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Do seniors need electric bikes?

Oct 12, 2022

In recent years, the problem of the country's aging has continued to intensify. In quantity, the number of older adults in the United States ranks third. The number of older adults in 2020 will reach about 55.13 million, which is about 7.62% of the global elderly population, with an average annual increase of nearly 2 million. According to the U.S. Census Bureau's 2021 population estimates, the national average age has increased by 3.4 years since 2000, indicating that the U.S. population as a whole is getting older.

As the population of older adults increases, which sports should they choose to exercise in? The reality is that swimming, running, and working out are not suitable for most seniors because these activities not only consume a lot of physical energy but also have the possibility of injury. Is there no right way for the elderly to exercise? The answer is obvious, no.

 A man rides an electric bike.-1013

The number of older adults buying and using electric bicycles has exploded in  recent years. Electric cycles are not exclusive to young people, and they do not have any age restrictions. At the same time, the way electric bicycles work is very suitable for the elderly, and the exercise mode is very friendly to the elderly. Why do seniors need electric cycles? How should the elderly choose an electric bike?

  1. A positive and optimistic new way of life

When you retire, you will have a lot of free time at your disposal. At first, you will feel that you have time to take a good rest, but over time you will feel lonely and have nothing to do. You can invite a friend to ride an electric cycle around the lake or ride out to get some fresh air and feel nature. It can provide you with an optimistic new way of life and experience the fun and scenery brought by personal mobile products.

  1. Prevent disease and enhance physical fitness

As older adults, they decided to exercise was the best thing to do for their physical health. Many older adults may have some chronic disease, spinal pain, or leg pain and think sitting will ease the pain. But being sedentary can worsen the pain and lead to more health problems.

Older adults must get a certain amount of physical activity daily to help prevent cardiovascular and brain diseases such as heart disease, diabetes, and dementia. Riding an e-bike doesn't require massive energy, and it's a gentle and effective form of exercise that helps build fitness in older adults.

  1. Improves mental health

With age and physical limitations, most seniors choose to stay indoors. The lack of indoor places and opportunities for physical exercise is very detrimental to the mental health of the elderly. Being in nature and breathing fresh air can improve a person's mental health. Ride an electric cycle out to experience nature, and feel the spirit! It allows the elderly to walk into the nature and stimulates people's thinking.

Just like the reasons why seniors need electric cycles above, you may be wondering, "what is the best electric bike for seniors?" the answer should be Cyrusher Kommoda. Equipped with a full suspension design, the Kommoda must be the best choice for seniors. Why is it said to be the best choice for seniors?

Step-through frame

Step-through e-bikes typically ride upright with less stress on the lower back and wrists, and this design makes it easier to install and remove the bike. The step-through design is suitable for people with limited mobility or recovering from injuries. It does not have to raise their legs over the bar, which can quickly solve the problem of difficulty getting on and off the car elderly. In an emergency, the rider can keep his balance by simply putting his feet down, avoiding the risk of a fall due to loss of balance. The step-through design can greatly reduce the occurrence of this situation.

Fat tires

The Kommoda with 4-inch fat tires is excellent in all kinds of terrain. It's adaptable, rolling smoothly without slipping on the sand, snow, forest, or rocky roads. Fat tires provide strong traction and high stability to improve the safety and comfort of old riding. It is something that narrow tires can't bring. Electric fat bikes offer extra stability for seniors and smooth uphills to keep riders safe.

Sturdy frame

The bicycle frame is made of 6061 aluminum alloy, which has lightweight properties, easy shaping and processing, and good resistance to moisture oxidation. 6061 aluminum alloy is used in aerospace fixtures, mold making, electrical fixtures, etc, so Cyrusher users will have a safe and sturdy frame for a more stable ride. For older people, the frame's resistance to moisture oxidation doesn't require much maintenance and upkeep. Weighing only 74 pounds with a battery, even the elderly can quickly move around for easy riding.

Safe hydraulic disc brakes

Safety is the most important factor for seniors to consider when buying an electric bike. Electric fat bikes with hydraulic disc brakes are more senior-friendly than high-speed power bikes. The braking system is one of the first considerations for seniors. Generally, there are two types of brakes: mechanical and hydraulic. Hydraulic disc brakes have more robust braking performance, and their braking efficiency is higher than mechanical brakes. The hydraulic disc brake has the advantages of fast heat dissipation, high-temperature resistance, stable braking effect, simple structure, and convenient maintenance.

For the elderly who want to ride electric fat bikes to exercise, we need to ensure that these components are safe enough and do not consume too much energy. Safety and convenience are among seniors' top priorities when buying a electric fat bike.

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Effective full suspension

There are generally two mountain power bikes on the market: hardtail power bikes and full-suspension power bikes. The difference between the two is their design. The latter has a shock-absorbing fork at the front and a shock absorber at the rear. This configuration makes riding more comfortable and minimizes the fatigue of older people riding. The full suspension design provides substantial control and good ground traction. It can absorb the impact and bumps of the ground well regardless of the terrain, improving riding comfort and safety. From a performance point of view, it can also meet the most stringent requirements of users. In addition to riding on urban roads and rural areas, full-suspension electric bicycles can also travel through woods and deserts.

Pedal assist system

What makes power bikes special is their pedal-assist system, which allows cyclists to pedal in a more comfortable and efficient manner. Cycling can be done entirely by pedaling, using only the motor and a combination of the two. The Kommoda has a seven-speed transmission system and five levels of pedal assist in choosing from.

You can choose a comfortable and reasonable pedaling cadence and speed mode as an electric assist bicycle. The booster is activated when the pedal is depressed and automatically deactivated when the pedal is not depressed, or an action is taken. This design allows the rider to decide the amount of exercise freely. For the elderly, this design is very considerate and solves the choice of the amount of practice for the elderly. The choice of the amount of activity for the elderly when their physical conditions permit. Decide how much you exercise freely and avoid consuming too little energy.

Other security components

Cyrusher provides this model with a 3.7-inch LCD color screen. In natural light, fonts on color screens are sharper than on black and white screens, bringing a more pleasant experience to the elderly population. And the controller is also easy to operate for seniors, giving the rider all the information he needs with just three easy-to-use buttons. It is fully programmable, and the user can customize the ride. To help the elderly to improve the riding experience to the greatest extent.

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In addition, the headlights and integrated brake taillights are designed with riding safety in mind to ensure the safety of riding in low visibility weather or at night. The same is valid for setting up electronic horns, which can alert vehicles and crowds if necessary to ensure the safety of riders. If you have older adults in your family or are choosing a full-suspension electric bike, don't hesitate. Cyrusher will bring you a new riding experience that will amaze you.

In addition to these safe components, Cyrusher offers users a 2-year frame warranty and a 1-year battery warranty. The brand has physical stores in the U.K. and the U.S. If you can't make the final choice, there is a test ride service in the store so you can experience this model's charm. The brand has launched a truck-to-door assembly service in France.

As a professional manufacturer and seller of high-performance electric bicycles, the brand provides professional pre-sales and after-sales services. You can contact professionals via phone on the official website or through customer support. They are online 24 hours a day. If you have any technical questions, feel free to contact professionals. They will use professional electric bicycle knowledge to help customers solve their confusion and are always there.