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How to ride an electric bike for beginners

Sep 28, 2022

Unprepared illnesses, increasingly congested traffic, and fluctuating energy prices put extreme pressure on ordinary households. With the cost of gasoline and cars fluctuating, many people are looking for alternative means of transportation. The good news is that there are now more options than ever to travel in an easy, time-saving, and environmentally friendly way.

Barriers to people's car use are frequent heavy traffic, extreme gasoline prices, and various car-related costs such as parking, insurance, and maintenance costs. But the power source of electric bicycles relies on electricity, and these problems have been solved! Obstacles to riding a conventional bike are limited range, sweating when reaching another destination, and easy fatigue. But thanks to electric cycles with powerful motors, large-capacity batteries, and advanced pedal assist systems, these problems can be solved!

Because of its advantages, more and more people will choose electric bicycles when buying and traveling. Well, for starters, check out this driving guide for an in-depth look at how to make full use of it.

1. Know your state's traffic laws and regulations

    The first step to safe driving is understanding your state's laws and regulations regarding electric bicycles, such as helmet requirements, maximum speed limits, and driving age. We previously covered an article on electric cycle classifications and rules and regulations, which are well worth your time to learn about.

    In addition to checking bicycle laws in your area, you must follow some basic traffic rules. Usually, when riding a lane change, if there is no rearview mirror, you look back at the vehicle and straighten your arms towards your lane change, indicating your intention to the car behind you.

    When riding on city streets, you have to obey the traffic rules and some unwritten bicycle rules. In addition to essential traffic lights and speed limit reminders, you must have followed many of the same laws as a car, such as no drinking and driving, no speeding on the road, parking reasonably, and yielding to pedestrians.

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    2. Wear safety equipment to ensure personal safety

    In terms of clothing selection, we try to choose waterproof and sweat-proof clothes and comfortable shoes. The clothes should be bright in color so pedestrians and passing vehicles can notify you at night. Finally, remember to wear a helmet. The head is the most important and complex organ of the human body. Once injured, the consequences are unimaginable. We always recommend a safe and breathable helmet to protect your body.

    3. Choose a suitable riding mode and a reasonable speed

      Most e-bikes like Cyrusher use a Bafang motor, which has a lot of power and a lot of torque so that you can travel at high speeds for thrills and adventures. But that doesn't mean you can choose to ride at high speeds without any hesitation. We must ride responsibly, pay attention to pedestrians and vehicles when riding on the road, obey traffic laws, and not pass through or drive at high speed. If you want to experience high-speed driving, you are supposed to choose a sparsely populated area in a safe condition. In this responsible way, we will be allowed to travel on electric bicycles and realize our sustainable transportation revolution.

      There are three modes of use of electric bicycles: pure electric mode, pure human mode, and hybrid mode.

      Pure electric mode: The advantage is that it saves time and effort, but the disadvantage is that in this mode, the battery capacity cannot be supported for too long, which will shorten the cruising range; Hybrid mode: that is, the combination of electricity and human resources. Not only does it help riders save time and effort to reach their destination, but it also helps riders exercise and improve physical fitness.

      The hybrid mode helps you reach your destination easily and quickly during urban commuting and adventure activities. The powerful motor can also help you climb complex grades, rough road conditions, and more. And combined with the pedal assist system, you can easily cruise on any road.

      4. Fully charge your e-bike

        Checking your bike's usage and battery level before or after each ride is best done as a habit, like brushing your teeth and washing your face. Cyrusher's ebikes have a long enough range of 50-62 miles on a full charge. You'll be able to cover city round-trip mileage fully and easily commute multiple times before recharging.

        However, remember to check the battery. An electric cycle without a battery is a conventional bike. If you ride an electric bike in the morning and find that the battery is dead or halfway through the ride, how bad it is, it will affect the mood of the day. So charge your electric cycle after you're not using it. You can put the charger in the office, and the battery is detachable, remove the battery and put it in the office to charge it.

        5. Protect your bike from collision

          Not only do we have to protect ourselves when we ride, but don't forget to protect your partner! You can see the total mileage driven through the intelligent computer on the handlebar, which has been with you on such a long journey. Therefore, it becomes even more essential to perform regular maintenance and pre-ride inspections of your electric cycle.

          When you lock your e-bike at the end of your ride, how do you store it? We do not recommend that you place your bicycle outdoors, as the outdoor environment and temperature have a great impact on electric bicycles. And over time, rain, snow, and direct sunlight can damage your ebike's functionality and accessories. Regularly check your bike, clean it daily and pay careful attention to the condition of your bike. Not only can help your e-bike provide you with good performance and excellent comfort, but also help you save by extending its lifespan funds.

          6. Know how to stop in time

          When you were a beginner, I believed that you watched videos of other riders’ adventures on social media and thought it was a piece of cake, and as a beginner, you can do it easily, but is this really the case?

          We believe that adventure is good for you, but as a beginner, you need to know how to stop in a dangerous area in time. It is not an area where beginners should go on an adventure. We need to know our limits and ride in a comfortable spot. Yes, we need to fully understand our comfort zone before venturing forward. With enough experience, you can make better progress.

          7. Be confident

            As a beginner, you can be excited and scared of new things. When riding an electric mountain bike, stay confident and reduce the difficulty. Of course, being overconfident can send something in the opposite direction, and being overconfident can be dangerous for you if you don't have the skills to ride. Therefore, if you are a beginner, you can learn to ride seriously and don't blindly think you can jump to the height of an advanced player.

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            8. Correct riding posture

              Bicycle merchants will mark the size of the electric bicycle on the product detail page. For example, Cyrusher's official website summarizes the rider's height suitable for each model. The wrong height size will affect your riding posture and damage your back, spine, and shoulders. When riding an e-bike on mountain trails, you probably don't want to ride the usual way. When you sit down and ride, you put all your energy on the bike and feel bored. The easiest way is to sit upright with your hands leaning forward and arms straight, and you can also stand up, slightly off the saddle, away from your hips, and push forward nicely.

              9. Choose the right gear size

                Beginners don't like riding electric mountain bikes at first and will find it challenging to shift gears. When you're shifting gears on the road, you need to slow down a little, then let it move. Choosing the right gear size can help you better traverse various terrains. You can adjust to a larger gear to assist forward if you are riding uphill. Therefore, when climbing steep slopes, choose the appropriate gear range.

                10. Rational use of pedal assist system

                  It is an essential point. You might consider accelerating up the slope at full speed when climbing a hill. But this behavior will damage the motor, run extremely fast for a short time, the temperature will rise, and when it reaches a specific value, the controller will turn on the self-protection function, that is, power off. It is a threat to our security. The Right Way: When climbing, use the pedal assist system to accelerate up the rough hills.

                  In short, everyone is a beginner in learning new things, including riding a power bike. Once you make up your mind to study, I believe you will get many benefits, and the most intuitive is that you will have an optimistic lifestyle. As a beginner, taking the time to study this driving guide will not only help you learn while keeping your bike with you longer.

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