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What is affecting your mileage range?

Oct 10, 2022

Most bicycle manufacturers will indicate the mileage range of the product on the product detail page to meet the user's needs. However, in actual use, the existing riding range of electric cycles cannot reach the mileage of the factory standard. At this time, many bicycle enthusiasts wondered: Why can't the mileage marked on the product be reached in actual use? Is this a business gimmick or a wrong product?

Well, it's not a merchant or product issue. In actual riding, many unstable factors will affect an electric bike's mileage range. Cycling enthusiasts' riding actions and habits indirectly affect the battery's cruising range. We'll detail nine factors that affect the actual mileage range of an electric fat bike.

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  1. Battery capacity

The battery's capacity determines the cruising range of the electric bike, and the capacity's size will directly affect how far you can ride. The more powerful the battery, the further your electric fat bike will go. Taking the Cyrusher XF900 as an example, it is equipped with a 48V 17AH high-power lithium battery, providing users with a cruising range of 20-62 miles to ensure users have enough capacity for any round trip.

In addition, the number of charging times and the frequency of battery use will affect the cruising range of the battery, and this wear and tear are irreversible. When charging the battery, lithium ions are generated on the battery's positive electrode, and the lithium ions will move from the positive electrode to the negative electrode through the electrolyte. In the same way, when the battery is discharged, lithium ions move from the negative electrode back to the positive electrode. Over time, this process is repeated, and wear and tear increases gradually, reducing the battery's capacity. That is, it directly affects the maximum mileage of the e-bike.


  1. Driving terrain

It is generally known that driving on smooth and stable roads saves more power than on steep mountain or forest roads. When riding on steep mountain or forest roads, you need to use equipment such as pedal assist systems, motors, and brakes to help you pass the road, driving on smooth roads without worrying about climbing and gravel obstacles. The terrain you face affects how often the motors, pedal assist systems, controllers, and brakes are used, all of which consume a certain amount of battery capacity and keep us from reaching maximum mileage on actual rides.

  1. The weight of the load

I believe that everyone has a phenomenon in the process of cycling: if the total weight of the rider and the items is lighter, then the mileage we will travel will be farther; on the contrary, if the car is full of things, plus the total weight of the rider is enormous, so the motor needs more power to move forward. This action consumes more energy from the battery to supply the motor, thereby reducing the overall mileage of the electric fat bike.

We find that lighter electric cycles have more advantages than heavier electric cycles. Bikes with lighter self-weight, based on high-end components, can help users to carry more items and are convenient to move and use flexibly. Like the Cyrusher XF900, the payload capacity is 330 pounds, and the bike with the battery only weighs 74 pounds, which meets the daily travel needs of users and ensures that bike enthusiasts have a long cruising range.


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  1. Tire pressure

Many electric cycle users have not realized the importance of tire pressure, thinking that the tire can run with air. Tires are crucial for electric cycles. For driving a car, normal tire pressure can reduce fuel consumption by 3.3%. If the tire pressure is reduced by 30%, and the vehicle is running at a speed of 40km/h, the fuel consumption will increase by 5%-10%.

In the same way, if the tire pressure of an power bike is too low, it will wear the tire, and the tire is likely to be deformed. And the low tire pressure will increase the resistance in driving and make the power bike consume more power. To avoid loss of control and prolong the life of your tires, be sure to keep your tires at the proper air pressure. We can use a pressure gauge and an air pump to inflate the tire according to the air pressure value marked on the tire to control the air pressure value in the tire.

  1. Use of pedal assist

With an electric bike with pedal assist, the rider will have less effort during the ride. Without the motor, controller, and battery, it's a conventional bike. Based on our riding experience and Cyrusher user feedback, the higher the assist level, the more power draw is required. You can use the pedal assist level appropriately for the terrain you face. More pedaling while riding will reduce battery drain and increase your range.

In the case of a full charge, using different levels of pedal assist, the final presented mileage is different. Using a higher level of pedal assist will drain the battery and reduce the mileage of the bike; with a lower level of pedal assist, the battery will drain less, and you can ride farther. All Cyrusher’s e-bike handlebars will have a display on the handlebars that will provide the rider with all the information they need, including current mileage, pedal assist level, current speed, battery level, etc.

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  1. Extreme Weather Conditions

Among all environmental factors, temperature affects a battery's charging and discharging performance. Temperature factors affect the chemical reactions inside the battery. In cold weather, the battery's usable capacity decreases as the temperature drops. Higher temperatures disrupt the chemical balance within the battery, leading to side reactions. Batteries are affected by extreme weather and high and low temperatures. With the right temperature conditions, you'll get the best mileage range.

  1. Use of the motor

Many people ride their electric bikes at high speeds to get them to the point of excitement. As we all know, when you start at high speed, the required power requires more energy from the battery. If you keep driving at high speed for a long time, the power will be exhausted quickly, so the actual mileage will not reach the standard mileage.

If it doesn't use a motor, it's a regular bike. That's not to say high-speed riding is terrible. Slow speeds cannot bring the thrill of high-speed riding. But if you want to reach your destination and have extra power to go elsewhere, please try to ride slowly when using the motor. If you are not in a hurry or the traffic does not allow you, you should consider reducing the riding rate and pressing the pedal at the right time to reduce electricity consumption. Sometimes a slow ride can bring you a different mood experience, a slow ride can get a farther mileage range, and you can go farther to enjoy more scenery and fun.

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  1. Acceleration method

Acceleration is also one of the places where electric fat bikes drain power. You can find a phenomenon: direct full-throttle acceleration will consume more power in the accelerator acceleration mode. When riding in stop-and-go traffic, try pedaling while accelerating. If you press the pedal when accelerating, you can not only reduce the consumption of electricity but also ensure the safety of riding. After all, the full throttle will be more challenging to control, and it is easy to burst out. When the traffic is not too optimistic, slow down the gas pedal and push through the traffic a few times.

Slowing down the acceleration can save battery energy consumption, helping the battery to maintain a suitable temperature without losing energy. It allows the battery to hold more power to increase the range, extend the ride time, and leave the rider with plenty of energy to reach other destinations.

  1. Additional electronics

In addition to the well-known motors and controllers that drain power, some less apparent devices also drain battery power. The integrated brake tail light automatically illuminates when braking. When you ride at night or in low visibility weather, you must use headlights to illuminate the road. Electronic horns can help you warn of vehicles and people ahead. And there is a charging port on the XF900's battery for mobile phone or G.P.S. charging. Even if the power consumption of these devices is small, it will still affect our range.

If your actual mileage in actual riding cannot reach the marked mileage indicated by the manufacturer, look at the nine factors in this article. Have you made any of these actions or habits during the ride? These factors will affect the cruising range of the power bike so that the actual mileage cannot reach the marked mileage.

If you need to ride long distances, you can bring a charger to charge your bike. If you don't want to waste time charging while on the road, there is an option to buy a spare battery. But the battery is one of the most expensive components of an e-bike, and you'd better be prepared to spend some money on it.