Cyrusher Ovia First Look: Simple and Comfortable "Newborn" Step-through Electric Bike

Cyrusher Ovia First Look: Simple and Comfortable "Newborn" Step-through Electric Bike

Dec 04, 2022

In November 2022, the Cyrusher electric fat tire bike brand launched the new step-through electric bike Ovia. The new model further expands the powerful functions that have made the step-through fat tire electric bicycle successful and brings the outdoor mountain riding style closer to the city, becoming Cyrusher's most valuable step-through electric bike "fresher".

Cyrusher new ebike Ovia

What Is the New Point of the Ovia Step-through Electric Bicycle?

The abbreviation of Cyrusher Ovia comes from Spanish, referring to the meaning of "obvious." This word is always reminiscent of simple and easy to understand. This electric bicycle's spirit is a simple design, fun and easy to operate when riding. The overall design of Ovia embodies the main features of simplicity and comfort. This is also what makes  this step through frame electric fat tire bike shine to attract the attention of enthusiastic riders.

A few years ago, comfort and performance were considered mutually exclusive attributes. The Ovia carries over and upgrades some of the features of the brand's earlier electric mountain bike models. It sticks to using fat tires with grip and cushioning, comfortable front and rear suspension, a low step frame and an adjustable seat post.

Its latest features include a 52V 17Ah built-in battery, a colorful display, numerous LED headlights, individual tail lights for night lighting, hidden rear air shocks, stronger luggage racks and fenders. Full-suspension fat tire e-bikes are here to stay no matter the riding situation and with the newly designed Ovia e-bike, biking around town just got easier.

With a more user-friendly new design, Ovia attracts many urban residents and plays a vital role in the regional transportation system, especially when other transportation methods cannot be used. This is an important manifestation of the brand's exploration of progress and meeting customer needs. It also demonstrates Cyrusher's insistence on creating an outstanding global brand with the best value to meet the world's growing demand for electric bicycles.

Cyrusher Ovia ebike for sale

What Will the Unique Features Do for the Rider?

The transportation product industry is often full of surprising innovations, and Cyrusher was an early adopter of a number of stylish and innovative step-through electric fat bikes.

As e-bikes gain more and more interest among riders of all ages, more people are looking for smaller models of e-bikes. Get more utility and safety with this flexible step through frame.

With the research of the development team, we considered a variety of riding options to  meet the needs of urban commuting electric bicycles that can adapt to long-distance outdoor riding and leisure style.

Now, Ovia has emerged with both artistic value and functionality. The  brand's stepping frame undoubtedly brings consumers a more personalized and fashionable outdoor cycling lifestyle.

Stronger Than Ever

If words were needed to describe the Ovia full-suspension e-bike right now, harmony, simplicity, comfort, energy, endurance and greater excitement would fit together nicely. Ovia is an exciting extension of the brand's development of low-step small electric bicycles. It allows riders to ride to farther destinations and it changes the public's consumption patterns and living habits.

  • Ovia is Cyrusher's first step-through electric bike with a 52V built-in battery.

Larger battery packs provide people with better battery life. This bike is powered by a 52V 17Ah Samsung lithium-ion battery that can last 30-50 miles on a full charge. Ovia gets a longer battery life than Cyrusher Kommoda.

At the same time, the battery is built into the top tube frame which is safer and has more beautiful lines, making the product a more sensible choice. This reflects Cyrusher's response to customers' needs for products that offer longer-distance outdoor travel.

Cyrusher Ovia battery

  • The styling of the suspension has been upgraded with hidden rear air suspension.

As with most models from the past, the brand uses full suspension to absorb most of the vibrations that come with riding in rough terrain conditions. This minimizes fatigue so riders can ride faster, longer and more comfortably. The brand gives riders an extremely safe riding experience by reducing impact damage.

In addition to inheriting the high-quality motorcycle-style large suspension front fork, the new Ovia has upgraded the rear suspension. It has a hidden rear air suspension to increase comfort and versatility. This looks prettier and is more protective.

cyrusher electric bike suspension

Comfort is in the Details

Insisting on contributing to the details makes all the difference most of the time.

The new Ovia has made many changes to the small details of the configuration to enhance the overall riding experience. Updated rugged fenders are stronger, more durable and provide excellent coverage and protection. In addition, a more stable luggage rack with more loadbearing capacity is included.

  • Stronger rear frame design

Ovia's reinforced downtube creates a stronger frame. It forms a smoother design sense with the hidden rear air suspension which enhances the firmness of the rear frame. The new design of the rear frame is also an attempt made by the brand to respond to customer feedback on previous products, aiming to fully address  customer satisfaction. The e-bike has an upgraded crank for a tighter and smoother ride.

  • Pedals can be folded to save storage space

Step-through electric bikes are designed with a low frame and pedals. This design makes it easy for the rider to mount without raising their legs and allows for riding in an upright position. Ovia's pedals are designed to be foldable for more space when stored. Ovia's controllers are also placed around the pedal frame for easier replacement and maintenance.

  • Motorcycle-style LED headlights and individual taillights

The straddle electric fat bike also gets safety upgrades in lighting, including "Power Lighting" motorcycle-style LED headlights and individual rear lights for improved visibility. It has good handling on the street and is designed to tackle city landscapes and country roads.

  • Perfect combination of 20x 4-inch pattern fat tires and spoke reflectors

The Ovia runs on a smaller tire and has raised treads on the tires. This fat tire can adapt to bumpy and rough terrain environments such as those with snow and sand, improving cornering grip while balancing tire life. The reflectors on the tire spokes are designed to adapt to night riding to highlight the presence of the bike and, to a certain extent, obtain a safer riding experience.

Cyrusher Ovia step-through ebike detail

How Much Does Ovia Cost and is There a Style Option?

The latest starting price for the new Ovia low-step e-bike is $2,699. The Cyrusher Ovia comes in three color options: red, gray and white.

Due to the popularity of the previous step-thru, the brand made this new step-thru more unisex. It comes in a more neutral paint color so that it can be proudly ridden by all genders and ages or with other Cyrushers model pairings. Additionally, riders can customize the color of certain components, such as chains and handlebars, with color styles of their choice. For couples and the whole family, Ovia is an e-bike that looks good and looks great.

Cyrusher Ovia is currently available as of November 2022 and can be ordered via

Cyrusher Brand

Headquartered in China's Silicon Valley - Shenzhen, Cyrusher is a specialist global brand with distribution centers in the US, UK, France, Germany and Japan. The company is committed to meeting the growing worldwide demand for personal short-distance movement solutions by creating the coolest, most cost-effective products built with innovative design and green technology.

Branded bicycles are tested for international quality and comply with CE, UL, Rhos and FCC standards. The brand name is also registered and recognized in Australia, China, the European Union, Japan, Korea and the United States. At the same time, offline store trial ride services have been launched in many countries, such as the United States, the United Kingdom and France.

Electric bicycle products and brands have strengths in common. The Cyrusher brand is often chosen because it is creating more interesting electric bicycle products as it grows.

Cyrusher is ahead of the curve with  product innovation and international development. By introducing high-quality personal mobile products and thoughtful services, it builds the trust and support of customers with the sincerest attitude. Adhering to meticulous professionalism, unremitting efforts and persistence, the team will always provide high-quality products and considerate services to every customer who loves Cyrusher around the world.

 Cyrusher bikes team

If you are interested in Cyrusher electric bikes, you can find more information on Cyrusher at the link below.

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Phone: (800) 778-0116


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