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Cyrusher XF900 Vs. Aventon Aventure

Sep 21, 2022

The business of making the best electric bikes will not stop, the competition will always be there, and we are always looking for the best electric bikes. With the popularization and development of electric bicycles, electronics is the future development direction of society. We want to help cyclists find the best option by comparing each bike's performance, service, and price.

For an example comparison, let's see how the Cyrusher XF900 differs from the Aventon Aventure in key features and price. I hope you make the right choice according to your needs after reading this article.

Electric bike showdown:XF900 Vs Aventon Aventure.-0921





750W (peak 1500W), 80Nm torque

750W(peak 1130W)





54.6V, 2Ah Smart Charger

48V 3 Amp Fast Charger

Charge Time

5-7 hours

4-5 hours

Mileage Range

50-62 miles

45 miles on average


36/48V 1500W, maximum output 25 amps



3.7-inch LCD screen

Backlit LCD


6061 aluminum alloy full suspension frame

6061 single butt aluminum alloy with built-in battery


74 lbs (with battery)

73 lbs

Total Load

330 lbs

400 lbs


170mm 52T Forged Alloy Double-Sided Aluminum

170mm 46T

Rider Height

5'9"- 6'4"

Divided into large, medium, and small models, different sizes

Here is the data we analyzed for the two models:

Motor: The powerful motor allows you to run at high speed. The XF900 can easily surpass the competition with 1500W peak power and 80Nm maximum torque and cruise based on the pedal assist.

Battery: A large-capacity battery allows you to travel faster and farther. The 48V, 17AH battery capacity is available for any of your round trips. And an easy-to-use USB charging port is added to the battery for charging your phone or G.P.S.

Charger: Using a fast charger will shorten the charging time, but using it for a long time will damage the chemical substances on the battery, resulting in a shortened battery life. Using an intelligent charger has the advantages of under-voltage protection and anti-overcharge. The XF900 takes longer to charge but has a more extended range than the Aventon and doesn't need to carry a charger all the time.

LCD screen of electric bicycle

Display: Provides the rider with all the necessary information, such as current speed, battery level, assist pedal level, and mileage. The former's controller only needs to press three buttons, and this information appears on display. The computer is fully programmable, and the mechanical pedal assist system allows for complete customization of speed options and other safety settings. It has 0-5PAS mode.

The latter's color display syncs with Aventon's app, allowing you to share your trips with friends, and plug in your smartphone using the USB port, to connect and use the app.

Frame: The 6061 aluminum alloy used in both has excellent machinability, weldability, and electroplating. It is not easy to be deformed after processing and has good corrosion resistance and high toughness. The frame made of this material is more potent and safer.

Size: The former is a high-level frame with a length of 75.5", the seat is up to 47.2", and the lowest seat height is 34.6". It has higher height requirements. The latter is available in three sizes, the small size requires a height of 5'1"-5'9", the medium size requires a height of 5'7"-5'11", and the large size requires a height of 5'11" "-6'4". Inappropriate sizing can cause cyclists to ride incorrectly, stressing the knees, spine, and shoulders and causing physical damage.

Payload capacity: Both have acceptable weights within the range of most people's needs.





26 x 4" Chaoyang puncture-resistant fat tire

26 x 4" Ebike Rated Tire





Front + rear

Front suspension fork


Large 160/180mm hydraulic disc brakes front and rear

180mm hydraulic disc brakes front and rear


Half twist throttle

Throttle on demand

Pedal Assist System



Integrated Light










Two years

One year




Transmission: The use of shifting is to change the bike's speed by changing the combination of the chain and different front and rear gears. Aventon has an eight-speed flywheel drivetrain for greater flexibility. It has a good performance in the face of complex road conditions. But XF900's 7-speed cassette is still more selective than those riders with fewer gears.

Suspension: Full suspension is one of the must-have elements for adventure activities, allowing you to ride with less effort and ease. The longer the travel, the more shock it absorbs over rough terrain. Aventure has a shock-absorbing front fork with 80mm of travel. Without additional rear spring suspension, the ability to fight rough terrain has declined; XF900 features a unique motorcycle-style front fork suspension with 110mm of travel preload adjustable. A spring rear suspension adds to overall comfort and versatility.

Hydraulic Disc Brakes for Electric Bikes

Brakes: Both e-bikes come with hydraulic disc brakes, a must-have for high-speed electric bicycles to ensure our riding safety. There are sizeable hydraulic disc brakes front and rear, meaning it has more stopping power, with the addition of a motor cutout. It means that it can not only stop quickly but also react faster to ensure safety.

Pedal Assist: A motor provides power to help the rider pedal and move forward more quickly. When you turn on pedal assist and select assist mode, the motor will give a certain level of power output when you pedal. Both models are equipped with five levels of pedal assist, and the effects are the same, so that I won't explain it anymore.

Throttle: Everyone's preferred throttle method is different, but a half-twist throttle can be perfect for preventing accidental activation and bursting out before riding. And the half-twist throttle acceleration method is safer and less labor-intensive.

Color: By choosing unique colors, you can express your style well and be unique among the crowd. The XF900 comes in three colors: yellow, blue, and white, and its rim color matches the frame paint, unlike regular black. Bright rims shine in all black and gray rims; Aventure comes in three colors: Socal Sand, Camouflage Green, and Fire Black.

Warranty: Compared with the 1-year warranty, the 2-year warranty shows the product's high quality. The brand sets the warranty period out of the trust of the product to let consumers buy with confidence and protect the reasonable rights and interests of consumers.

Knowing these data, you may feel that the difference between the two models is relatively small. But if we look at the finer points, Cyrusher has a deeper consideration when designing and producing e-bikes. We have selected some questions left by users to answer the questions so that you can better choose a suitable model.

A man rides an electric bike in the forest.-0921

Q: Why is the XF900 more expensive?

A: This model is one of the best electric bikes from the brand. Its unique motorcycle-style fork, substantial fat tires, and high-end components look good and are also comfortable to ride. The motor's power, the battery's capacity, and the fat tires are all preferable to other bikes. 

And the accessories are all high-end manufacturers, and the products are safe and reliable. The battery manufacturer is Samsung, which has been involved in the lithium-ion battery business since 2000 and is a market and technology leader. The battery has 800 discharge cycles and will last longer with proper use and maintenance.

Equipped with the original smart charger, even if the charging time is not as short as the fast charger, long-term use will not damage the battery's interior and reduce its service life.

Q: Which bike has more usage scenarios?

A: There is no doubt that the answer is XF900. Despite the aventure's front suspension fork, fat tires, and excellent handling, you can get a comfortable ride on any terrain. However, in the face of rougher and steeper road conditions, the motor's power and the front suspension fork make the riding experience less comfortable, requiring the rider to focus more on driving the vehicle through challenging terrain.

Its puncture-resistant fat tires, powerful motor, high-capacity battery, and full-suspension design make the XF900 a capable all-terrain electric bike. It will take you across any terrain, climb the most challenging slopes and live out your adventure dreams. And its size and power won't limit your city rides or your commute to work—wide range of use, not only the best mountain e-bike but also great for urban commuting.

A man rides an electric bike on the road.-0921


At first glance, the XF900 is a few hundred dollars more expensive than the Aventure. Looking at the data carefully, the configuration of the XF900 has a larger battery capacity and a more extended range. Cyrusher riders can go at least 5 kilometers more when everyone is using only throttle power assist. This extra travel range gives the rider more room to venture, and it has a more powerful motor, which is faster and more capable than the Aventure. Although the intelligent charger is used, the charging time is longer, but since the range is far enough, there is no need to carry the charger with you.

When we took a closer look at these accessories, the Cyrusher was very practical in designing the suspension fork. Make the entire vehicle more diverse in application selection. Whether in the mountains, deserts, trails, or cities, this bike has excellent performance and is an all-terrain electric bike that combines power, function, and beauty.

Finally: who would you choose?

The article analyzes the similarities, differences, and riding effects of the accessories of the two models. It provides accurate and practical information to confirm whether the price difference is reasonable. How to choose depends on your living needs. To be sure, price is not the only factor to consider. We consider from the appearance and performance that XF900 is better, with a more comprehensive range of use, higher-end accessories, and more secure warranty service.