Etiquette for the Safe Riding of Commuter Electric Bicycles

Etiquette for the Safe Riding of Commuter Electric Bicycles

Sep 09, 2022

"Routes are countless. Safety is foremost.
Unregulated driving. Loved ones end up in tears."

With the strengthening of environmental awareness, more and more traffic participants are now choosing to use electric bicycles like Cyrusher as their daily commute. As a means of transportation, electric bicycles only increase the driving force of motors and batteries in essence, and they still belong to bicycles in the definition of transportation.

When people ride electric bicycles, they fear this electric-driven traffic will cause potential safety hazards. Compliance with riding regulations is the most important thing to consider. In the rush of work and life every day, you will often ignore the etiquette you should have when cycling and parking. When people began to use electric bicycles as a commuter tool, riding electric bicycles on the road also required driving etiquette.

What Are the Road Rules for Electric Bikes?

In most countries and regions in North America, people pay more attention to the right of way. The comity of vehicles to pedestrians is not out of politeness but out of compliance with the law and respect for the right of way. Electric bicycles, pedestrians, and cars are a whole. It is best to try to get along when sharing the road. It will be more inclined to take care of pedestrians in formulating traffic rules. As a commuter of electric bicycles, riding courteously towards others and behaviors that conform to social norms can reduce traffic hazards. It would be best if you did not want to be injured by irregular riding while riding. This behavior not only achieves "civilized" concession but also reflects the riding spirit of "reasonable" concession.

First, comply with the riding laws and regulations of the class type of electric bicycle.

Since the electric bicycle is driven by a motor, to avoid accidents caused by excessive power on the roads of many vehicles, there is a limit on electric power when riding on the road. The following are several classifications of electric bicycles:

Class 1: This type of e-bike assists when you pedal. The electric drive system on an e-bike can only be activated by a pedaling motion and is limited to relatively low speeds. In parts of Europe, the class is limited to 15 mphs with a motor less than or equal to 250 watts.

Class 2: This e-bike has a throttle to assist without pedaling. The electric drive system on an e-bike can be activated with the throttle. The top speed is limited to 20 mph, and the motor power is 750 watts or less.

Class 3: This type of e-bike has a pedal assist and is equipped with a speedometer for a maximum assist speed of 28 mphs. Motor power is less than or equal to 750 watts.

Electric bicycles run faster than ordinary bicycles and can show their outstanding speed advantages on some racing tracks, but if you are riding at intersections with heavy traffic and people, please be polite and control your riding speed. It's good riding etiquette.

Cyrusher electric mountain bike models are mostly equipped with 750W motor power. They use five-level cadence assistance in the screen, which can easily adjust its speed on the daily commuting road, in line with the relevant regulations for the safe riding of electric bicycles.

Cyrusher XF800 electric mountain bike man buiding

Second, obey the various warning signs on the road (take the bicycle path)

There are many pedestrians and cars on the road full of traffic and electric bicycles. Although electric bikes are equipped with electric drive equipment of motors and batteries, bikes still need to be taken on the road for daily commuting. At the same time, keep your distance and don't speed.

You also must pay attention to abide by various warning signs on the road. When you encounter a Stop sign, you must stop in time and pay attention to the safety of oncoming vehicles. Let the means of transportation on the road go their way and form an orderly and standardized etiquette.

  • Take the bicycle lane, do not mix into the road of other vehicles and affect the traffic order

  • Pay attention to checking the Stop sign, turn protection lights, and various road signs

With all the signs in a lot of traffic, if you only want to remember one signal, keep in mind the Stop sign. Also, you should stop for two seconds when you see the Stop sign. If you are braking in front of you, put your hands behind your back and clench your fists to warn the traffic behind you to avoid severe congestion or injury.

Cyrusher kommoda ebike man road-20220909

What Does Riding Etiquette Need to Be Done in Preparation for Riding?

  1. Wear a helmet

As a traffic participant, you must have the etiquette of riding safely. Safety is an essential part of riding. Many people ride without helmets or protective gear during riding. Some riders even ride on a vehicle with faults or dangerous factors. Your riding safety and road safety hazards bring great uncertainty.

  1. Ride at night to be noticeable

Riders who use e-bikes to commute are likely to be at night when they leave work, so riders need to prepare safety tools to improve visibility before ridings, such as taillights, lights, and brake lights. For example, the Cyrusher Kommda electric bicycle is equipped with a more practical safety brake light, a lumen LED headlight, and a safety bell to provide safe riding protection. In road commuting riding, the rearview mirror is also an essential device. This can better predict the car coming from behind.

  1. Fully focus on riding

Riders on the road for commuting and riding are best not to lose focus and ride for a small section of the road or worry about one thing. If you revel in the landscape, this isn't the best time to commute on an electric bike.

funny ebike image(Image Source:

Yield to Emergency Vehicles When Sharing the Road

In the traffic pattern, police cars, ambulances, and fire trucks will honk their horns on the road, flashing red and blue lights to advance. Please remember, when you see these vehicles, turn on the right turn signal in time, change lanes to the right, and give way to these emergency vehicles. Pretending not to see or hear is relatively selfish behavior, and there is no performance of safe riding etiquette for electric bicycles.

Know that these emergency vehicles are saving lives. Electric bikes are faster than traditional bikes, more convenient on congested roads, and can even assist these emergency vehicles with the task of safe passage, if you will. The Cyrusher electric mountain bike brand has partnered with the Utah State Police to donate electric bikes for police patrols. A British rider of Cyrusher, a former police officer, assists police patrols with the XF690 electric bicycle in his riding routine. Therefore, when you are on a traffic road, you need to interact with many vehicles and pedestrians, encounter emergency road conditions or ambulances, etc., and avoid them in time to provide sufficient road space. This is riding etiquette and maintenance ways of the effectiveness of road traffic.

Anticipate Turns

The most important thing about riding an electric bike on the road is to learn to predict the driving intention of the vehicle. As an electric bicycle rider, you must show your riding intention to other driving cars.

If you encounter a car on the opposite side and turn left simultaneously, you must learn to be polite. The above judgment and operation should be completed in a short time during the fast driving process in the left lane, and people's judgment of "simultaneous" is not so accurate, so they must ride slowly.

When observing the etiquette of safe riding, the rider should be vigilant and predictable in determining the direction of the road, always ride in the direction of the traffic flow, not in the opposite direction, and follow the same rules.

Electric bike riders need to learn some riding positions, which is the key to riding etiquette.
In the absence of signal lights,
When turning left, the rider's left arm should extend at least 10 yards perpendicular to the body.
When turning right, keep your right arm at least 10 yards perpendicular to your body.
When encountering a bumpy road section, stretch your arm toward the obstacle, and rotate your arm in a small circle to emphasize the danger of approaching the road section behind to avoid self-injury or tire blowout.
When you need to stop or slow down, the arm bends 90 degrees to alert you that you need to brake.

ebike riding etiquette positions image

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Lock Your Ebike and Park It Properly

Electric bicycles are very convenient for commuting, but to prevent the road from being too cluttered, it is also necessary to do an excellent job of parking regulations and abide by the parking rules. Also, use sturdy locks. Make sure they pass through the frame of your front wheel and are all locked in place.

Cyrusher kuattro step- through bike and gril

All in all

Treat others like yourself in riding, and follow the etiquette of safe riding of electric bicycles. As most of us probably know, riding an e-bike has become very popular and desirable. At Cyrusher's best e-bike mountain brand, e-bike products are perfect for commuting and leisure. Also, have e-mountain bikes for off-roading.

E-bikes increase riding speed, so most new riders can get some practice spins in a low-traffic reserve before venturing onto roads or trails.

When commuting, electric bicycles are faster than traditional electric bicycles. It is best to follow the rules of riding. You must control travel speed and maintain a reasonable distance from other vehicles when driving.

After all, it's never fun to be suddenly startled by an e-bike rider and compromise ride safety.

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