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What happens to your body when you ride a Cyrusher e-bike for half an hour daily?

Oct 26, 2022

Do you miss healthy activities like swimming? Have you been recuperating at home because of joint pain? Have you been forced to stay home due to the COVID-19 pandemic? Perhaps you’ve given up a lot.

Living in this contemporary society where life can be  fast-paced and stressful, it’s necessary to have good health. But how do we maintain a healthy lifestyle? This is not a very simple problem. Most people have trouble prioritizing  their health with other responsibilities. It involves making various plans and changes. It isn't easy to achieve without long-term persistence and correct practices, but I believe people can change. Never give up on one thing on the road to getting healthier: exercise.

With so many sports available, which one should we choose? I think most people already have a favorite sports hobby, but I'm still sharing a new and more popular way to exercise today: riding a Cyrusher e-bike! Let me remind you that it's an electric bike, not a traditional bike!

A woman riding an electric bike on the grass.-1027

Yes, as a new type of transportation electric bicycles are not just for sports but also for riding to and from work. Even when commuting,, it’s possible to improve your health. In a simulation experiment that studied traditional bicycles and electric bicycles, as long as people ride correctly, riding electric bicycles can also provide good exercise.

The research found that most people complete the journey faster on an e-bike than on a conventional bike, increasing the rider's breathing and heart rate for a meaningful workout. Riders wore timers, heart rate monitors and masks that measure oxygen consumption throughout the ride.

After the experiment, no surprise, the volunteers agreed that electric bicycles are better to ride and the researchers judged that electric bikes could achieve moderate exercise based on the heartbeat and breathing rate of the volunteers during the riding process. However, the effect of practice varies from person to person, vehicle and exercise time.

If you play any games or sports, you’ll know that players need high-end equipment for better output. The same is valid for riders. Cyrusher electric bikes are an excellent option for most cycling enthusiasts. So, what happens to our bodies if we ride a bicycle for half an hour every day?

  1. Enhance cardiopulmonary function

Cycling for half an hour a day can improve overall cardiovascular and lung function. Compared to those who are more sedentary, riders go outside every day for fresh air, natural scenery and fun. Raising the heart rate and exercising strengthens a person's heart muscle and reduces the likelihood of cardiovascular diseases such as high blood pressure, diabetes and various heart problems.

During the riding process, the heart rate changes due to the speed of the pedaling action and the terrain's ups and downs. The body needs to replenish nutrients and discharge wastes urgently, so the heart rate increases by 2-3 times more than usual.

The rider's heart muscle will be more developed than in ordinary people. The contraction of the heart muscle will be stronger and the elasticity of the blood vessel walls will be more substantial, thereby improving the respiratory function of the lungs.

Incorporating half an hour of cycling into your daily routine can positively affect your cardiorespiratory fitness, sometimes more so than medication. Your risk of dying from cardiovascular disease will decrease if you exercise consistently over the long term.

  1. Relieve anxiety and release stress

Another practical mental health benefit of cycling is relieving anxiety and stress. Riding an e-bike reduces the level of cortisol, a stress hormone, in the body which relaxes the body. It also promotes the release of happy endorphins to relieve stress.

  1. Lose weight

Long-distance running, swimming and cycling are recognized as the best aerobic activities. Of these three sports, cycling is the easiest and most fun. It has no time limit and no speed limit. If you get tired during the ride you can use the motor or P.A.S. to assist in maintaining a specific amount of exercise.

Cyrusher electric bikes have five levels of P.A.S., which are adjustable and riders can choose the level of P.A.S. according to their ability. People's physical strength and stamina improve as their metabolism and core strength improve.

If you want to lose weight and get in shape by cycling, then I recommend that your P.A.S. level is not set too high. Burning fat and losing weight depends on how hard you ride your bike. If you adjust the P.A.S. of the e-bike, the intensity also changes. Cycling helps us burn fat and also keeps us in shape.

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  1. Keep active

Cycling increases your blood flow and brings nutrients to your cells and the increased blood volume removes waste products and cellular debris from your bloodstream. Sweating can also eliminate the dirt that causes acne and other skin problems, promotes metabolism and has a certain anti-aging effect.

After cycling riders sleep more peacefully at night and are less likely to experience insomnia and difficulty falling asleep. Cycling can deepen sleep and improve itsquality. When you wake up, you’ll feel that your body has enough energy to start a new day.

Regular exercise can also prolong life. Studies have shown that regular cyclists can increase their life expectancy by an average of two years and their health will be comparable to being 10 years younger than their actual age.

  1. Improve Negative Emotions

Compared with other means of transportation, traveling on electric bicycles helps the rider move flexibly without being bothered by urban traffic and function in the best emotional state. . I believe that most people will feel very irritable if they’re stuck in traffic when driving to and from work; commuting on an electric bike is more fun than being stuck on the road.

Outdoor riding can make people feel good, broaden people's horizons, divert their attention from all kinds of negative emotions and regulate destructive emotions. When exercising, our bodies secrete hormones that can make us cheerful, happy, more energetic and confident. These can improve people's mental health and make people more comfortable.

  1. Muscle-Building Exercises

Cycling is an aerobic exercise that can stretch and exercise the muscles of the whole body, especially the legs, hips, lower back and shoulders, making the rider's body more muscular and robust.

Riding a bike every day ensures that the body's muscles are exercised, increasing glucose uptake into cells for energy. This increases the rate of metabolism in the body and improves circulation in the muscles and throughout the  body.

At the same time, compared with jogging and other sports, cycling has less impact on the lower limbs. This cannot only effectively exercise the muscles and joints of the lower limbs but also mobilize the muscles of the trunk and upper limbs.

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  1. Reduce the burden on joints

People with joint damage often choose to recuperate at home, believing that going out for activities will aggravate the condition. But this idea is wrong. Riding a bicycle actually promotes calcium absorption by the body and strengthens the bones.

For people with joint damage the standard frame is not a good choice. Cyrusher Kommoda's frame is perfect for short-stature riders and its step-through design makes it easy for people with limited mobility to get on and off.

  1. Boost brain activity

The results of modern sports medicine research have confirmed that exercising the musculoskeletal system with cycling can improve the regulation of the central nervous system. And, pedaling alternately with both legs can balance the development of the left and right brains and effectively prevent brain function decline.

Cycling can help the brain generate new brain cells in memory areas. Usually, these areas begin to degenerate gradually after the age of 30. Cycling can promote blood and oxygen flow to the brain and the activity regenerates nerve endings, thereby helping to prevent Alzheimer's disease.

The way to keep your brain young is to use it regularly. When you go out for a ride, you’ll look around and listen in all directions to see if there are obstacles aroundor if you’re passing through heavy traffic. During the riding process, it’s important to change the speed according to the terrain. Although these manipulations are elementary they keep the brain working and exercise the gray matter.

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Some tips

Correct riding posture: adjust the appropriate height of the seat cushion, lean forward slightly, straighten the arms, tighten the abdomen, adopt the abdominal breathing method, keep the knees and hips in coordination, do not swing the body from side to side and pay attention to the riding rhythm. In order to avoid physical injury, pay attention to this riding method.

While there are many positive outcomes to riding consistently, it all comes down to mastering the right way to ride. It takes 5-10 minutes to warm up before riding to prevent tissue damage due to sudden force. During riding, it’s necessary to drink water regularly to avoid dehydration. After riding do appropriate relaxation exercises to remove lactic acid and prevent muscle soreness and stiffness. In addition, avoid accidents by not riding when your mental state is poor and your concentration is not good.