Does My Electric Bike Need Gears?

Does My Electric Bike Need Gears?

Sep 23, 2022

The main reason why electric bicycles are different from traditional bicycles is that electric bicycles use a power system of motors and batteries, allowing the rider to ride without pedaling. As far as conventional bicycles are concerned, the rider's speed increases or decreases with the change of the rider's pedaling frequency, and the speed of the riding speed needs to be assisted by the gear.

For most riders considering an e-bike, the size of the motor, which determines speed, and the size of the battery, which determines mileage, will be the number one factor in their consideration. And the gears, which also determine the speed, are often ignored because of the electric driving force. Many riders may have doubts, and most riders will have this question: Do electric bicycles need gears?

Cyrusher XF900 man riding

An electric bicycle is still at its most essential, and one of the critical features of a bicycle is its gears. Professional e-mountain bike brands such as Cyrusher currently on the market are equipped with gears. The gears allow the rider to pedal at optimum speed, on or off-road. Gears are also an essential component for adjusting gear shifting. When the rider turns the pedals with great effort, the number of gears affects the speed of the electric bicycle, and different riding experiences will appear on other road surfaces.

Suppose you're unsure about the difference between conventional and e-bike gears. In that case, this article will guide you through the proper use of e-bike gears for reasonable control and maximum energy output, allowing you to ride more consistently and longer.

Unless you're doing short rides on flat ground, you'll need the gears on your e-bike. Different types of e-bikes, such as the Cyrusher XF900, are equipped with five levels of cadence assistance. Still, many riders keep this level of assistance with the pedal assist system that keeps the gears low, and different gear settings give you more options.

How the Gears of an Electric Bike Work:

The derailleur is a critical component that controls the movement of a bicycle's gears. The gears on the electric bike are adjusted by pulling the chain of the electric bicycle through the derailleur. 

A crankset controls the gears on an e-bike. The largest plate of the crankset corresponds to the largest plate, and the smallest plate fits the smallest plate. When the pedal is stepped forward, the chain drives the gear to rotate forward, the gear's rotational force passes through the bicycle's inner core, and the core drives the rear axle and the rear wheel to turn.

Using gears on an e-bike is similar to gears on a conventional bicycle. The lower the gear, the easier it is to pedal. The gears of standard electric bicycle gears on the market are as follows:

  • Single speed: Only one mechanical gear does not shift, and the speed cannot be adjusted.

  • 7-speed: 7-speed gear can be adjusted for 7 different gears. This gear-speed e-bike is excellent for long rides and some uneven terrain.

  • 9-speed: 9-speed gear can be adjusted for 9 different gears. Nine-speed e-bikes give you the best option for light weight, strength, and precise shifting.

  • 21-speed: The 21-speed gear has 21 different gear adjustments, and this type of gear plate is generally distributed on the front and rear wheels. A 21-speed e-bike is easier to ride in the mountains.

The e-bike's handlebar derailleur and display settings allow control of gear changes and pedal assist systems. The 7-speed gear used by Cyrusher Kommoda's electric bicycle can be adjusted in seven gears and matched with 5 pedal assist levels. The pedal assist system can be quickly set on the display and is equipped with a convenient derailleur. It allows riders to find a comfortable pedaling rhythm that matches their speed quickly.

Kommoda cranket gears brakes

When the rider starts using the derailleur to adjust gears, the derailleur pulls on the chain and the gears on the e-bike, causing the chain to move to the different-sized gears. The smaller the gear size, the more work the rider has to do with cadence. The gears thus affect the speed of the e-bike in pedal assist mode.

Electric bicycles are equipped with adjustment parts for mechanical gears, which allow you to use the pedals according to the required speed in the pedal mode according to different terrain conditions. When you adjust the speed of the high gear, it means that you need to pedal more forcefully. Plate and the opposite gear speed in the lower gears will make the ride more reliant on the motor and battery system, draining the battery power.

Pedal Assist System × Gear, Can the Former Replace the Latter?

Most of the electric bicycles on the market are equipped with different levels of stepping-frequency auxiliary systems. There will be a lot of riders who can't use the stepping frequency as another method instead of gear? However, electric bicycle configuration gears are still essential, just like bicycles, which depend on the importance of rhythm. It must be determined according to the actual terrain environment and the rider's motion. Therefore, when there is an auxiliary pedal mode, there are still some reasons for electric bicycles to configure gears:

First, the Size of the Motor

A motor mainly controls the speed of an e-bike. When a rider wants to climb mountains and mountains to pursue his passion for going uphill, the size of the motor will affect the rider's speed experience. When the adjustment of the pedal's auxiliary system is not very strong, it will cause the situation that the mountain cannot be climbed. When encountering rough terrain, the rider can use gear shifting, select the best gear speed, assist the motor and cadence assist system, and ascend step by step to the top of the mountain you want to reach.

Second, Extend the Life of the Battery

The battery of electric bicycles is an important part of determining the mileage of the procedure. To keep the battery stable in the best state, you can save much battery consumption in long-distance cycling. The use of gears and pedals can effectively extend the battery energy of electric bicycles. This is a simple method to maintain the stability of the cycling rhythm, save more motivation, and use the correct gear setting to make cycling more enjoyable.

Cyrusher ebike motor battery

What Are the Gear Adjustment Tips for Electric Bicycles?

The gears determine the gears of the mechanical speed of the electric bicycle. The more gears there are, the more gears the e-bike can adjust. The role of the gear and pedal assist system of an e-bike has already been mentioned. So why do riders need to shift gears while riding? According to different terrains or different requirements for competition, what are the skills of gear adjustment of electric bicycles?

Since the pedals and the chain connecting the gears, one rotation of the pedals will pull the chain forward to connect the links of each tooth on the gear piece, so it costs a certain amount to change the more significant the gear piece, the more force needs to be used on the pedals. It is necessary to adjust the gears according to different riding conditions.

Observe Different Terrain

When riding, pay attention to the terrain conditions of the cycling, and use the chain to switch gears in time to avoid excessive pressure on the electric bicycle pedal.

When your electric bicycle is preparing to climb the tilted hillside, it is recommended that you switch the low gear and let the motor bear most of the work because the lower the gear, the smaller the resistance, the easier the pedal.

You can switch to a larger gear when your electric bicycle is on the downhill section. The larger gear will encounter greater resistance, which makes the riders step on the pedal more.

Don't Switch Gears Frequently

Do not frequently switch your gear on a flat road or downhill. The chain will likely be stuck, or the electric bicycle chain will disconnect from the gear. This requires the rider to lubricate the chain during daily maintenance. Make sure that the new gear is fused with the chain when shifting.

Use Simple Gears

Continue to ride with high-end gears; the rider will soon find it difficult to step on, and it is likely to cause some harm to the rider's knees. Therefore, when practicing, we must grasp our rhythm, use the gear that suits us, and maintain a stable stamping speed of stable long-term cycling. If you are in high-speed gear, switch to the low-end position in time when you suspend your electric bicycle, and stop safely.

Cyrusher XF800 electric bike two man beach

Even electric bicycles are used as an electric powered means of transportation, the gear plate still exists as a vital part of it. Cyrusher ebike is a specialized electric bikes brand. Its electric bicycle products are also equipped with high-quality gear plates, which use Shimano's standard parts and derailleurs to support the rider's safe and stable riding. It is also found in the cycling community that some riders want to use the pedal assist mode of electric bicycles to exercise. The gears can make the rider maintain a stable pedaling force. In addition, the gear can also extend the life of the battery to a certain extent. Learning to use the gears of an e-bike will help you on long journeys and have more riding pleasure.

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