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How to maximize the riding range of an electric bike?

Nov 05, 2022

You can be satisfied with the distance you currently ride, but sometimes you want to go to another destination that’s further away. Long rides are common in the electric bike world. This way, you can ride farther and reach places you haven't seen before. You can broaden your horizons or become healthier.

However, as powerful and long-range as e-bikes like the Cyrusher XF900 are, long rides require a certain amount of skill. So, how do you take full advantage of the riding range of an electric bike? It takes a certain amount of skill, physical strength and willpower. Fortunately, this article teaches you everything you need to know about maximizing your riding distance.

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  1. Check the battery capacity

The battery is one of the essential elements of an e-bike and one of the most expensive components. It determines the vehicle's range, speed and power so it plays one of the most critical roles in riding distance.

Before riding, we must check whether the battery is at its full capacity. Sufficient power is essential for long-distance riding and the trick to help the rider extend the riding range of the electric bike.

The XF900 is powered by a removable 48V 17AH Samsung Lithium battery that can travel 20-62 miles on a full charge. It can take you wherever you want, no matter how adventurous your idea is. Cyrusher adds an easy-to-use USB charging port to the battery to charge your phone or G.P.S.

  1. Use the correct riding mode

We all know that electric bicycles retain the frame structure of traditional bikes and still use pedals. Electric bicycles on the market have three riding modes: full throttle mode, pedal-assist mode and full pedal mode. When you ride, you should use the most suitable riding mode. The correct method will not only help you go further but also extend the life of the components.

If you’ve been riding in full throttle mode then the battery needs to release more energy to the motor to ensure the power and speed of the motor. This practice puts a lot of stress on both the battery and the motor, especially when riding on hilly, steep or uphill terrain. This will have an impact on the service life of the battery and motor.

If the motor keeps running at high speed when you continuously go uphill the controller will turn on the self-protection function at this time − that is, power off. This affects the personal safety of the rider and the longevity of the e-bike.

However, if you use pedal assist mode frequently while riding it will reduce the consumption of battery energy and prolong the life of the battery and motor. Try to  use pedal assist when you can. Although riding without full throttle mode is easy and labor-saving, pedal assist mode allows us to maintain a level of physical exercise that can help riders enhance physical fitness or lose weight.

Selecting the correct riding mode maximizes battery efficiency and protects the battery and motor. If you want to extend the distance of your e-bike you'd be better off balancing the two methods when you ride. Use the motor and P.A.S. assist correctly according to your riding needs and road conditions.

  1. Start slowly

As mentioned above, the full-throttle mode saves effort but consumes considerable battery power. If you go too fast on an electric fat tire bike you're  draining your energy and battery quickly. The same goes for the throttle. Choosing the right speed is very important for long rides. In the first third of the road you can reasonably use P.A.S. assist and throttle acceleration to ensure you ride comfortably.

Electric fat bikes like the Cyrusher have a 7-speed shifting system and 5 levels of pedal assist. You can find a comfortable pedaling rhythm that matches your speed based on your riding conditions and physical strength. For example, you can switch to a smaller gear when driving at high speed and a larger gear when riding uphill.

Combined with the pedal assist system, you can adjust the right speed to achieve your journey. Once you become used to it you can assess the current state and whether you want to pick up the pace. The half-twist throttle allows you to accelerate on the bike more conveniently and safely. This acceleration method prevents riders from accidentally rushing out and improves riding safety.

  1. Proper tire pressure

Tires are one of the most critical factors that are easily overlooked. As one of the crucial components of the bicycle, of necessity, they have an impact on long-distance riding.

Suppose the tire pressure of the electric bicycle is too small. In that case, it will increase the driving resistance when riding and it will also increase the power consumption of the electric bike. When the tire pressure is too high the tire becomes hard, reducing the comfort and puncture resistance of the tire, thereby reducing the tire's service life.

Therefore, we must ensure that the tire pressure of the electric fat tire bike is within a reasonable range before riding.

How to judge if a tire needs to be inflated? The easiest way to do this is to press on the tire with your hand; if it deforms visibly, the tire pressure needs to be raised. You can use a tire pressure monitor if you want the most accurate values. If the value is lower than the standard value you can use an air pump to inflate. Manufacturers will print the tire pressure within the normal range on the outside of the tire, and you can compare whether the tire pressure is within the normal range based on this.

In addition to checking the tire pressure value, we should always check the tire valve core to make sure there’s no air leakage. During the long-term driving of electric fat tire bikes gravel or other foreign objects will inevitably be embedded in the grooves of the tire tread which will accelerate the wear and tear of the tires. In severe cases the tires may be deformed and riding safety may be affected. Therefore, use tools to clean foreign objects out of the grooves immediately  after the ride.

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  1. Choose the right clothes

Quality professional cycling jerseys can be expensive but well worth it. When riding outdoors wearing cycling clothes makes riding more comfortable and protective. In summer choose light, sweat-absorbing, breathable, washable and quick-drying fabrics. In cold winters you must choose materials with good thermal properties.

The proper clothing can make a huge difference in your riding comfort in all weather. If you’re comfortable during the ride you’re more likely to ride farther. Staying in a good mood also has some positive effects on long rides.

These actions can help the rider maximize the distance they ride, so what do we need to remember about physical strength and willpower?

Don't go over the limit!

Not only do you burn carbs while riding but you also burn fat. Your physical strength will slowly wear off as you ride. So, another piece of advice is not to exceed your limits. Cycling can tap energy reserves and drain your physical strength. If you've been riding an electric mountain bike for too long until you start to feel it in your body, it's probably too late.

If the ride is long you’ll also need to bring something to eat and drink. It's a good idea to prepare foods that can quickly restore energy, such as nuts, chocolate and protein bars. You can also carry some handy fruits such as bananas, apples and grapes. These fruits can be quickly absorbed by the body and have a good effect on relieving fatigue.

It’s recommended that you bring electrolyte drinks with you. We lose a lot of fluids due to sweating during the ride. This drink can help riders quickly replenish the body's fluids and relieve fatigue.

These foods help us recover quickly.  Youcan stop and rest halfway through the journey. Take a short break to achieve a more distant goal.

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Stay focused

As said at the outset, skill, physical strength and concentration are essential factors for success on long rides. It can be difficult to focus on one thing for a long time. So, during the ride, we must remind ourselves of the reason, purpose and expected result of doing it.

Focus on the joyous process and try not to dwell on the negative. You can try to ignore the discomfort, stay in the moment, remember  your end goal and tell yourself that that moment will be fulfilling.

Learn to optimize your goals

Often, we set a goal that may take us in a general direction. As time goes by, you may feel that the final destination is unachievable despite your practice. It’s better to strategically  divide a big goal into some intermediate goals.

Just like a runner running a marathon, you may feel that the final goal is challenging to achieve and cannot be reached. Participants may give up halfway. But if we divide the marathon into segments, the sense of accomplishment when you accomplish one small goal encourages you to achieve the rest.

The same goes for long rides. If you set a long-range goal then divide it into some intermediate goals that you can complete  along the way, you will improve your focus.


Now you know how to maximize your e-bike distance. Skill, physical strength and willpower are all crucial factors in achieving long rides and ignoring one may make your long rides challenging.