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Why Are Electric Bikes the Future?

Oct 27, 2022

In the era of rapid economic growth and increased consumption, people have begun to choose relatively novel lifestyles. And, in this time of advocating for environmental protection, electric bicycles have found their place in urbanization. In the environment of urban expansion and with the increase in the average travel distance of residents, electric bikes have entered a new period of rapid development and became an alternative for public travel. Would you believe that small two-wheeled vehicles like e-bikes could revolutionize the way urban spaces work?

In fact, e-bikes are making strides into the future and are the solution to many of today's transportation problems.

The popularity of e-bikes is due, in part, to their wide accessibility for the masses. They’re a key to further changing and boosting mobility between towns and cities. Also, they’re an effective means of transportation rooted in clean technology.

Some of the big mountain bike brands dedicated to electric mountain bikes offer a variety of classifications in terms of model, range and motor output. Cyrusher is a good example. The brand of electric mountain bikes is becoming a new trend in low-carbon travel. In addition, this high-tech transportation tool powered by batteries is looking into the future and affording a new generation of exciting lifestyles.

The History and Development of Electric Bicycles

Electric bicycles have come a long way from their origins to their current development.

In the 1880s and 1890s, patent offices in France and the United States recorded the first electric bicycles. In France, the earliest one was a three-wheeled electric device. A handheld lever system controlled the motor power without any pedals.

In the late 1990s, torque sensors and power control models became available.

Entering the 21st century, the production of electric bicycles began to grow. As they developed, they gained more prominence in a market traditionally dominated by the production and use of conventional bikes.

It’s safe to say that the transportation industry will soon experience exponential electric mountain bike growth. This bicycle-powered electricity has come along during the current environmental protection era and has gained wider social recognition. It makes sense to cut fuel bills and invest in e-bikes instead of cars on a purely cost-comparison basis. For most people, they’re used primarily for entertainment and leisure purposes or as a way to experience the world around them.

E-bikes are already hugely popular in the U.S., Europe and China, with global sales expected to reach about 40 million according to a survey of sales growth. Major European countries have proposed plans to phase out fuel vehicles and many countries in Southeast Asia and Latin America have also proposed similar growth plans. This type of transportation powered by electricity and clean energy will change the pattern of people's travel in the future.

The Economist reports that 40% of e-bike riders in the Netherlands, the most cycling-friendly region in the world, choose this mode of transportation instead of a car. It will always take time for more advanced technological innovation to find an actual application. Still, as demand increases the torrent of change will surely influence the entire electric bicycle market.

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Electric Bike Demand Keeps Growing

People's Awareness of Environmental Protection Is Strengthened

Electric bicycles offer an efficient simple option for those who like going green without sacrificing the convenience of a car. When speaking about electric bicycles, the subjects of urban pollution and traffic congestion are always mentioned in the marketplace. Gasoline use and car emissions raise hard truths related to climate change and energy depletion.

The best feature of e-bikes is that they don't have the harmful emissions of the internal combustion engine that powers cars. Instead, they use clean energy which reduces the earth’s pollution. Even if we include the cost of frequent battery replacements, e-bikes are many times more environmentally friendly than any other public method of transport. Driven by the concept of environmental protection, electric bicycles powered by clean electric energy are in greater demand and the choice of more consumers.

Reduce Congestion

In some densely-populated European cities, urban commuter electric bicycles are connected to public transportation to solve the "first mile" or "last mile" problem of commuters. This also effectively proves that the demand for electric bicycles continues to grow.

To reduce congestion, more and more consumers have begun to use electric bicycles as the main mode of transportation for commuting to work and school. Most consumers who live and work two blocks away will choose the more convenient bicycle as a means of transportation.

In the past, with traditional bicycle commuting riders would always show up at the office sweaty and have to start the day with a shower. Many electric commuter bikes are equipped with high-performance electric drive systems and pedal assist functions to effectively solve this problem so the rider does not have to sweat profusely.

Take the Cyrusher Kommoda fat tire electric bike as an example. It uses a 750W motor to provide a powerful driving force for riding and has a stylish appearance. The 48V14Ah lithium-ion battery capacity is enough for most commutes to work in the city or to tour towns.

More Convenient

Relative to the price of an expensive car, the cost of an e-bike is a fraction of the cost. Individuals who cannot afford a car face further economic constraints as they struggle to find new ways to get around. Most of Cyrusher's e-bikes offer riders a speed of at least 26 mph. The portable battery range is from 25-60 miles, making it a convenient transportation option that economically benefits low-income communities. It’s safe to say that e-bikes are undoubtedly the most valuable long-term investment for riders.

In addition, e-bikes provide a convenient and practical solution for people with mobility issues and the elderly to explore new destinations by e-bike. The Cyrusher Bandit is a foldable electric fat tire bike that can be placed in the trunk of a car. It supports long journeys and makes riding in daunting hills and roads less difficult. It brings a pleasant riding experience to the elderly and people with limited mobility and is also conducive to the healthy development of body and mind. Therefore, the actual demand for electric bicycles will continue to grow.

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The Future of Electric Bicycles Is Still an Exciting Exploration

As electric bikes head into the future, there’s more to explore. More efforts are needed regarding the development of components, drive systems and intelligent upgrades in this clean energy-led bicycle industry. This is also an essential and exciting part of the future of the electric bicycle sector.

Security Continuing Issues

The design and configuration of electric bicycles continues to meet the various imaginations of the public as it develops. From the perspective of safety, the appearance, speed and quality of electric bicycles has significantly improved to varying degrees within a reasonable range.

As a professional electric fat tire bike brand, Cyrusher uses Bafang motors, Samsung lithium-ion batteries, Shimano brakes and other world-renowned accessories and materials, always putting the rider's safety first. As well as improving basic performance, electric bicycles will also become safer with more features. High-quality electric bicycles are equipped with reflective materials on the tires or spokes, and LED lights and brake lights are arranged at the front and rear to help the rider to be more comfortable and have a good ride at night.

Battery Recycling

Lithium-ion batteries are the only ones proven to have the range, longevity and light weight required for e-bikes. However, no battery can sustain energy permanently with current technological knowledge. For example, the Cyrusher XF900 electric mountain bike uses a 48 V 17 Ah Samsung Li-Ion battery that withstands 800 charges. Therefore, the issue of recycling electric bicycles is still worthy of exploration by industry personnel.

Changing Traffic Road Design

Current traffic road designs serve the traffic habits of a community’s citizens. Since more and more riders are starting to use electric bicycles as transportation, American cities are considering relaxing the relevant regulations on where electric bikes are allowed. In the future, city roads will have more cycling-friendly infrastructure, such as bicycle lanes, convenient charging pads and charging stations. This will allow riders to ride at their own speed and in different lanes more easily.

Intelligent Upgrade

We are now in an era of intellectual development. Technologies such as intelligent systems, voice dialogue, anti-theft alarms and APP-assisted riding are boosting the progress of the electric bicycle industry. Electric bikes become high-end when ordinary electric bicycles are equipped with these emerging intelligent technologies. Electric bicycles cannot withstand the severe cold in winter compared to cars. In order not to be limited by the seasons, updating the technology of electric bicycles is worth exploring in the future. The aim is to increase the fun and entertainment of riding and allow more outdoor riding enthusiasts to gain new experiences.

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Electric bicycles are solving the problems of traffic congestion and environmental pollution that society faces and they will lead people to an effective means of transportation in the future. Are you ready to ride an e-bike and experience the advancements in electric drive technology and the freedom of riding? The Cyrusher electric fat tire bicycle brand offers test riding of an electric bicycle in the United States, the United Kingdom and France. The online sales platform also has dedicated service personnel to answer your questions about electric bicycles. Either way, e-bikes can give you a better and more enjoyable future.

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