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Everything You Need to Know About All-terrain Electric Bikes

Dec 03, 2022

It's no surprise that the rapid growth of e-bikes has seen global sales soar. Because of everything from economics to energy to health, curiosity about these vehicles grows by leaps and bounds. There are  no restrictions to use them, such as driver’s licenses, insurance and age requirements, making them ideal for many people.

If you are new to electric cycle riding or are already an experienced cyclist, you should know that the average fat bike has certain limitations with respect to road surfaces. It can't handle rough terrain and it can't keep the rider safe if forced to travel through rugged terrain.

After some riders have used ordinary bicycles for a while, they will slowly begin to use the bicycle to seek some more exciting and adventurous travel. These people set their sights on an all-terrain electric bike, hoping it can bring more riding pleasure.

All-terrain electric bikes, as the name suggests, are built for all kinds of hard riding and all-weather conditions. In fact, as a global company selling high-performance electric bicycles, the Cyrusher has designed and developed a range of high-quality, beautifully-crafted all-terrain electric bikes, including the full-suspension Cyrusher XF900.

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The XF900 is the top of the line and its beautiful looks, along with those unique motorcycle-style forks, fat tires and high-end components, make it a fat-tire bike for only the most daring riders who crave power and beauty. It will take you over any terrain, up the most challenging slopes and farther on the adventure trips you've always dreamed of it.

Do you like going on adventures on your bike without worrying about slopes and terrain? You can ride an all-terrain electric cycle right now! It's not much different from a regular cycle, but it's packed with powerful components that give the rider power and safety when necessary. Whether considering urban commuting or outdoor adventures, it is the best choice for your travel.

If you're interested in testing your cycling skills in challenging terrain, there's some essential information you need to know first. Let's take a look at the benefits of all-terrain electric fat bikes.

Comfort and balance

Most electric cycles offer smooth riding performance on flat, open tarmac roads. However, when faced with loose gravel roads, rugged hills, snowy roads, etc., the riding performance of a regular bike is far inferior to that of an all-terrain electric fat bike.

Fat tires provide good grip and traction for better balance. They cushion bumps and dips for a smooth ride and make it easier to traverse obstacles like mud, sand and snow. That's why all-terrain e-bikes come with thicker, wider tires.

When XF900 rides on rough terrain, its full suspension design and 6061 aluminum alloy full suspension frame can minimize the impact the ground has and let you accelerate at your own pace. These designs make the bike more stable and provide excellent suspension for a more comfortable ride.

Comfort plays a vital role in extending the life of your ride. When you ride for miles without feeling tired at all, then you will continue to choose to ride. Choosing an electric fat bike that is comfortable and capable is very important.

Ride anytime, anywhere

Many people tend to keep their electric cycles indoors when the weather is terrible. In fact, ordinary bicycles really cannot be ridden in bad weather, since more power and high-end components are needed to enjoy riding in cold weather or snow.

That's why all-terrain electric fat tire bikes come with powerful motors and waterproof batteries. These components offer enough power and you do  not have to worry about any adverse weather effects. They can be ridden anytime, anywhere, no matter how inclement the current weather is. From the flat roads of the city to the roughest mountain roads, they can easily handle any obstacle they encounter.

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For a utility bike, the weather isn't even an issue. The XF900's motor and battery are waterproof and, to some extent, the vehicle can even be ridden in the rain or cold temperatures. Fat tires help you maintain stability in rainy, windy, or snowy conditions and avoid slipping or getting stuck in muddy ground.

Combining the power and speed of the motor with pedal assist, it can take you anywhere you want to go. Because of the small size of the electric fat tire bike, it lets you conveniently get as close to your destination as you can. The large-capacity battery allows you to go farther and realize your dream of long-distance riding.

All-terrain e-bikes are do-it-all machines designed to handle a variety of rugged terrain and severe weather. Use them as much as possible to improve your riding skills and reap all the benefits of riding.

Buying one is a long-term investment. No matter how complex your riding conditions are, it will overcome obstacles and not have to sit idly indoors. They are the perfect travel tool or ideal for outdoor lovers.

Winter has arrived and here are some tips on riding a power bike in cold weather.
First, always wear warm gear to keep you warm when riding in cold or windy conditions. Choose bright colors and reflective materials to ensure you can be spotted in low visibility conditions.

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Second, ensure your all-terrain electric fat tire bike is inspected and well maintained before riding.
Third, check that the lighting system is in proper working order and if necessary, bring an extra headlamp to prepare for the long hours of darkness.
Fourth, always be safe when riding on rough terrain! Remember to bring your helmet, windproof gloves and knee pads.
Finally, I hope you have a great time!

Means of transportation

Whether heading out for a day or a week of camping, there's an all-terrain mountain electric bike to suit your needs. The XF900 has a payload capacity of 330 pounds, so you can take everything you need. If you need to carry too much equipment, you can also install a trailer on the rear of the electric bicycle to expand its adequate capacity.

Wider use range

Not everyone needs an all-terrain e-bike that can be used just like a regular bike for leisurely commuting on urban roads. Some are looking for broader uses, such as fishing and camping. In these cases, the benefits of an all-terrain e-bike are even more pronounced, along with several other advantages that can enhance outdoor activities.

Getting close to the best lakes and enjoying outdoor activities is often difficult with a large vehicle. After finding  a parking spot, you must also walk to the final destination. But with a full-suspension ebike, no matter where your fishing spot or activity is, you can get there quickly and efficiently, leaving more time for the activities you love and spending less wasted time walking.

The top of the range the Cyrusher XF900 combines power, functionality and beauty. It lets you go faster and farther in comfort on any terrain. Go camping, ride those slopes, hit the dusty trails and enjoy the sights and fun of nature. And its size and power don't limit city riding or commuting.

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Ready to adjust gear

Rough roads are different from flat roads which means you have to adjust your gears to the conditions as you ride. If you want to travel quickly and efficiently, choose  an all-terrain electric fat tire bike with gears and a powerful motor. When faced with a difficult road, you may find that the challenges ahead are complex and varied.

The ideal solution to be ready for any terrain is to choose a bike with more gears. By constantly adjusting gear sizes, you don't have to worry about whether the bike can handle the road ahead. Nothing is out of reach for an electric mountain bicycle in the mountain roads, trails, deserts, snow and cities.

Bikes on the market have at least five gears and often more. For example, the Cyrusher electric cycle has at least seven gears. This 7-speed flywheel system means you can shift to a larger gear for uphill travel and adjust to a smaller gear at higher speeds. Combined with the pedal assist system, you can adjust to the right speed to complete the stroke.

Final Words

Now that you're clear about the benefits of all-terrain electric mountain bicycles, there are a few other benefits, you can gain by switching your conventional bike for an all-terrain mountain bike. Whether you are new to cycling or a seasoned rider looking to improve your skills, the process involved in becoming an excellent all-terrain mountain bike rider is not tricky.

The most important tip is to find an all-terrain bike that fits your requirements. It should be comfortable enough to improve your riding comfort and balance and allow you to ride anywhere, get more outdoor experience and select your desired speed modes. Keep these tips in mind as you choose the best full-suspension ebike and you'll also maximize your potential and become a great mountain bike rider.

Cyrusher is committed to delivering affordable, high-performance electric fat bikes to riders worldwide. These bikes have a lot to offer and are worth choosing from, so look no further. It's time to start experiencing all-terrain mountain bikes for adventure riding. No matter how you want to use them, fat tire bikes give you the features and power you need to go where you want to go.