Is Air Tag Useful for E-Bikes?

Is Air Tag Useful for E-Bikes?

Sep 19, 2022

"I really like hiding the Apple AirTag on my e-bike. Depending on the difference of the ebike, it can be hidden in the frame or seat or in a pouch. Many ebike accessories can also be found—water bottle holders, mirrors, Lights, etc. Allows you to hide AirTags on your ebike". Shared by an ebike enthusiast on his social media.

When we ride our beloved electric city bike out, we should not only pay attention to the road killer during the riding but also prevent your favorite bike from being stolen by others. As a new generation of transportation that can free you from crowded buses or subways, e-bikes are becoming increasingly popular. Many people want to own an ebike, and some want to hold yours! Today, let's talk about whether an Air tag is really useful for preventing the theft of e-bikes?

Air tag

Are e-bikes often stolen?

With the widespread use of ebikes, there are more and more cases of ebike theft. Especially around the city, ebike theft accounts for a larger proportion, and these stolen vehicles will be resold or dismantled.

According to a study, ebikes are more than three times more likely to be stolen than ordinary bicycles due to their expensive batteries and better performance. There are nearly 4,500 bicycle thefts (including e-bikes) in New York, U.S.A., but given that only one in five bicycle thefts are reported...


What is Air tag?

Air tag is a new innovative product launched by Apple in 2022: a Bluetooth tracker that can be hung on your belongings. About the size of a coin, it is convenient to hang with any item, such as you hang with the key; as long as the key leaves the paired iPhone within a specific range, the phone will make a sound and jump out the alarm to notify the user. If you don't receive an alert the first time, you can also locate the lost key step by step through the "Find My" of your iPhone. As a new trend of Bluetooth tools in the 21st century, the Air tag has been welcomed by many people.

Air tag with IPhone

How to install an Air tag effectively on an ebike?

It is highly recommended that you stick the Air tag under the bicycle seat, seat tube, or water bottle cage. If your ebike has a built-in removable battery, you can hide it inside. Sticking the Airtag with conspicuous tape is not recommended, which will make the thief notice the difference. Once the thief finds the Air Tag, it can be easily removed.

Kommoda with Air tag

Advantages of Air tag:

  • Airtag's minimalist design allows it to fit all items and components better. Although this little thing won't scare off thieves, it has a positioning function like a GPS tracker, and it will automatically update as long as there is an Apple electronic device around. Then press "Find My" to switch to navigation to find e-bikes. It is worth mentioning that about 100 million people in the United States own iPhones. (This does not include IPad, Macbooks, IPad)
  • The price is favorable. According to Apple's pricing, an Air tag is priced at $29, a four-pack is priced at $99, and an ordinary GPS tracker sells for more than $100.
  • The battery life of Airtag is longer, an Airtag battery can be used for about a year and is very easy to replace. The replacement cost is also very low, which is stronger than devices that need to be replaced/recharged frequently.
  • When the IPhone locates the location of the Airtag, you can turn on the navigation to find the Airtag, and at the same time, you can open the Airtag sound on the IPhone by electric shock.


Disadvantages of Air tag:

  • IPhone company is one of the few mobile phone brands that attach great importance to personal privacy; in order to prevent unnecessary tracking in the eyes of others, the Apple mobile phone has a built-in function that can remind users that there is an Apple Air tag nearby after the other party has used the iPhone for a while and is being tracked. If the thief also uses an Apple device, then he will turn off the Apple phone, then ride the car to an area; after confirming that there is no Apple device nearby, calmly remove and discard the Air tag.
  • Airtag relies on other Apple devices to refresh real-time location, like this:

An ebike with an Apple AirTag passes Person B's iPhone.

If Person B has activated Bluetooth or GPS on their iPhone or iOS device, their iOS system will transmit the bike's location to the owner (person A).

But if B does not activate Bluetooth or GPS, the successful refresh will not be completed.

  • Air tag is slightly inferior to a GPS tracker. It cannot track the new location in real-time, at least 3 minutes ago, at most 14 minutes ago.
  • According to an online survey report, an Air tag is more recommended for the following items: keys, pets, elderly, school bags, wallets, luggage, remote controls



The Air tag is a very useful device, but it may not work when used on an ebike.
Air tag is an efficient tool for finding objects within the range of the home. But out of the way, its ability will be significantly weakened than the limit range because Airtag relies on other Apple devices' Bluetooth or GPS sensing and cannot achieve real-time positioning.

As long as there is no one using Apple's Bluetooth and GPS in the vicinity of the ebike with the Air tag, the ebike cannot be recovered.

It is worth mentioning that, from another aspect, it is not so much that the thief has taken a fancy to your ebike but has taken a fancy to your expensive battery. So before buying an ebike, we can start with the design of the ebike.

It turns out that thieves prefer to attack ebikes with external batteries. An ebike with a built-in battery can make a thief think it's just a normal bike. No one wants to take the high risk of stealing a bike!

Cyrusher considers the customer's point of view to create these built-in waterproof and detachable battery ebikes:

1.   New Cyrusher Kommmoda

Cyrusher Kommoda

The Kommoda is the one of hot-selling electric bike model. This is a step-through electric bicycle that’s ideal for shorter riders and those with mobility limitations to get on and off the bike easier. It carries a built-in waterproof removable storage battery.

Its robust frame, full suspension, its incredible grip due to its huge, fat tires. and its attractive appearance, it is for all tastes... and for all terrains too! While it's great for commuting, its power also gets you through the trails and mountains.
Color: Orange White Blue Gray


2.   Step-through Kuattro

Cyrusher Kuattro

The Kuattro is the latest model of electric bicycle added to Cyrusher’s current catalog of electric bicycles. This is an electric step-through bike that is ideal for riders with limited mobility to get on and off the bike more easily. This model features a taller frame and bigger fat tires, aimed at taller and heavier riders while allowing for more types of terrain riding.

Its huge fat tires and the powerful motor will have you riding on any terrain, and its bright new colors and original paint will make you the envy of other riders.
Color: Cyan White 


3.   Cyrusher XF690 Maxs

Cyrusher XF690 Maxs

The XF690 Maxs is a folding e bike. Allowing this electric bicycle to be carried in the trunk of a car conveniently, or for when storage space is tight. The XF690 features a good-looking frame and cool paintwork that will turn heads. It’s great for the city commuter, although with its fat tires and full suspension it can also be a great mountain ebike.
Color: Red Gray White Yellow


If you still want to use the Air tag, then you need to match the built-in battery ebike and ebike lock to be more secure.

If you still want to use the Air tag on the ebike, please hide the Airtag inside the space of built-in battery placement. And, remember to lock your car when you go out and need a break.

It is recommended to lock the car as follows:

Pass the lock or chain through the rear wheel and frame, then pass the lock through the rail, make sure the railing is fixed, and test whether the ebike is connected to the railing after locking.

(It's best to choose a well-lit public place, preferably one with surveillance. This will make it harder for thieves to steal a bike, even if they do, and the surveillance cameras will see it clearly).


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