Electric Bike Batteries Are Installed in Different Locations -- What's the Difference?

Electric Bike Batteries Are Installed in Different Locations -- What's the Difference?

Oct 18, 2022

In daily life, the problems of bus congestion, subway congestion, and luxury taxis have mainly been solved with the popularity of electric bicycles. Using an electric bike to commute is environmentally friendly and can exercise your leg muscles, so riding an electric bicycle has become a logical choice.

The battery and motor of an electric bicycle are essential components. An in-depth understanding of the battery of an e-bike can bring more benefits to the rider. The motor stores the electric energy required for the electric bicycle to travel and cooperates with the motor of the electric bike to provide a sufficient guarantee for the rider's riding journey and riding range.

According to the classification of electric bicycles, the installation position of the battery will also be different. The type of fat tire electric bike brand Cyrusher has other electric bikes with built-in battery and external battery for consumers to choose from.

So, what's the difference between a battery mounted inside and outside of an e-bike? What impact does the difference between the built-in and external batteries have on an electric bike's performance? If you're struggling with the answers to these questions, keep reading.

What Are the Integrated Battery and the Central External Battery? (Advantages and Disadvantages)

The battery assist of an e-bike is an essential factor that makes e-bikes attractive. In the battery assist mode, it provides enough power to help you when you climb mountains, extend your riding range or jump over obstacles.s

Most electric bicycle batteries on the market will appear in front of consumers in external and built-in forms. The location where the battery of an e-bike is installed has an impact on the appearance of the e-bike.

The following describes the more common battery mounting locations on two electric bikes. The most significant difference between them is internal and external mounting.

  • Integrated battery:

This electric bicycle battery is also called the built-in battery. Generally, the battery's shape cannot be seen in appearance because the battery is integrated into the frame of the electric bicycle, which is perfectly integrated with the bicycle frame to make the overall impression more beautiful and concise. Its lines are more harmonious and cleaner.

  • Central external battery: 

The main external battery is generally located outside the frame's top tube or down tube. This type of battery is visible on the outside, and when installed on the outside of the frame, it is easy to raise dust, mud, stones, and water on the road, which is harmful to the appearance of the battery of the electric bicycle. And may look incongruous from the overall look of the bike but can be removed more easily.

In order to show the difference between the battery installation positions of electric bicycles for those who love electric bicycles, the following table takes Cyrusher Kommoda's internal battery and Cyrusher XF900's external battery as examples of the difference between the two bicycles.

Cyrusher step-through electric bike-20220914
Cyrusher full suspension electric bike XF900-20220914

Battery Location

Built-in battery

External battery


  • Ideally protected from
    external influences

  • More beautiful

  • Not easy to be stolen

  • Easier installation and removal

  • Easier to take out and charge


  • Complicated and time-consuming to replace
    a defective battery

  • relatively high price

  • The exterior is not beautiful enough

  • High risk of theft

  • Vulnerable to external damage


stylish commuter,
rough road cyclist

outdoor cycling


The above table shows the difference between the different battery installation positions of Cyrusher's two electric bicycles and their apparent advantages and disadvantages.

The built-in battery of Cyrusher Kommoda makes the overall line of the electric bicycle more smooth and more beautiful, and the battery configuration is integrated into the frame of the electric bicycle, which is not easy to be stolen during parking time. The bike is also more balanced and easier to steer in inclement weather.

Cyrusher XF900 uses an external motor. Although the external battery may receive some wear during daily riding, the Cyrusher XF900's external battery has a relatively sturdy protective case compared to the battery design on the seat tube. It has a small lock to prevent the battery from being stolen. The overall design is not too bulky and more convenient to remove and charge.

gril and Cyrusher XF900 electric fat tire bikeIn addition to the two kinds mentioned above of electric bicycle batteries, electric bicycles will use a dual battery system under the continuous technical support of the battery development process of electric bikes. One of the batteries configured in the dual-battery system of the electric bicycle is externally placed at the lower part of the bicycle seat tube and is generally connected to the central motor to pull the circuit line of the electric bike with a shorter cable. The other battery in the dual-battery system is built into the front frame of the e-bike, which distributes the weight of the battery evenly across the e-bike's front and rear axles. The two batteries are discharged alternately rather than simultaneously, giving the rider more fantastic range.

What Kind of Battery Is Best for Electric Bikes?

Where an e-bike battery is installed can affect how it looks and how far a rider can ride it. Considering which battery is best for an e-bike can be a challenge. A battery pack consists of individual cells, and many factors can affect the quality of a battery. A good battery can also perform poorly without proper maintenance.

The Cyrusher fat tire e-bike uses a lithium-ion battery. Lithium-ion batteries are light in weight and are the best choice for installation in e-bike sports vehicles. Lithium batteries are also more environmentally friendly and safe to use and can be easily recharged, with high energy density and high voltage. 

The battery is composed of relatively light materials such as aluminum and plastic. In most of the built-in battery designs, the battery's compact structure and the electric bicycle's frame design form a streamlined match. At the same time, lithium batteries use advanced technology to show more advantages in performance and weight than standard bicycle batteries.

Lithium-ion batteries are used better than most conventional batteries on the market. Lead-acid and alkaline batteries are also standard but compared to the weight of lead-acid batteries and the capacity of alkaline batteries to last. Lithium-ion batteries perform better for weight and endurance.

Lithium-ion batteries of Cyrusher electric bike

How Do the Two Different E-Bike Battery Types Store Power?

The most significant difference between the integrated battery of an electric bicycle and the central external battery is the difference in placement. It is much the same in the way that electricity is stored. Lithium-ion batteries are lightweight and easy to transport when you're out and about, so you don't need to worry about running out of power.

The central external battery is housed in a rugged case that keeps it safe and secure and can be recharged while charging.

The integrated battery is designed for easy transport, and there is a power port near the battery for the rider to connect to power when needed.

For example, Cyrusher Kommoda's e-bike is powered by a 48V 14Ah lithium-ion battery that can withstand 800 charges. When you need to store power for the electric bicycle, you can directly connect it to a socket on the integrated battery of the electric bike or take out the power supply of the lithium battery separately for charging, and the indicator light will typically display when the power is stored.

When a rider needs to go on a long e-bike journey, it's a good idea to carry an extra battery pack, which will not only help you avoid range anxiety.

If you already know the different types of integrated and external batteries, you can find a suitable spare battery pack for your e-bike by visiting our website. There are a variety of batteries to choose from. Choose the most ideal for your e-bike power system and capacity-compatible batteries.

For electric bicycles, the battery size conveys information about the capacity of the electric bike. In addition to the rider's weight, the bicycle's weight also affects the electric bicycle's mileage.

Like any other charging device, you can charge and discharge it a limited number of times. It is also possible to extend the life of the battery by doing a few things that are good for the battery life of the e-bike.

Don't let the e-bike battery run out of charge to recharge it. Riders may idle their e-bikes when winter comes, which will cause the e-bike battery to go into a dormant period, which will degrade the performance of the e-bike battery in the long run and affect its future performance, so it is necessary to keep the electric bike battery at 60% of the power stored.

couple riding Cyrusher electric fat tire bikeWhether a built-in or external battery, they exist as the core components of an electric bicycle and play a central and vital role in the regular operation of the electric bike.

The built-in battery allows the e-bike to be perfectly integrated with the frame with the advantage of compactness, and the external battery is easier to remove. With today's technology, we can't prevent the battery from being depleted a limited number of times and finally fulfilling its mission of powering the e-bike for several years. Still, we can protect the battery carefully and choose the battery that best matches the performance of the e-bike and the frame and mounting position.

The battery capacity of an electric bicycle with a built-in battery or an external battery is related to the riding distance but cannot stop the rider's enthusiasm for riding, the most wonderful thing about electric bikes is that they are an inclusive form of transportation that is not discriminated against by age and physical ability. Get out there, get active, and go anywhere with Cyrusher's best fat tire electric bike.

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