Can I Ride a Cyrusher Electric Bike in the Rain?

Can I Ride a Cyrusher Electric Bike in the Rain?

Nov 13, 2022

With the advent of winter, some areas may frequently experience rainy weather . So, riders who love outdoor riding on electric mountain bikes have to think about these questions: Can I ride my electric bike in the rain? Are they waterproof? In the rainy season many riders face sudden downpours that spoil their e-bike rides, or cause worry about the failure of expensive electric drive components.

After a high-quality electric bicycle has been certified by numerous safety tests, there is no problem in riding an electric bicycle in the cold winter and rainy weather. A Cyrusher electric fat tire bike can ride safely and stably in all-terrain environments, going through snow, swamp and sand. The electric components are manufactured according to international waterproof standards, sturdy enough to withstand drizzle and snowy weather. This article will have some great tips on how to keep your bike safe in wet climates. Try to follow the relevant guidelines to avoid malfunctions caused by sudden heavy rain.

Cyrusher XF650 hard-tail ebike rain

Some Road Safety Tips for Riding an Electric Bike in the Rain:

Safety is as simple as following the ABCs − always be careful. Here's everything you need to do to keep your fellow passengers and yourself safe during a cycling trip in the rain or while commuting on city roads:

  • Check your vehicle braking system
  • Pay close attention to the weather forecast
  • Prepare rain gear before departure
  • Ride slowly
  • Keep the light on
  • Keep a minimum safe distance
  • Avoid off-roading
  • If the weather deteriorates, please take a break
  • Carry an emergency kit

How to Judge the Waterproofness of Electric Bicycles?

Electric mountain bikes are perfect for adventurous rides on sunny days in mountainous and hilly areas. But the weather is unpredictable. When riding electric bicycles you may also experience  a sudden rain storm. With the improvement of technology and manufacturing processes, electronic devices such as smartphones, drones, cameras, etc. have become more waterproof, as has the power system of electric bicycles. Significant progress has been made in waterproof protection. Therefore, most electric bikes are waterproof.

The battery and motor of the electric bike are highly waterproof, robust and perfectly sealed so they can be used in any weather conditions without damaging the electronics. This means you can ride your e-bike in the rain without damaging the battery.

Having said that, every e-bike and its associated components have different quality standards and tolerances for wet environments. You can ride your e-bike in the drizzle but can't drive your best electric commuter bike through puddles and heavy rain. Electric mountain bikes are rainproof, but the related components of the electric bike are not rainproof. They are just safely enclosed in a shell. The mechanical housing of the battery and motor has a degree of water resistance to protect the electrical equipment inside, but it doesn't mean you can submerge your precious e-bike in water.

Electric bicycles' power components are strictly tested against international standard grades during manufacture and production. The IP grade is the protection grade the electrical equipment casing offers against the intrusion of foreign objects. For example, the batteries of various types of electric bicycles launched by Cyrusher are IP65 waterproof. The first number indicates the contact protection and foreign object protection level, and the second number indicates the waterproof protection level. In other words, 6 indicates it completely prevents dust from entering while 5 confirms that a low-pressure jet of water at any angle does no harm.

Therefore, in cold and rainy weather you can have a Cyrusher electric bicycle with dust and rain protection standards. One example is the Kommada step-through electric mountain bike that is equipped with full suspension and fat tires, making it safer and more stable to ride in the rain. A small amount of rain that splashes and splatters is not a problem as long as the rider can wipe off moisture and complete any maintenance right away after riding in the rain.

Cyrusher kommoda ebike man riding

How Should an Electric Mountain Bike Ride Properly in the Rain?

Even people walking on slippery roads have to be careful. There is more uncertainty about riding an electric bike powered by electricity on the road. So, how should riders ride properly in the rain to give themselves more control over their e-bikes and stay safe?

Take Precautions

Before using an electric bicycle, check the weather forecast and take precautions against rain. Get your rain gear ready for riding. Cyrusher's range of e-bikes are packed with features that can help overcome most riding conditions, including rain. They can be used in all-terrain environments and are equipped with puncture-resistant Chaoyang fat tires, fenders, hydraulic disc brakes, etc.

When you want to go on a more extended road cycling trip, a pannier bag that can store electronic devices such as mobile phones and related rain gear is very useful. Whether you're using your e-bike for commuting to do your shopping or riding along a field trail, it's a good idea to install a fender that protects your bike from rain and debris. This will stop too much rain from damaging the motor. These features, combined with premium construction, will help you easily handle harsh weather conditions. Practical fenders come as a freebie when you choose to own a Cyrusher e-bike.

Also, riding in the rain means poor visibility. When riding in bad rain on the road, you need a light that can illuminate the road and a good tail light for braking. The Cyrusher Bandit is equipped with a high-quality lumen LED headlight. Plus, the reflector is installed at the bike's spokes, bringing light to the riding environment with low visibility and allowing other vehicles on the same road to see you readily.

Cyrusher e-bike helmet pannier bag

Avoid Riding in Extreme Rainfall Conditions

It is easy to feel uncomfortable when riding in heavy rain, and you need to pay attention to  safety with traffic on the roads. If you experience heavy rainfall while riding on the road, it can make you and your beloved e-bike wet and uncomfortable for a short period. Please try to avoid putting yourself and your electric bicycle in such an environment Instead, find shelter from the rain and do not ride.

Ride according to rainfall conditions. When riding an e-bike in drizzle or on wet surfaces, its brakes are critical to the rider's safety. The Cyrusher XF900 all-terrain electric mountain bike is equipped with a Tektro/Zoom anti-skid brake handle with a motor cut-off switch and front and rear 160/180mm hydraulic disc brakes. This ensures safe and efficient braking. One caveat is that even if effective braking can help you stop safely, when riding in the rain you must slow down and be prepared to brake early to avoid slipping.

Do Not Ride at High Speed (Off-Road)

If you still feel like being alive is a gift, don't try to ride an electric mountain bike through steep hills at high speed off-road in rainy weather. In drizzle and wet conditions, the cycle pedals can become slippery and your feet will tend to slip off during high-speed riding. In addition, even weather-resistant tires, such as fat tires with large widths, cannot provide good enough traction for riding e-bikes at a high-speed on slippery roads.

Also, when riding in the rain it is vital to be cautious during turns. Watch out for traffic coming and going in all directions. It's best to slow down more than usual while keeping your tires in solid contact with the ground. This gives you maximum control over your electric bike.

Important: After Riding, Dry the Electrical Components Right Away and Check Whether the Parts Have Entered the Water

An electric bike accumulates some moisture and dampness after being out in the rain. This attracts more dirt and can make your chain look dirty.

After riding in the rain, do not leave the electric bicycle in a wet state and be sure to dry the water of the electric bicycle right away. In particular, water in the cable routing and bushings of electrical components can corrode cables, brakes and transmission parts. Make sure no moisture remains. Once the water is completely gone, add lubricating oil to maintain the integrity of the chain and prevent rust. Suppose the electric bicycle cannot be started. In that case, it is because the controller's power-off system has been automatically cut off due to water inflow or the water in the brake circuit has caused a short circuit. It is necessary to find a service location in time to obtain professional maintenance.

cyrusher electric mountain bike XF800 XF900

Most e-bikes are designed to deal with a light rain environment. Many e-bikes now have batteries integrated into the upper tube of the frame as well as a practical enough dust- and rain-proof casing. This is what makes it possible to ride an electric mountain bike in the rain. As a professional electric fat tire bicycle brand, Cyrusher always provides electric bicycle products with safety standards for riders passionate about bicycle riding. Rainy weather can't stop your fun and spirited riding!

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