Kommoda - Ride in Your Style

Kommoda - Ride in Your Style

Sep 22, 2022

Every woman is unique, and with short or relatively longer legs, people often struggle to find the right e-bike. An ebike expert once conducted such an experiment. They visited women of different occupations on the street and asked them if they had a suitable ebike. More than half of the women said they did not buy a suitable and comfortable ebike!


Q:So what is the ebike that is more suitable for women to ride?
A:Step- Through E-Bike

In the past, riding on a bicycle with a bar made it very inconvenient for women to ride because women almost exclusively wore dresses, which often had petticoats on top and were heavy.

William Elliot Smith was riding a bicycle with his wife one day when he noticed that his wife was having a hard time riding a bicycle with crossbars, so he wanted to design a bicycle for her that women could use.

William's invention of the barless bicycle first came to public attention in 1888 as a massive women's bicycle parade.

Around the same time, a man named Herbert Sumber Owen was also making women's bicycles without crossbars.

As a result, women's bicycles have had no crossbars since the nineteenth century to get more women on the right bike.


If you like to combine comfort with style, this is no problem with Step-Through Kommoda!

Because in Cyrusher, you will find the right size, Cyrusher is committed to digging out customers' needs, With 200% effort to provide customers with better service!

The Kommoda comes with a modified handlebar and saddle shape. More and more riders have recognized Kommoda for its high-quality equipment and performance, and now Kommoda has been riding in more than ten countries.


New Cyrusher Kommoda

Cyrusher KommodaThe Kommoda is one of the top electric bikes added to Cyrusher's current ebike catalog. This step-through electric bicycle is ideal for urban women, shorter riders, and those with mobility limitations to get on and off the bike more easily. 

Its robust frame, full suspension, its incredible grip due to its huge fat tires. And its attractive appearance is for all tastes... and for all terrains too! While it's great for commuting, its power also gets you through the trails and mountains.
Price: $2,299
Color: yellow white blue grey


Cyrusher Kommoda Tech Specs




48V 14Ah


40-80 km (25-50 mi)

Top speed

45 km/h (28 mph)


6061 Aluminum

Maximum load

150 kg (330 lb)

Suitable height

5'3"~6'0" (164~183cm)


34 kg (74 lb)

Charging time

5-7 hours


Front and rear suspension


Zoom hydraulic disc brakes


7-speed Shimano gears

Front ForkLCD Display
BrakeRear Suspension
Gear SystemZoom Hydraulic Disc Brakes

Classic and elegant new design

Kommoda means "comfort" in Spanish, which is also the core concept of this Step-Through electric bike.

Kommoda was launched to enable women worldwide to ride ebikes that are truly suitable and comfortable.

In terms of color, Kommada's style is more urban and simple, with classic and steady contrasting colors, and its appearance is more like a high-quality and high-performance motorcycle. Still, it is a step-through ebike with super load-bearing capacity. It's also great for shorter people and people with limited mobility to get on and off more easily.

Some customers liken the Kommoda ebike to the Kommoda monitor lizard, with super endurance and smooth acceleration like a gust of wind.


  • If you miss Kommoda, you will hardly have the opportunity to ride this comfortable, easy, and very suitable ebike for everyday life; without the flexible frame that allows you to sit upright and relaxed. You can't enjoy the convenient experience of not needing to carry things when shopping.


Breakthrough Upgrade to Give Customers a New Riding Experience

The Kommoda uses a triangular frame structure with a lower center of gravity. This electric commuter bike allows riders to have better control and a stable riding experience during road commuting.

The Kommoda is equipped with motorcycle-type shock-absorbing front forks and shock-absorbing rear forks that allow it to ride on some special terrains and roads. The wild, country, beach, and even snow can't go low-speed Kommoda!


  • If you miss Kommoda, you will miss a new way of traveling that can make you healthier and more environmentally friendly. You will not experience the fun of saying goodbye to crowding, and can save time and effort.


Unique Features

Kommoda provides a variety of modes for riders to choose from. You can ride in all-electric, pure power mode or a combination of the two (PAS) mode. The PAS mode allows you to ride farther and experience more intelligent riding. Kommoda's computer detects pedaling and activates the motor to assist and power the ride.

When other ebikes are still equipped with outdated black and white displays, Kommoda has launched the second generation of programmable color displays. Based on providing you with a full range of information and data, you can follow your ideas and needs. to program your ebike.

When you buy other e-bikes, you buy a mobility tool, but when you buy a Kommoda, it becomes an ebike that you truly set.


  • We sometimes need to give ourselves opportunities to try new things, and those opportunities are few and far between us.If you miss Kommoda, it will be difficult to experience an ebike that is as comfortable and smart as Kommoda. It is also difficult to encounter the opportunity to DIY and program an ebike by yourself.


More professional and considerate service

Excellent product quality and considerate customer service are the basic requirements of Cyrusher. Cyrusher is more attentive to customers and provides a two-year ebike warranty service and one-year battery service for all e-bikes. If anything goes wrong with your ebike, this service will save you a ton of extra money! It is worth noting that Cyrusher has an offline physical store in Utah, U.S.A. to provide after-sales and test ride services!


  • Don't miss the considerate and high-quality ebike of Kommoda and the excellent performance of Cyrusher. Choosing a suitable, comfortable, and professional ebike can ignite your new life and bring you a different life experience!


Aesthetics and elegance - Urban women's Ebike test winner

Kommoda has been selling well in the ebike market for two years, affecting batches of female riders, changing not only the way of travel but also the perspective of modern women on new things. Many well-known media comments have reported the excellent performance of Kommoda. Huya.com forwarded the comment: "It is confident enough to conquer the rigorous and meticulous scrutiny of experienced judges. It is also highly recognized among cycling enthusiasts for the perfection of its performance configuration and the new step-through frame design.”


Kommoda accompanies you from morning to night, provides more convenient weekday travel, and brings you a different riding adventure on weekends!

Here are some interesting riding stories to share, and you can be the protagonist too:


Georgianne Nagle said on her social media:" Lovin my Kommoda. Perfect size for me Such great customer service through out my buying experience. In Illinois, USA at this time. Left from PA - headed cross country in our RV for the next 4 months. First bike ride So excited and having a blast......”

Georgianne Nagle and Kommoda

Georgianne Nagle and Kommoda)


Baptiste Plançon shares on Facebook:" I've been using the kommoda every day for more than a month now to go to work and take my son for a walk, and it's a great bike!"

Baptiste Plançon, his wife and son(Baptiste Plançon, his wife and son)


Emily said: "I'm retired, my husband bought me a Kommoda; I really like it. I believe it will bring me a more interesting life!"

Emily and her beloved Kommoda(Emily and her beloved Kommoda)


You will love riding the Kommoda for fun and relaxation outdoors. You love to feel the wind through the hair and enjoy moving gently through nature. You sometimes feel at one with the Kommoda. Even on hilly terrain! Kommoda will be a great way for you to explore, and with a womens electric bike, you'll be able to enjoy off-road routes like never before.

Get on a women's e-bike with increased comfort and performance specifically for women cyclists!



About Cyrusher

Since 2014, The Cyrusher team has always given back to every customer with meticulous professionalism, relentless efforts, and perseverance. Cyrusher has developed from a small electric bike company to a global company that covers ten countries and has offices in 4 countries. The Brand Vision is to bring amazing personalized mobility tools to people around the world; no matter where you are, Cyrusher can bring you a new active and healthy lifestyle, not limited to ordinary ebikes, pioneering infinite possibilities!


If you are interested in Cyrusher electric bikes, you can find more information about Cyrusher at the following link.

Cyrusher Contact:
US official website: www.cyrusher.com
UK official website: www.cyrusher.co.uk
French official website: www.cyrusher.fr
German official website: www.cyrusher.de
Phone: (800) 778-0116
Email: support@cyrusher.com
124 S 600 W Suite 102, Logan UT 84321

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