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This is love: why do we fall in love with electric bikes?

Nov 08, 2022

Have you ever encountered hordes of cyclists on the road? Are you intimidated by your gas bill? During rush hour, how do you feel when you sit in your car and watch the power bikes come and go freely by the side of the road?

According to media reports, the Russian-Ukrainian conflict has led to soaring gasoline prices. In turn, this has increased the sales of power bikes in the United States by 15%with sales in the California region as high as 60%. Judging from the feedback from American power bike brands and dealers, the sales growth rate of power bikes has broken through historic records. At the same time, it has exceeded expectations even under the influence of social isolation factors during the epidemic.

Aside from rising fuel prices and the epidemic that has driven the market demand for power bikes, why do so many people buy electric fat bikes? After all, the cost of e-bikes is not a small number. Suffice it to say that an excellent electric bike doesn't come cheap.

Here are some of the reasons that sales are climbing:

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  1. Avoids being stuck on the road and unable to move

Obviously, this is one of the crucial factors driving people to commute on electric fat bikes. The size and weight of electric bicycles allow people to  move freely and flexibly during peak traffic hours. But it's worth noting that safety always comes first.

Take the Cyrusher Kommoda, the overall length is 5'4" and the overall weight is 74 pounds. In contrast, an average car weighs between 1.1 tons and 1.3 tons. When commuting during rush hour, car owners will be blocked by heavy traffic. The lightweight electric cycle is entirely free of that and riders can choose to traverse city trails to get home.

  1. Alleviates environmental problems

Since the start of this century, various environmental problems have continued to deteriorate the planet. The progress of industrialization in the United States has made the country significantly dependent of the automobile. By the end of the 19th century, the total industrial output value in the United States began to exceed the total agricultural output value.

With the development of industrial production and the surge in population, air pollution, water pollution, the greenhouse effect and noise pollution have continued to plague people everywhere.

The continuous deterioration of the environment makes people realize the necessity of low-carbon or carbon-free travel. And, the rapid economic development has increased people's awareness of environmental protection issues.

The state, social organizations and every individual should take responsibility for environmental issues. If you care about supporting green campaigns, you know that every electric fat bike has a small carbon footprint.

Cars use fossil fuels as power, while electric bicycles are powered by electricity which will not emit any harmful substances and cause environmental pollution. Lithium batteries can still be recycled.

  1. Ride with less effort

The most significant difference between electric and traditional bikes is the motor and pedaling power assist. People can ride with less effort and the journey is easy and enjoyable without sweating.

Some would say that cycling can be a more effective exercise. The power source of the bicycle mainly relies on the rider  which requires them to have a solid level of physical fitness to complete the journey. Still, the electric fat bike retains the frame structure of the bicycle and simply adds a motor. Riders can use pedal assist mode for quantitative workouts without damaging their legs, back and shoulders from prolonged pedaling.

  1. It is an economical means of transportation

Whether we’re talking about a gasoline or electric car, the owner must obtain a license and buy insurance. The insurance cost is not a small amount. Car owners also need to pay parking fees. Even though the state has been reining in the rise in fuel prices, the cost of gasoline continues to break records.

Fuel prices are currently above $4.50 a gallon in eight states, with California having a higher average of $5.86 a gallon.

The U.S. is a car-dependent country, with many people driving to commute to and from work and occasionally for leisure travel. But in the face of such expensive fuel prices, most people cannot keep relying on cars forever and people need to look for a new green and economical means of transportation - electric bicycles.

For example, choosing a quality product like the Cyruhser electric cycle is the perfect solution for commuting to work and for leisure travel. You'll know that electric cycles can also meet your daily needs and help you reach your destination on time. They arrive no slower than a car during rush hour and cost a fraction of the expense of using a vehicle. In fact, you can save at least a few hundred dollars a month compared to the cost of using your vehicle.

  1. Implementation of social distancing during the epidemic

Since the outbreak of the COVID-19 virus, countries have called on people to observe social and physical distancing. That  means maintaining an appropriate and safe distance between individuals to avoid contracting the virus. But although the epidemic has not yet been eliminated, people still need to go out to work. Public transportation has been restricted to prevent people  from crowding together.

For safety reasons, riding an electric cycle is the best way to practice social distancing. This is not as crowded as public transport as long as you ride alone. It's agile and fast, and while it's not as quick as a car, you won't get bogged down by heavy traffic.

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  1. People get to their destination faster and easier

Most commuters find that many factors prevent them from reaching their destination on time. This includes congested traffic, bad weather and limited public transportation. As mentioned above, the electric cycle won't get stuck on the road during rush hour and is powerful enough to fight bad weather.

When you have your e-bike, you don't have to worry about what time the bus will arrive at the station. You don't have to worry about being stuck in traffic and commuting and traveling are much more manageable.

For example, the Cyrusher XF900 is a powerful all-terrain electric fat tire bike. With its powerful motor, large battery, massive tires and full suspension design, it is a vehicle that combines power and beauty. It will perform well even in the rain or in low temperatures. Its high-capacity battery can meet your travel needs, giving riders a range of 20-62 miles.

Even if you want to travel for leisure or adventure, it has a motor powerful enough to get you going at high speeds and cruise effortlessly in assist mode. Its full-suspension design and massive tires add to the model's comfort and versatility. It doesn't have difficulty with impenetrable terrain or sloping grades and caters to the rider's every day or adventurous needs.

  1. Keeps up a moderate amount of exercise

Since the outbreak of COVID-19, a series of restrictions have followed, such as travel restrictions and social distancing. Medical experts urge us to stay physically and mentally healthy during lockdowns. Some people choose to exercise at home on a treadmill, but cycling is also a form of exercise that can keep your mind and body healthy.

The riding range of electric bicycles is more comprehensive; whether on urban roads or rough terrains such as forests, snow, deserts, etc., it can traverse smoothly. Go outdoors in your spare time, breathe fresh air, experience the pleasures of different scenery and expand your horizons through cycling. This is one of the main reasons why many people fall in love with electric bikes.

Given the various positive effects of riding an e-bike, riding can enhance your fitness and maintain a quantified amount of movement. Cyrusher has a wide range of e-bike styles with five pedal assist levels. You can adjust the different levels of pedal assist according to your riding needs or preferences. And, if you want a more intense ride you can change the pedal-assist to a lower mode. If you feel physically tired you can adjust to a higher level of pedal assist, saving the rider's physical strength and energy expenditure.

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  1. Expands your social circle

During the Covid-19 lockdown we could not go out to socialize and meet new people. However, riding an electric fat bike can expand your social reach.

You can use it to go to some cycling events. For instance, California hosts various outdoor cycling events every year where you can bring an electric bike to make new friends.

Many Cyrusher customers also form a group of owners who share their rides and cycling routes. You can find like-minded people and learn from their riding skills and knowledge.

As the social popularity of electric bicycles is becoming more and more widespread, the state also advocates for people to use them by offering some subsidies and constructing bicycle lanes. The more people use them, the more likely you will meet cycling groups on the road and make new friends. This will gradually expand your social circle.

In short, more and more people are falling in love with riding an electric bike because of its many benefits. Whatever your reasons for choosing an e-bike, it will provide you with a fun riding experience and meet the growing demand for unique short-distance exercise solutions.