Back to School Gift Guide 2022: The Best 7 Gifts for Teenagers

Back to School Gift Guide 2022: The Best 7 Gifts for Teenagers

Sep 07, 2022

With the autumn of September approaching, it will be a new round of the school season, and all students will begin to prepare to back to the classroom for the first class. At this moment, you may be wondering what kind of meaningful school gift to give your child because every special gift has a special meaning. What products are best to send?

Here are 7 autumn school gifts for teens. From daily essentials to digital products, we've got you covered.

  1. Backpack

Children always carry some necessary books and belongings to school. They will occupy two hands without a backpack, and the result is that they cannot do much. When you have a backpack, it can help you free your hands and store a lot of things. Just imagine, if you go out on a cloudy day, it will be very troublesome to hold an umbrella anytime and anywhere. It is more convenient to put the umbrella on both sides of the backpack. It is worth mentioning that it is not only limited to children going to school, the backpack can also be used in other scenarios and the backpack can also be used for adventure riding.


(source: Internet)
Recommended age:4-
Surprise Index: ★★★
Recommended reason: From students' backpacks to backpackers' essential tools or fashionable clothing, backpacks are always inseparable from their land, bringing convenience and fashion, and can be used all year round, regardless of the season.

  1. Road E-Bike

If you want the child who receives the gift to show a surprised expression, you need to prepare a more interesting item. E Bicycle will be a perfect choice. There are many e-bikes: road e-bikes, mountain e-bikes, folding e-bikes and step-through e-bikes, etc. Because of the epidemic, some children are attending classes at home or some at school. It is time for children to update their sports methods. Riding an ebike to school, commuting, shopping and short-distance cycling. On the other hand, as a new type of green energy transportation, ebikes can save energy for the earth and help you save transportation costs.

Cyrusher XF680Recommended product: Cyrusher XF650

The XF650 is an entry-level priced electric bicycle from Cyrusher ebike catalog. It's a fat tire, hardtail electric bike with front suspension. Although sporting a low price, this ebike model features all the main functions you would expect and comes with pedal assist and throttle-only operations. Its aluminum frame and fat tires make it a solid ebike to ride with confidence, great for commuting, and currently Cyrusher’s best value for money ebike.
Recommended age:12-
Surprise Index: ★★★★★
Recommended reason: For some students entering high school and college, riding an ebike is a fun and affordable way to get around campus and town. If you want to pick a gift for your child. Why not an electric bike?

  1. Step-Through E-Bike

The new school season is more appropriate with new technology ebikes. If your child has a long distance from home to school, an ebike as a back-to-school gift will free their legs. Teenagers always love this new technology ebikes.

Cyrusher KommodaRecommended product: Kommoda

The Kommoda is one of the top electric bikes. It's an ultra-long-lasting Step-Through electric bike. This full suspension ebikes with fat tires for extra grip and cushioning, adjustable handlebars and seatpost, and of course their step-through frame for easy access. The seat stem height is adjustable to better fit different heights, and the handlebar position is adjustable for a better riding experience. Its lower frame makes it ideal for shorter riders; its step-through design allows people with mobility limitations to get on the bike with less effort!
Recommended age:12-
Surprise Index: ★★★★★
Recommended reason: It is a very happy and cool for children to receive an ebike gift. Kommoda supports road and mountain biking, and it will be a new fun and money-saving riding tool! Not limited to seasons, not limited to special terrain. Ride the Kommoda to commute to school, to and from the supermarket, explore new places, and go where want to go.

  1. Shoes

Giving shoes for the school season is a very safe gift, and physical education classes in schools will more or less require exercise, and it will come to great use. Wearing a new pair of shoes is like starting a new journey. This new gift will become very meaningful. This will be their fashion enlightenment for some children who have their style.

Shoes(source: Internet)
Recommended age: no age limit
Surprise Index: ★★★★★
Recommended reason: Shoes are an indispensable part of children's daily life. The freshness of wearing new shoes can bring a good mood to children.

  1. Basketball

The benefits of playing basketball are always proportional to health. Especially after heavy schoolwork, playing basketball can relax the brain and body better and can also promote the development of body bones. It is worth mentioning that playing basketball is the most exercised among many sports to exercise people's observation ability, sensory integration ability, reaction ability, decision-making ability, leadership and team spirit.

Research shows that children who like sports are more sociable than children who don't like sports. The more children exercise, the more benefits they will get. Especially adolescent children need more exercise, so giving your child a gift of power basketball is a good idea.

Basketball(source: Internet)
Recommended age:4-
Surprise Index: ★★★★
Recommended reason: Every child will have a sport that is very good and loved, and sports will be an indispensable part of the child's growth path; as a positive rewarding sport, basketball can exercise our body, can improve our mentality (increase self-confidence, reduce stress), and also have great benefits for our social interaction.

  1. Polaroid Instant Film Camera

Whether a boy or a girl, there must be a few selfies in your phone album, and Polaroids are loved by millennials who like to share their lives on Instagram. Polaroid combines the camera's high-speed imaging function and the mobile phone's beauty function, and whether you are shooting portraits or objects, you can shoot a blockbuster with a unique flavor! Polaroids would make a satisfying gift.

 Fujifilm Instax Mini11

(source: Internet)
Recommended product: Fujifilm Instax Mini11

As a newly upgraded product, the Fujifilm Instax Mini11 has a compact, portable body and excellent imaging capabilities. It is very popular with teenagers. The automatic exposure setting of the Mini11 is easier to control than many instant cameras that require a zoom dial. For some beginners, "point and shoot" instead of fiddling with different exposures.
Recommended age:12-
Surprise Index: ★★★★
Recommended reason: As a new type of mini camera, the Polaroid is more in line with the current mainstream pursuit of speed and convenience. The stored photos are life and memories for children, don't miss this gift with a sense of ceremony.

  1. Headphones

Smartphones are inseparable from our daily life, and giving earphones will be a thoughtful gift. For some children under great academic pressure, listening to music can help relieve stress and improve their concentration.

Headphones(source: Internet)
Recommended age:12-
Surprise Index: ★★★★★
Recommended reason: If your child doesn't like loud crowds, having a headset will help you filter most of the noise, allowing them to relax and study more efficiently. Listening to a piece of news or music in your spare time can help you clear your mind better.


A Big Impact Gift

The back-to-school season is a day full of anticipation, especially for teens starting their first year of high school or college. It is a day to start a new chapter of learning and experience. The gift that the child receives is actually with your blessings and affection.

A beautiful gift, an innocent smile, and the different experiences brought by the gift will affect the child's perspective on many things in the future.

Just something to keep in mind for the back-to-school day.



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