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Why do people choose Cyrusher?

Nov 10, 2022

In recent years, Cyrusher has grown from a small company selling bicycle parts in China to a global enterprise selling high-performance electric bicycles. With offices in four countries and online sales in more than 10 countries around the world, it serves over 60,000 happy riders and counting.

Why do riders worldwide choose the Cyrusher e-bike? What are the advantages of the brand that attract users?

1. Rich experience in the industry

The brand was established in 2014 and is headquartered in Shenzhen, China. The founder started selling reasonably priced bike parts online, discovered there was a lot of excitement about quality bikes made in China. Knowing that electric cycles are the future of personal transportation, they started selling them online in 2015.

While selling electric cycles is somewhat complicated internationally and has some challenges regarding reliance on suppliers and critical businesses, that hasn't knocked Cyrusher down. Recalling the reasons and ultimate goal of starting the company in the first place, founder Harry Xie hoped the desire to bring high-quality compelling electric cycles to riders at an affordable price. He firmly believes that the growing global demand for e-bikes can be met by creating an excellent e-bike brand with the best value.

They have been shipping unique electric bikes for eight years. The brand has been rewarded with steadily increasing sales and positive customer reviews in just a few short years, thanks to its resourcefulness, perseverance and hard work.

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2. Have their own factory

In 2017 the brand opened its factory to start manufacturing its electric bikes and future motor vehicles. The company-owned factory can determine the quality and environment of production. This means that it is not prone to product quality control problems and can provide customers with high-quality services.

The advantage the company-owned has factory lies in controlling the supply chain, mastering the progress of production, responding to production problems and making adjustments on time to avoid the bad experience of untimely delivery. At the same time, R&D technology can be applied to manufacturing to reduce production costs.

The brand's bikes are tested for international quality and comply with C.E., U.L., Rhos and F.C.C. standards. The Cyrusher brand name is registered and recognized in Australia, China, United Kingdom, Canada, the E.U., Japan, Korea and the U.S.

As evidenced by the Kommoda, which was designed to get smaller riders and people with limited mobility back into cycling, the brand actively listens to its customers and offers people options for their loved ones. This vehicle pairs perfectly with other larger Cyrusher models.

3. Close to customer service

The brand has fulfillment centers and showrooms in China, France, Germany, Japan, Canada, the U.K. and the U.S. To bring bikes closer to more riders and provide customers with a better experience, the brand has opened offline bike shops in the U.K. and U.S., where customers can test-ride the bikes and experience the product's performance.

In addition, it has opened a localized logistics and installation service in France to solve the "last mile" problem and provide customers with a higher-quality delivery service.

The service is carried out by Cyrusher's local team in France using trucks with contact details for the brand website and the team. This service model selects the optimal route based on the customer's delivery address, enabling fast shipping and efficient product delivery.

The trucks of the local French team provide mobile transportation and distribution. Furthermore, staff members can communicate more directly with customers and demonstrate  the relevant performance of electric bicycles. This mobile service can meet the needs of customers in different regions. If you need repairs, you can call the local team in France to ask for repairs and solve any problems you have.

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Cyrusher has cultivated a professional pre-sales Q&A and after-sales service team as a reputable electric bicycle brand. You can contact staff through the phone and via the customer support link on the official website.

They have a wealth of electric cycle knowledge and can provide riders with the most detailed answers and solutions regarding issues such as component usage and troubleshooting. The service team is online 24 hours a day and if you have any technical problems, you can contact them for help.

It's not just these advantages that attract users to the Cyrusher; the electric fat bikes it produces are one of the company's critical success factors.

Three characteristics

  1. Puncture-resistant fat tires: They can tackle any terrain. Not only do they add more traction and stability, but they also attracted a lot of attention.
  2. Colored rims: If fat tires don't impress you, what about brightly colored rims that match the frame? Unlike the usual black and white ones, the brand's products are eye-catching. Get ready to be the center of attention in the crowd wherever you go!
  3. Suspension: Cyrusher bikes are powerful machines that deliver significant power without forgetting to design for comfort. The full-suspension frame absorbs the shocks of your wildest adventures.

High-end components

Powerful Bafang Motor

The motor is the core part of the electric bicycle and the source of power. Its performance directly affects the ability and economy of electric bikes. Some electric bicycles on the market are cheap. One of the main reasons is that manufacturers use unbranded and inferior motors which reduces the production cost of electric bikes.

Poor-quality motors have significant power losses and are prone to overheat. The possibility of motor burnout is significantly increased with long-term use, risking the rider's life in severe cases. Therefore, it is necessary to use motors from internationally-renowned brands. Products of well-known brands have undergone strict quality testing before leaving the factory and provide good warranty services.

Some inferior and unlicensed motors cannot be traced after damage and it isn't easy to provide a warranty. In this case, the rider can only try to repair or replace the motor in total. This is difficult to do and the whole vehicle is more likely to be scrapped.

Common internationally-renowned motor brands include Mitsubishi, Siemens, Bafang, Shimano, etc. Cyrusher uses a Bafang motor and most models can reach the power of 750W, providing riders with a high-speed exciting experience.

Safe hydraulic disc brakes

Cyrusher bicycles use hydraulic disc brakes to ensure driving safety. Compared with mechanical brakes, hydraulic brakes have a simple and compact structure, wear evenly on the friction pads, dissipate heat faster and, at the same time, have stronger sensitivity and braking performance.

Therefore, hydraulic disc brakes are more expensive than mechanical brakes. The model is also equipped with different types of suspension systems, which increase the comfort and versatility of the model.

Other durable components

All Cyrusher e-bikes come with a 5-level pedal assist system and a Shimano drivetrain. Riders can adjust the pedal assist and gear size according to actual conditions. By switching to larger gears when going uphill, switching to small gears when driving at high speed and combining this with the pedal assist mode, the rider can better control the driving speed and power.

The controls are simple to operate and provide the rider with all the information they need at the push of three buttons. The data is displayed and easy to read. This can better help you understand the data of the bicycle, including pedal assist level, current speed, mileage, battery capacity, etc. The brand is  also equipped with headlights, electronic horns and half-twist throttle acceleration to improve riding safety.

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Variety of electric fat tire bikes

Cyrusher has always made bikes that look great and are fun to ride. Whether you want to travel through the mountains or the urban jungle, they can go anywhere and meet your different needs.

In addition to the entry-level Cyrusher Rider that is more suitable for beginners there are also options for mountain adventurers, such as the XF800 and XF900. They're a full-suspension electric fat-tire bike with plenty of power and there is no  terrain and tricky slope they can't traverse.

To satisfy riders with limited storage who want to buy an electric cycle, the brand has launched the XF690 Maxs and Bandit. The brand has also introduced two step-through electric bikes with riders of different sizes and heights in mind: the Kommoda and the Kuattro. A step-through frame helps people of all sizes and mobility levels have an active new lifestyle.

In addition to the appeal of high-quality e-bikes, a reliable warranty service is essential to the brand's success.

The warranty service is a necessary factor to consider that  distinguishes the quality of a product. If the product does not have reasonable after-sales service and warranty coverage, users will question the quality of the product.

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Some bike makers on the market offer a one-year warranty and others only provide a few months, Cyrusher offers customers a 2-year warrant on the bike and a 1-year warranty on the battery.

The brand has been providing customers with a first-class service experience and actively listening to customers to give customers a new riding experience. Its mission is to create the most cost-effective products through innovative design and green technology to meet the growing global demand for unique short-distance sports solutions.

Cyrusher doesn't stop there. It’s committed to meeting the needs of its customers now and in the future and will continue to explore new ways to improve the customer experience.