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Cyrusher XF800 Vs. Himiway Cruiser

Oct 31, 2022

Here's a simple question.

Which one would you prefer,a cruising electric bicycle suitable for riding on the beach or an electric bike ideal for all-terrain environments?

The question is simple, but the answer isn’t easy.

Riders who are torn between the functionality and price of an e-bike are more likely to look for a balance between practicality and affordability. For e-bike brands, it’s also tricky to answer the question of their value without knowing the rider’s riding purpose and conditions.

Whether you want to go by yourself on a long ride on an e-bike or just enjoy a pleasant cruise in nature, there are many factors to consider. This article has selected the Cyrusher XF800 electric mountain bike and the Himiway Cruiser recreational electric bike for comparative analysis. This in-depth performance and configuration analysis can help you make a better decision.

Cyrusher XF800 all terrian ebike vs Himiway cruiser

About the two brands In short, Cyrusher was established in 2014 with offices in the United States, the United Kingdom, France and other countries and has online sales in more than 10 countries around the world. It has now provided more than 60,000 electric bike fans with high-quality service.

Founded in 2017, Himiway Electric Bike is an emerging Chinese brand operating direct-to-consumer mainly in the United States. With branches and customers in North America and Europe, it provides riders with electric bikes with a good range.

These two interesting brands of electric fat tire bikes have their own characteristics. The following is an overall comparison of the Cyrusher XF800 and Himiway Cruiser to compare their performance and configuration differences.







750-watt Bafang

750 Watt


48-volt 13 amp-hour LG/Samsung lithium battery

48V 17.5Ah Samsung/LG
lithium battery


25-50 miles

35-60 Miles


Suspension fork with lockout and adjustment
Spring suspension 165x750 lbs

Alloy front suspension fork
with lockout and adjustment


Chaoyang 26" x 4" puncture-resistant fat tires

26" x 4" Kenda fat tires


Star-Union full hydraulic 180/203 mm disc brakes front + rear

180MM Mechanical Disc Brakes

Brakes lever

Star-Union anti-slip grip levers with motor cutoff switch

Aluminum alloy comfort grip levers
with motor cutoff switch

Pedal Assist

5 Pedal-Assist levels

0-5 level pedal assist


Shimano 7 speed

7 Speed Gear Shift System

Carry Capacity




Half twist throttle

Half twist throttle

Bike Weight

74lbs with battery





Warranty (Frame)

2 Years

2 Year

Warranty (Battery)

1 Year



250 lumen LED

48V LED light


3.7" LCD display,
Smart Computer

LCD display
with USB charging

Frame material

6061 Aluminum full suspension frame

6061 aluminum alloy

Rear rack






Max Torque



Performance Quality

When comparing the quality, people tend to pay more attention to the product's performance. The motor is the core component that affects the riding speed of the electric bicycle and the battery is the root of the continuous electric drive life of the bike.

Both the Cyrusher XF800 and Himiway Cruiser use 750W in-wheel motors. Their power level is adequate for smooth surfaces and rough trails.

Battery-wise, both use Samsung lithium-ion batteries. The battery size of the XF800 is 48V 13AH while the battery size of the Himiway Cruiser is 48V 17.5Ah. Although the Himiway seems to have an edge in battery capacity, it's not the most important thing. The range can be extended if you pedal moderately during the ride. If you like to ride long distances, no matter the battery pack's capacity, the extended-range battery is something you need to consider.

As a cruising electric bike, the Himiway Cruiser is more suitable for pavement or paved roads, while the electric mountain bike XF800 performs better on both paved roads and mountain trails. When you want to tap into more challenging dirt roads with an e-bike, you need more power and torque to deal with slow going on these surfaces and not get bogged down.

Both e-bikes have 80Nm of torque and, in terms of power, they each have 750W-motors which means that's how much power the motor can consistently put out during a charge. Peak power rating is what the motor is capable of under heavy load. The Cyurhser Bafang motor has a peak power of 1500W, allowing you to ride at speeds of up to 28Mph. Therefore, it’s better to know the base and peak power magnitude when comparing motors, not just continuous wattage.

So, for the rider who wants to go where the average cruiser or casual commuter class can't, the Cyrusher XF800 Electric Mountain Bike takes your riding to new horizons.

Cyrusher electric bike XF800 gril

Suspension Effect

Both Himiway and Cyrusher e-bikes use 26-inch by 4-inch fat tires, which means that the tires have an increased contact area with the ground and greatly improved traction. This provides a smooth ride even on loose gravel or sandy surfaces.

It’s worth mentioning that compared with the Himiway Cruiser, the CyrusherXF800's full suspension is its most shining feature. The front and rear shock absorbers can bring riders a safer riding experience.

The Cyrusher e-bike features a premium suspension fork at the front of the frame. The suspension system has 80mm of travel, can be adjusted for preload and can be locked when the rider is riding on flatter surfaces. It can be opened during riding when the electric bicycle is subjected to gravity and resistance − perfect for cruising seaside beaches and tackling rougher mountain trails.

The suspension fork can compress to the extreme, rebound and repeat the action. This component greatly reduces unnecessary bumps and provides a comfortable and stable ride.

In addition to the front suspension, the XF800 is equipped with rear shock absorbers. This is very important for riders who need lower back protection. The rear shock absorber of the electric mountain bike is specially designed to suppress the shock when the spring absorbs the rebound effect and the impact from the road surface, protecting the rider’s lower back and reducing risk of injuries. The rear shock also makes the ride more comfortable for the rider, even during leisurely cruising.

Cyrusher electric fat bike-20221031


Although electric bicycles are driven by electric power as the main power source, riders need to consider the brake components and structure of the bicycle itself as well. These are worthy of careful analysis.

The essential components of the Cyrusher XF800 are from a good manufacturer. This includes a Shimano 7-speed that switches gears at different speeds to regulate the speed and massive 180/203mm fully hydraulic disc brakes with motor cutout.

The adjustable gear speed of the Himiway Cruiser is also 7-speed. In terms of brake components, 180MM mechanical disc brakes are used.

Regarding lighting settings, the Cyrusher XF800 is configured with 250 lumens LED lights and the Himiway uses 48V LED lights. Lumen LEDs can make it easier to see during night riding activities.

The Himiway Cruiser uses a backlit display and has some basic settings for riding.  The XF800 is equipped with a 3.7" LCD display and the controller's computer provides you with all the information you need at the press of three buttons. Fully programmable, with the mechanical pedal system and five-level pedal regulation, your speed options and other security settings are fully customizable. Both have a similar configuration.

The most significant difference between the two electric bikes is the braking device. The full hydraulic disc brake of XF800 makes the oil in the oil pump generate pressure to push the brake pads against the brake disc . The mechanical disc brake device of the Himiway Cruiser uses the brake caliper to press the brake disc. It uses friction to convert kinetic energy into heat energy to brakes. In contrast, the XF800's safe braking ability is more effective.

Appearance Design and Weight

The Cyrusher XF800 has a unique body pattern and looks very eye-catching.

The Himiway Cruiser uses black as the main color, which gives it a relatively simple appearance.

Compared with the Himiway Cruiser’s one-color choice, the Cyrusher XF 800 has four different rich rim colors − white, green, blue and red − for riders with different preferences.

The frame is sturdy and stable, providing good riding comfort. The Himiway Cruiser weighs 72lbs and the Cyrusher XF800 weighs 74lbs with batteries. They’re both in the same weight range with only a few pounds difference which is negligible.

Cyrusher electric mountain bike XF800 rugged road

Difference in Price

The Cyrusher XF800 and Himiway Cruiser e-bikes are priced under $2,000 and are in the better budget range across the e-bike industry. At $400 higher than the Cruiser, the XF800 is equipped with a more secure and comfortable full suspension which costs more. In considering performance and related components, the use of high-quality brake components and the choice of a range of dynamic colors make the XF800 a good value for money. More importantly, its safe and stable riding and performance in an all-terrain environment make the XF800 relatively more valuable.


Finding an electric bike suitable to accompany you for the long-term that provides a pleasant riding experience is not easy. We're unsure how riders feel about all-terrain fat tire e-bikes and cruising e-bikes. At Cyrusher, the brand prides itself on producing e-bikes that deliver incredible value by offering high-quality e-bikes at great prices without sacrificing features, specs and components. Despite the Himiway Cruiser’s long range in terms of power, the Cyrusher XF800 is an all-terrain full-suspension electric bike that allows you more visibility for night riding and more efficient driving for the long run beyond beach cruising. This gives safe and stable protection.

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