Nov 06, 2022

About Quick Release

Many riders noticed that the quick release of the front wheel was replaced with a solid axle recently.

Receiving a new ebike may be a hassle that requires assembly, especially for many novice riders. Cyrusher has taken this into consideration. 90% of all the Cyrusher ebike are already assembled. At the same time, we have adopted quick release so everyone can get started faster.

A front wheel quick release is a device that allows you to quickly and easily remove your front wheel from your ebike. This can be helpful if you need to transport your bike in a car or if you need to make repairs. 

Although the quick release is very convenient, there are some security risks in frequent use; therefore, Cyrusher upgraded the quick release to a safe solid axle for Cyrusher riders.


What is The Solid Axle?

Cyrusher Solid Axle

The appearance of the solid axle is inseparable from the cycling competition, which was in the early 2000s; during races, quick release axles began bending and breaking.

As axle failures grew more and more common in downhill mountain biking, it became evident that a more robust axle design was needed. So the solid axle was invented.

The solid axle was made thicker so it wouldn't bend or break under stress. The dropouts were redesigned with holes so the wheel couldn't detach. Solid axle bolts the fork legs together to reduce fork torsion from braking and uneven suspension loading. This creates a much stiffer front end, which improves handling and stability. The more robust design improves safety as well.

These days, quick release axles have pretty much been replaced by solid axle in competitive mountain biking. Road cyclists are in the process of adopting the technology as well.


Why Do We Choose Solid Axle?

  1. Solid axles are safer.
  2. Solid axles reduce brake rotor rub and improve the braking force.
  3. Solid axles don't bend or break under heavy stress.
  4. Solid axles prevent disc brakes from ejecting the wheels.
  5. Solid axles improve handling, cornering, and stability by stiffening the front end of the bike.
  6. Solid axles prevent fork fatigue and failure.
  7. More consistent wheel alignment when removing and replacing the wheel.
  8. Solid axles are more modern.


Cyrusher has upgraded the solid axles to provide more riders with a reassuring riding experience.