Step-over Fat Tire Electric Bike Comparison: Cyrusher Ranger vs. Juiced Bike NEW RipCurrent S

Step-over Fat Tire Electric Bike Comparison: Cyrusher Ranger vs. Juiced Bike NEW RipCurrent S

Jan 03, 2023

When the concept of clean energy utilization in people's lives is strengthened, electric bicycles are increasingly regarded as a travel tool that is conducive to exercise and daily commuting. Different brands of electric bicycles have innovated and improved to the present, and have expanded many functional modes.

These models are strong enough to handle a variety of terrains and different levels of riding, providing effective power and easy and comfortable riding fun. Fat bikes, in particular, the wide fat tires give you extra grip and traction, combined with the low tire pressure, the ability to pedal terrain where traditional tires would sink, on everything from snow to sand, much better than a normal bike better.

Through actual customer feedback and research, Cyrusher electric fat tire bicycles are providing consumers with the best value and high-quality electric mountain bikes at reasonable prices. A high-quality stride wide-tire electric bicycle Ranger will be launched in November 2022. Ranger is equipped with more advanced components and a more unique and rich appearance design to meet the aesthetic needs of riders.

Choosing a quality fat tire e-bike is a long-term investment for most riders. This article selects Cyrusher's latest striding electric bicycle Ranger and Juiced Bike RipCurrent S for comparative analysis, allowing you to make a better choice.

Cyrusher Ranger 750W ebike for sale

Cyrusher vs. Juiced Bikes

Juiced Bikes is an American e-bike brand uniquely positioned to produce electric mountain bikes that maximize performance value for the rider. The fat-tire e-bike styles are more popular among consumers because of their larger battery packs and comfort.

The Cyrusher brand is committed to creating the next generation of superior personal mobility vehicles that everyone can use, and to providing customers with high-value products. The brand sells electric fat tire bicycle products to many countries and regions in the world and is committed to becoming a high-quality global brand. Its electric fat bikes appeal to cycling fans with their distinctive brand paint and bright colors on the outside.

These two fun and quality brands of electric fat bikes have something to offer. Below is a table comparing some performance specs of the Cyrusher Ranger and the Juiced Bike RipCurrent S. While these two e-bikes share many components, a closer look reveals some key differences.



Juiced Bike


NEW Rip Current S


750-watt Bafang

1,000W Rear Gear Hub


52 volt 20 amp-hour

52 volt 19.2 ah


Standard 110V~240V AC, 54.6V 2Ah Smart Charger

2Amp Charger


50~56 miles (80~90 km)

70+ Miles


Electric Drive Performance

Undeniably, people will pay more attention to its motor and battery performance when picking a wide-tire electric bicycle suitable for all-terrain environments. After all, the motor determines the power of an electric fat bike, and the battery is the core component that determines the speed.

The above table shows the reference data of Cyrusher Ranger and Juiced Bike RipCurrent S motors and batteries, as well as battery life.

The Ranger has a 750W motor, while the Juiced Bike RipCurrent S has a 1000W motor, both using hub motors. Riders may blindly expect to choose a larger one to obtain strong motor power for riding on high slopes.

Although its motor is relatively large, according to the laws of some electric bicycles in the United States, some states or regions do not allow electric bicycles with 1000W motors to ride on the road. In addition, a motor with too much power may overheat during a long climb, which is worth paying attention to in terms of safety.

The Cyrusher Ranger's motor is a 750W motor, capable of riding efficiently in most states and regions of the United States, and with its 1200W peak power and 80Nm maximum torque, the powerful Bafang motor allows you to drive at high speeds and assist mode Easy cruising. It satisfies riders needing power assistance for more balance when climbing hills or using less power for higher-speed commutes at a good speed.

Batteries affect the speed of both e-bikes. In the comparison, it is found that both have 52V battery packs, but compared to the Juiced Bike RipCurrent S, the battery pack of the Ranger configuration is slightly larger, built into the bike frame to reduce damage such as gravel, mud, etc. Using Samsung lithium-ion The battery provides effective riding protection for the rider.

Lasting 20-50 miles on a full charge, there's plenty of range for wherever your adventures take you. It should be reminded that if you like long-distance riding, no matter how large the capacity of the battery pack is, you need to consider the range-extending battery.

battery and motor for Cyrusher ebike Ranger

Suspension Effects and Component Differences



NEW RipCurrent S


Suspension fork with lockout and adjustment & Air suspension 165x750 lbs 3 mags

Front Air Suspension


3.7" LCD, Smart Computer

Back-lit LCD


Kenda 26" x 4" puncture-resistant

fat tires

26"x4" fat tire


TLogan hydraulic 180mm disc brakes front + rear

Hydraulic Disc

Pedal Assist

5 Level

Not mentioned


Shimano M2000/M315 gear shift system9

9-Speed Cassette

Carry Capacity

330 lbs (150 kg)

300 lbs


Half twist throttle

Upgraded Thumb Throttle

Bike Weight

66 lbs (30 kg) / 74 lbs (34 kg) with battery

76lbs (65lbs w/o battery)


250 lumen LED

1,050 Lum LED

Frame material

6061 Aluminum full suspension frame

Custom Aluminum Heat-Treated

Rear rack




It is worth mentioning that Cyrusher Ranger has an advantage over NEW RipCurrent S in terms of full suspension settings.

Although these two e-bikes, Juiced bike, and Cyrusher, use fat tires of 26*4 inches, which means that the contact area between the tire and the ground is increased, and the traction is greatly improved. It provides a smooth ride even on loose gravel or sandy surfaces.

In addition to the fat tires that help reduce impact, the Cyrusher Ranger is also equipped with a front and rear double shock absorber, which can bring a safer riding experience to the rider. Juiced bike NEW RipCurrent S is only equipped with a front shock absorber suspension. When the rider is driving on a bumpy road, he will still feel a relatively strong vibration.

The Cyrusher Ranger is equipped with a large shock-absorbing suspension with preload adjustment that can be locked when the rider is riding on flatter roads. The shock absorption effect is good when riding downhill on the mountain. When the electric bicycle is subjected to gravity and resistance during riding, it can be turned on.

In addition, Ranger is also equipped with a rear air shock absorber in the rear half of the bike. This component greatly reduces unnecessary bumps and provides a comfortable and stable riding experience.

This component of the suspension is critical for riders who need lower back protection. For electric bicycles with strides and wide tires that require greater force to operate, the spring rebound of the shock absorber can effectively reduce the possibility of injury to the rider, and effectively protect the lower back from excessive injuries.

The Cyrusher Ranger has a lot in common with the Juiced bike NEW RipCurrent S. These include; tires, rear rack and bike frame materials, etc. When you take a closer look, you quickly notice that the bikes have slightly different specs.

On the braking device, NEW RipCurrent S is equipped with hydraulic brakes. Cyrusher Ranger uses front and rear hydraulic 180mm disc brakes, which can greatly reduce the risk of unstable braking in emergencies.

In terms of display settings, both models are equipped with a display that is conducive to the rider's riding speed setting. 

But the biggest difference between the displays of the two e-bikes is that the Cyrusher Ranger's 3.7-inch LED color display is located in the middle of the handlebars, just press 3 buttons, and the controller's computer can provide you with all the information you need.

The Rip Current S step-through is located on the side of the accelerator, and the interface is smaller, which is not conducive to the rider quickly and setting the relevant values needed for riding.

There is also a throttle design, the Juiced bike uses a thumb throttle, although this setting depends on the rider's personal preference. In the riding experience feedback of many riders, Cyrusher's half-twist throttle can help you start the electric bicycle most conveniently, allowing you to reduce a lot of time.

Cyrusher 750W ebike full suspension

Appearance Design and Price Difference

Price and Service


Rip Current S





2 Years

1 Year


The Ranger looks stunning with new custom paint and a unique two-tone frame.

The appearance of RipCurrent S uses solid color as the main color, which looks relatively simple.

The Cyrusher Ranger and the Juiced bike NEW RipCurrent S are both priced at $2,500. During the Christmas period, Cyrusher bikes also enjoy a big discount on the purchase of electric bicycles.

At $100 more than the RipCurrent S, the Ranger is equipped with a more secure and comfortable full-suspension device, which is relatively more expensive. The high-quality brake components used and the choice of colorful colors also partly make the Ranger worth the money in the configuration of performance and related components.

The comparison of the warranty services of the two vehicles shows that the all-terrain fat tire electric bicycle will cause some damage after passing through some rough terrain environments, and the built-in battery can better reduce the damage. Cyrusher's branded two-year warranty will give riders, even more, peace of mind.

Cyrusher cool electric bike Ranger


Despite the higher motor power of the Juiced bike NEW RipCurrent S, when it comes to suspension, the Cyrusher's full suspension is worth it in the long run. The Cyrusher Ranger fat bike fits the rider perfectly, making the ride more stable in all road conditions. By maintaining the best position in terms of function and product quality, the brand can also obtain more advantageous full suspension protection in the riding experience.  Cyrusher believe riders will love Ranger even more after the real experience and bring it an incredible value.

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