, and achieving long-term development.

If you are interested in Cyrusher electric bikes, you can find more information on Cyrusher at the link below.

US official website:
UK official website:
French official website:
German official website:
Phone: (800) 778-0116
124 S 600 W Suite 102, Logan UT 84321

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