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How to prepare to ride safely?

Sep 07, 2022

Electric bicycles are popular with customers for their economic, cost-saving, flexible, and fast advantages, and the number of ownership has increased. But at the same time, the incidence of traffic accidents caused by it is also growing. It does not mean that riding an electric cycle is dangerous behavior. You can almost avoid danger if you are careful enough and use it correctly.

Before riding, we first understand the difference between electric cycles and traditional bicycles and motorcycles; the functions of components:

Case in point: Cyrusher XF800 - Full Suspension Fat Tire Electric Bike

750W Bafang Motor: With a maximum torque of 80Nm and a maximum output of 1500W, it allows you to run at various speeds.

Waterproof, Removable Samsung Lithium Battery: 48V, 13AH capacity for any round trip you face with a range of 50 miles. Equipped with a 54.6V, 3AH smart charger, the battery has a charging time of 5-7 hours.

Programmable Controller: Simple to operate. Just press three buttons, which will give you all the necessary information. You can custom-adjust speed modes and other safety settings along with the mechanical pedal system.

Fatty tires: The 4" Sunshine Mountain Fat tires provide good grip and traction on tricky terrain. Even on sandy and snowy ground, it performs well.

Shimano 7-wheel drivetrain: You can swap gears for different riding conditions. Combined with the pedal assist system, you can adjust to the most comfortable speed for your journey.

Full Suspension: Alloy front suspension fork with preload adjustment and locking function, additional rear spring suspension provides riding comfort.

Full hydraulic disc brake: With 180mm/203mm, the hydraulic disc brake is very responsive, can brake quickly, and has a motor cut-off function to increase the riding safety.

Other safety equipment: It has an electronic horn, headlights, and integrated brake taillights. The taillights automatically illuminate when your brake signal is activated, alerting people and vehicles behind you.

From the above accessories, we can roughly understand the difference between electric cycles and other means of transportation. It retains the original diamond-shaped frame of traditional bicycles and adds other electronic components such as motors, batteries, and controllers, providing people with a time-saving and labor-saving riding effect; without the high speed and energy consumption of motorcycles, it mainly relies on electricity and human power to drive forward, with three sports modes, which can be freely selected.

Any travel tool will have certain dangers, but as long as we have sufficient preparation, correct methods, and a caring heart, these dangers can be avoided. Today we are going to analyze what should be done to ensure safety before, during, and after riding.

What preparations can we make before riding?

  1. Wear helmets, knee pads,and other safety equipment correctly

Studies have shown that traumatic brain injury is one of the leading causes of road traffic accidents. In a collision accident with an electric bicycle, the rider is more likely to hit the head, so the head injury rate is higher. Wearing a safety helmet can reduce head injuries by 65% and head injuries by 80%. We can also learn from real-world examples: During an accident, riders without safety gear are more seriously injured than those who wear them. Therefore, when wearing safety equipment, we must use it correctly, wear a helmet, and wear the knee pads firmly so they will not fall off easily.

  1. Check the PSI value of the tire

Before riding, we need to check whether the P.S.I. value of the tire is within a stable weight. Too high or too low will harm driving safety and the tire's service life. If the P.S.I. value is too high, it indicates that the rigidity of the tire increases, the contact area with the ground decreases, and the wear of the center of the table is aggravated, which reduces the comfort, puncture resistance, and service life of the tire; If a sharp object is pierced into the tire during the process, it will cause a tire blowout.

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If the P.S.I. value is too low, the contact area between the tire and the ground will increase, and the friction force will increase, so the electric cycle needs to consume more electricity to pass the road surface. When the friction force increases, the tire temperature will continue to rise, and the tire will become softer. Intensity decreases. When driving at high speed, the tire will likely blow out because the tire cannot carry the load.

The easiest way to detect it is to press the tire with your hand to see if it deforms. If you are looking for more accurate data, we can use a pressure gauge and an air pump to inflate according to the P.S.I. value printed outside the tire. We can adjust the P.S.I. value reasonably according to the seasonal temperature changes. Because of the principle of thermal expansion and cold contraction, the tire pressure in summer can be appropriately lower, and the tire pressure in winter can be appropriately increased. We should also pay attention to maintaining the tires at ordinary times. If you do not use them for a long time, you can check the tire pressure every two weeks.


  1. Check the status of the parts

Before riding, we want to check the tightness of each part. Because of the potential for loose parts with every bump on the ride, we took extra care to check that the pieces were in good condition. Check whether the battery is fully charged. Insufficient power will affect your riding mileage; check whether the brake response is sensitive; timely braking can ensure our safety in an emergency; check whether the chain is smooth. The chain jam will damage other parts of the transmission system part. If there is no rust on the chain, apply lubricating oil directly; if there is rust, the acid substance can effectively remove the rust and restore the luster to the chain. After cleaning, use lubricating oil.

What reasonable behavior can we do while riding?

  1. Avoid instantaneous amplification of current

High-speed driving is also one reason that leads to power bike accidents. When going uphill, starting, or driving against the wind, it is best not to discharge a large current instantaneously. If we cannot respond to many accidental events at high speed, if you brake suddenly in an emergency when driving at high speed, you may Inertia falls forward and falls. Therefore, when going uphill, starting, or pushing against the wind, we should use human assistance, slowly amplify the current, and then drive at a higher speed to ensure riding safety.

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  1. The accelerator avoids starting and directly increases to the fastest gear

Accidental activation is also one of the reasons why riders are prone to injury. When an accident occurs, it is difficult for a person to make an immediate and correct response, and the vehicle can easily fall and be injured if he cannot control it. Before driving the car, do not open the gas pedal at full throttle, and accelerate slowly. If you are worried that it is difficult to grasp the power, we try to choose the acceleration method of the half-torque accelerator when purchasing the vehicle. All electric bikes like Cyrusher use a half-twist throttle to prevent accidental activation by the rider and improve riding safety. It is difficult to maintain stability by adding to the fastest gear when starting, which may cause a fall.

  1. Don't speed or overload

Manufacturers will list the payload and top speed of the advertiser's vehicle on the product detail page. The overloading of the car means that the mass increases, and the inertia increases with it. Overloading will lead to excessive wheel load, deformation, tire blowout, brutal braking response, increased inertia, extended sliding distance, increased risk factor, etc. In addition, overloading will affect the steering of the handlebars, and it is easy to cause accidents due to the difficulty of sensitive steering. Some riders go too fast in pursuit of a thrilling adventure. Speeding is one of the leading causes of severe injuries to riders, not only by not taking their own life seriously but also by potentially hurting innocent passers-by. When speeding, the rider's ability to judge will be reduced. He does not clearly understand the motion of pedestrians and other vehicles and cannot make correct judgments on sudden things. It is often too late to take measures, which will likely cause collisions.

  1. Consciously obey the traffic rules

Many accidents are avoidable but are caused by riders not obeying traffic rules, such as speeding, overloading, and fatigued driving. Electric bicycles do not rely solely on human assistance like traditional bicycles, nor are they constrained like motorcycles. But functionally and disruptively, fat tire e-bikes have similarities to motorcycles. Therefore, in riding, we should pay great attention to regulating driving. Moreover, the classification standards, helmet requirements, laws and regulations, and insurance requirements of power bikes differ in each state in the United States. It is best to carefully understand your state's power bike laws and regulations to avoid unnecessary trouble.

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What are the finishing touches to be done after the ride?

  1. Do not charge overnight, unplug in time

After riding, do not charge immediately. At this time, the battery has just finished running, and the temperature is relatively high. Wait for two hours to cool down by itself before charging. After being fully charged, if the power supply is continued for a long time, a large amount of Joule heat will be generated inside the battery, and an exothermic reaction will occur with the positive and negative electrodes. When the temperature rises to a certain level, it will run out of control and cause an explosion. Once it is found that the indicator light turns green, we can appropriately extend the unplugging for an hour and prohibit overnight charging.

And it is best to choose the original charger, which has been strictly tested before leaving the factory. All e-bikes like Cyrusher come with a charger and not a fast charge, which while short charging time, can hurt battery life. As a professional e-bike manufacturing company, Cyrusher's bikes are tested for international quality and have been shipping unique, high-quality products to riders worldwide for eight years.

  1. Clean up the dirt, dust, dead leaves, etc. on the motor and chain in time

If you are riding on urban roads, there is no need for special cleaning. If there are no apparent foreign objects, wipe the dust with a damp towel; if you are riding on some mountain roads and find that the body is stained with mud, dust, and gravel, you must clean it in time; special attention should be paid to the rock. The rock may fall into the interior of the car body due to bumps, which will affect the riding experience in the future. If the foreign objects are removed in time, it can also prolong the service life of the fat tire electric bicycle.

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Due to the addition of some electronic components to electric cycles, the risk factor of riding is increased. But as long as we follow the steps before, during, and after the ride, it can help us avoid these dangers and maintain and maintain the electric bike. Electric bicycles help car users save a lot of money on their cars; they help people who use public transportation, and traditional bicycles have another more time- and labor-saving alternative; it also relieves environmental pressure and does not emit any harmful Material, making them the preferred means of transportation for contemporary people.

These dangers do not prevent us from using them, and a better understanding of  fat tire electric bikes can help us avoid these potential crises. Electric bikes can be a safer, energy-efficient, and healthy life choice with the proper ride preparation, method, and mental preparation.