How Reliable Are Electric Bikes Made in China?

How Reliable Are Electric Bikes Made in China?

Nov 06, 2022

The times call for green environmental solutions to protect the planet. The reliance on oil resources and the emission of fuel exhaust have become the main reasons for urban air pollution. A study of the mainstream use of electric bicycles in the academic journal Taylor & Francis states that electric bicycles are the largest and fastest vehicles using alternative fuels in the history of motorization. Electric bicycles use green energy which meets the needs of the green environmental protection revolution. In addition, they’re the best transportation product for low energy consumption and reduction of air pollution.

Manufacturers working in the new energy vehicle industry are rapidly producing these products and promoting them to  more and more people. The production and sales of electric bicycles in China has the strongest influence globally, followed by the Netherlands and Germany.

As we all know, China is a big manufacturing country. Most of the world's electric bicycle brands come from China. The manufacturers of Cyrusher electric fat tire bicycles are one of the recognizable producers. Many European and American electric bikes are also produced and assembled in China. Even world-renowned bicycle brands such as Merida and Trek have factories in China. Emerging electric bicycle companies such as Rad Power Bikes and Juiced Bikes also choose to produce electric bicycles in China.

It can be seen that, like any industry in the world, electric bicycle manufacturers from China are as trustworthy as electric bicycle manufacturers from other countries and regions. Made-in-China stuff is great if made to strict specifications with quality control.

Cyrusher step- through electric bike Kuattro

The Battle Over the Quality of Electric Bikes Made in China

Regarding the production place of electric bicycles, many people will ask questions such as: Are electric bicycles made in China good or not? Is the price worth it for most consumers?

In many western countries, a number of  bicycle enthusiasts have a prejudice against electric bicycle products made in China and are reluctant to trust manufacturers in various industries outside their own countries. They think the production quality control standards of Chinese factories are not strong. Most Chinese e-bike manufacturers strictly control the production of each e-bike to ensure that their products are safe and compliant with requirements.

If you want to see the truth about the production of electric bicycles in China, it’s better to try to experience it yourself instead of just listening to the false content that others want you to hear. Suppose you’ve been attempting to connect with Chinese electric bicycle manufacturers and can understand their capabilities firsthand. In that case, you must have seen that they insist on producing high-quality products with high standards and that China is fully capable of manufacturing high-quality electric bicycles.

China was once considered the "Kingdom of Bicycles." A lot of energy and effort goes into the manufacture and investment of the bike. Although in the early days, the West has begun to understand more about complex electric bicycle models and how they can  bring more convenience to the rider.

However, with the further development of the scientific and technological era, the innovation of installing electric drives on bicycles has been strengthened. The manufacturing technology of electric bikes in China has made breakthroughs that has allowed the manufacturing of electric bicycles in China to develop rapidly, providing people with a lifestyle of electric bicycle travel and even bringing products to the market around the world.

Electric bicycle manufacturers from China, such as Cyrusher, that aim to be global brands will never provide an electric bicycle to the world with cheap parts and poor production technology. The desire for long-term sustainable development will not allow them to do so.

Cyrusher electric bike kommoda man and woman

The Technical Background of Electric Bicycles in China

A high-quality e-bike relies on the following: motor, battery, tires, brakes, handlebar height and more components that make e-bikes great. Transitioning from building traditional bicycles to electric bicycles requires technical development and safety testing over a long period.

Based on the historic  expansion of electric bicycles in China, the industry generally agrees that there are three development stages: the initial stage of electric bikes, the initial stage of large-scale production and the stage of ramping up  development and production.

The earliest research on the four major components of electric bicycles, motors, batteries, chargers and controllers, has shown that critical technological breakthroughs  have provided key advancements. As a result,, the performance of electric bicycles has continuously improved and the production of electric bicycles has been greatly enhanced. Up to now, the manufacturing of electric bicycles in China has been developing at an excessive speed and the competition in the industry stimulates the upgrading of new technologies. For instance, the motor has developed from a toothed motor to a brushless high-speed motor. The batteries have also evolved from aluminum acid batteries to lithium and other types of high-performance batteries.

As you may know, Einstein and other scientists had also experienced numerous failures before they succeeded. Like their foreign counterparts producing electric bicycles, Chinese manufacturers aim to give riders a better ride experience. The Chinese bicycle industry has improved its electric motor manufacturing technology and stepped up to manufacture larger and faster high-capacity motors. Bicycles made in China will be more attractive to new riders and of better quality.

Not only in the production of the frame, but for batteries, motors, gears, handlebars, brakes and tires, most Chinese e-bike brands use world-renowned component configurations.

Take the Cyrusher XF900 electric mountain bike as a simple example. The configuration of Chinese electric fat tire bikes is not inferior to any similar brands.

  • Motor: Bafang is one of the most recognized Chinese motor manufacturers in the world of electric bicycles. Their motors are found in many e-bikes around the globe. The XF900 uses a 750W Bafang high-speed brushless motor with 1500W peak power and 80Nmde torque, allowing riders to cruise easily.
  • Battery:The Lithium-ion battery is the only battery proven to have the range required for electric bikes and still be lightweight. The XF900 uses a removable 48V 17 Ah Samsung Lithium-ion battery that can travel 20-62 miles on a full charge, making your riding journey convenient and enjoyable.
  • Safe Suspension:The motorcycle-style front shock-absorbing suspension with 110mm travel is preload adjustable. In addition, it’s equipped with a rear shock absorber for a safe and comfortable ride.
  • Tires:Cyrusher bicycles feature fat tires with Chaoyang puncture-resistant tires, capable enough to cope with different terrain environments in terms of tire quality.
  • Brakes:Tektro/Zoom front and rear hydraulic 160/180mm disc brakes provide riders with safe braking and a Shimano gearbox for easy shifting under different riding needs.


In the future, new explorations will be made to increase the fun and entertainment of riding so that more outdoor riding enthusiasts can get a unique experience. When ordinary electric bicycles are equipped with emerging intelligent technologies electric bikes made in China will also be high-end in the future.

Cyrusher XF900 electric trail bike -20221107

High-Quality Service and International Recognition Enhance Credibility

Before actually trying to buy an electric mountain bike made in China, many riders who love to ride will pay more attention to whether it has gained international recognition in terms of safety performance. In addition, the pros and cons of long-distance transportation and warranty services are also essential factors in improving the credibility of a Chinese electric bicycle brand.

International Certification - E-bike compliance with safety standards is the best guarantee for a pleasant ride. Cyrusher's bikes are tested for international quality and comply with CE, UL, Rhos and FCC standards. The brand is registered and recognized in Australia, China, the United Kingdom, Canada, Taiwan, the Philippines, Singapore, Thailand, Indonesia, Malaysia, European Union, Japan, South Korea and the United States. Over 6,000 riders in different countries and regions have recognized the quality and purchased it.

Warranty Period - High-quality e-bikes also come with different forms of warranties. Cyrusher offers a two-year bike warranty and a 1-year battery warranty. This allows ready access to obtain repairs for accidental damage to electric bicycles, improving the credibility of an electric bicycle from China.

Sales Services – There are easy-to-contact manufacturers and sales platforms for added peace of mind. Cyrusher has a professional pre-sale and after-sale service team and online contacts for consumers in different countries through the brand website and telephone contact. Communication is timely and effective. In addition, professional service teams in the United States, the United Kingdom and France, offline stores and trial riding services have been established, allowing consumers to truly experience the this high-quality electric bicycle brand from China.

Cyrusher electric bike American team -20221107

All in all, there’s a huge market for electric bicycles made in China. There are enough safety risk tests and performance evaluations and they are trustworthy. As a Chinese brand of electric bicycles for eight years, Cyrusher will continue to move forward to ensure that it meets the needs of consumers in terms of safety, performance and appearance design so that every rider can enjoy riding happily.

If you are interested in Cyrusher electric bikes, you can find more information on Cyrusher at the link below.

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