How Can I Safely Store My Electric Bike?

How Can I Safely Store My Electric Bike?

Nov 04, 2022

The popularity of electric bicycles has continued to rise in recent years. A proposed federal bill in the U.S. would provide a 30 percent refundable tax credit to Americans who buy pedal-assist bicycles. This advocacy is a reminder that electric bicycles are an emerging form of transportation that can contribute to saving the planet. California has also introduced a state-level e-bike affordability bill to encourage the purchase of e-bikes as a means of reducing traffic and reducing air, water and noise pollution, and helping Californians get more active.

These policies and the awareness of eco-friendly travel are driving accelerated growth and dramatic changes in e-bikes. Altering the landscape of road traffic, with e-bikes now becoming a fixture in commuter transportation, is a sign that we’ll start to see more Infrastructure for parking e-bikes.

Whether you're riding long distances sightseeing around town or travelling long distances at high speeds through the woods, when you want to store your e-bike you should learn how to store your precious e-bike safely and adequately.

As a professional electric mountain brand, Cyrusher provides some solutions for riders to properly store their e-bikes. This gives you more peace of mind when storing e-bikes and related accessories.

What Should I Consider Before Storing My E-Bike?

Even though an e-bike is made for activity, this lifestyle-changing machine may not be ridden for periods of time. E-bikes that are not being used for a while must be stored somewhere. Some riders store their e-bikes exposed outdoors, either against a wall or locked to a fence, which is not a good idea for precious e-bikes.

Winter is coming and for most riders the frequency that they use their electric bicycles will be significantly reduced. Poor storage that exposes it to extremely cold weather will potentially damage components such as the battery, motor and frame and shortening the lifespan of the e-bike. On top of that, any damage to any of these components will require expensive repairs to restore normal riding. So, here are some things to think about before safely storing your electric fat bike:

  • The ambient temperature where the electric bicycle is parked.
  • The neatness of the storage space.
  • Electric mountain bike battery power.
  • The weight of the electric bike.
  • Whether the parking environment is safe.

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Choice of Storage Space: Indoor or Outdoor?

Electric bicycles, like cars, require a dedicated parking space. Ideal storage spaces for e-bikes are in a garage, shed or apartment. Taking into account that riders have  different spaces available, there are also different methods for indoor and outdoor storage of electric bicycles. These include floor racks, wall mounts, ceiling pulleys and waterproof covers.

Do you ride often? -- If you use your e-bike daily, storing it in an easily accessible area is the best option.

Living space is limited - If storing in an apartment is inconvenient, a bike rack outdoors with strong locks and waterproof covers is recommended. Or, if there isn't enough space to store your e-bike, sturdy wall mounts and ceiling pulleys are ideal for safely hanging your bike and wall-mounted storage for e-bikes also brings more flexibility.

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How Should Electric Bikes Be Stored in Outdoor Environments (Garages, Sheds)?

When riders take their e-bikes outdoors or have a more expansive space for e-bikes, they might choose to have them in a garage, yard or shed. When storing in an outdoor environment ensure your outdoor temperature is moderate enough for your electric mountain bike. The ideal storage temperature for e-bikes is between 32º and 68º, between freezing and room temperature.

Store Your E-Bike Correctly in the Garage

E-bike riders whose homes are equipped with a garage can park it in the garage in the following ways, depending on how spacious the garage is and its condition.

Floor Stand

If you have a garage suitable for parking your bikes you can design a rack for your beloved electric trail bike or buy a floor rack that fits your home e-bike space. Most importantly, make sure that the size range of the floor stand matches your tire size. Cyrusher XF900 tires are 26 x 4 inches while Kommoda's are 20 x 4 inches. A fixed floor stand allows you to push the front wheel into the stand and secure it with a pole.

When using a floor stand to store your e-bike in the garage for an extended period make sure nothing obstructs the stand so you can access your e-bike easily.

Wall Mounted in the Garage or Shed

When parking your vehicle on the floor space may be cramped. To save floor space you might consider using a suspended ceiling pulley or wall-mounted configuration to store your e-bike.

If your e-bike weighs between 60 and 100 lbs, like the Cyrusher Electric Fat Tire Electric Bike XF800 which weighs 66 lbs without the battery, and you don't have enough floor space in your garage it's best to use ceiling pulleys. Generally, the ceiling mounts are a set of hooks on a pulley system. As long as the e-bike doesn't hang over your car, you can use a manual or electric crank to lift it from the floor to the ceiling..

Try to avoid stacking debris in the garage and add a waterproof cover to effectively protect waste and other particles in the garage from entering the components. At the same time, it’s necessary to do a proper inspection after riding in the rain to shield the electric bicycle from rain erosion and rust. Storing e-bikes in exposed weather conditions can cause permanent damage to e-bike components through rusting or freezing. Finding a cool dry environment for storage is a basic principle that cannot be ignored.

Improperly installed sheds that are used for storage may attract the attention of burglars who may even tear the shed down. Therefore, it’s important to install strong anti-theft hinges and buckles on the shed and it’s a good idea to install alarms and lighting in a shed where electric bikes are stored at night.

Find a Dedicated E-Bike Parking Spot

When a rider uses an e-bike to commute, they should look for a good spot where the e-bike can be parked. It’s necessary to pay attention to the surroundings. Try to park the electric bicycle near a densely populated area, secure the  bicycle frame safely and set up anti-theft devices. Keep in mind that the more expensive the lock, the more likely a thief will guess that something of value is locked up. Cyrusher Kommoda and Kuattro use a battery pack built into the frame that locks the battery nicely to prevent battery theft when in storage. If it’s raining, put a rain cover on your electric bike to avoid the rain from getting on the motor and its various components.

How are E-bikes Properly Stored in an Indoor Environment (Apartment)?

Store Directly on The Apartment Floor

If you live in an apartment you can store your bike indoors on the floor of your apartment. However, the indoor environment also generates more dust and other household items or obstacles might be in the way. So, to keep your e-bike safe and protect it from dust you can put a covering on your beloved e-mountain bike such as an old sheet that will no longer be used.

Wall-Mounted Storage on the Side of the Wall

If there’s a wall in your apartment that’s suitable for mounting an e-bike, a wall-mounted pendant is a good option. When installing a wall-mounted device, it’s necessary to consider the weight and tire width of an electric bicycle so that the space of the apartment can be maximized. Also, don’t use a wall mount to store your e-bike in your apartment if the bike weighs more than 65 pounds.

Do My E-bike Batteries Need to Be Stored Separately?

The body and battery of an e-bike need to be kept separate, and ensure the charger is turned off and kept in a cool dry place.

Electric bikes have many different types of batteries. The battery used to power the Cyrusher ebike is a lithium-ion battery. Lithium-ion batteries shouldn’t be stored with their charge fully depleted. Leaving a fully charged battery with an e-bike for extended periods may cause the battery to depreciate over time. If you’re using a lithium-ion battery please ensure that it has 50%-80% power during storage to ensure that the battery can be in the best condition for a long time. Check the number of times the battery is used every month and keep it away from heat and humidity to help prolong the battery's life.

E-bikes Need Careful Cleaning Before and After Storage

If you're riding more often in winter when salt is used on the roads, keep the bike clean to prevent corrosion of the components. Don't use high-pressure cleaners and be extra careful around cleaning the motor. Like all traditional bicycles, electric bicycles are especially prone to rust when the chain is wet. Make sure that the chain is lubricated regularly. Other components must be regularly checked for looseness, even if the cleaning is done protected. When the electric bicycle is stored for a long time and then ridden again, it's also necessary to check the tire pressure to be sure that there’s enough air pressure to carry you forward.

step-through electric bike Kuattro

Electric bicycles are precious treasures for riders to enjoy life and it’s necessary to know how to store electric bicycles properly. In addition to following some of the above tips for indoor and outdoor storage, you can get better advice from an online community or by contacting Cyrusher's professional e-bike brand service personnel. Cyrusher ebike has set up offline stores in the United States and the United Kingdom. Professional service staff will provide detailed advice on electric fat tire bikes to make your riding journey smoother and longer.

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