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Meet Cyrusher Bandit - The Best Folding Electric Bike

Oct 20, 2022

The global demand for electric bicycles is constantly rising, Cyrusher dares to experiment and innovate and the popularity of its brand is gradually increasing. In October 2022, the brand officially launched a new folding model, the Bandit.

What exactly is Bandit? Its name means strength and boldness; it's unconventional and unruly. This model has a beautiful frame and comes in attractive colors. The brand is bold in attitude and design and that's what the new model is all about-it's powerful, fearless and charming. Bandit is the perfect namesake for this all-new model.

Learn about the Folding Electric Bike Bandit

Its beautiful frame, motorcycle-inspired fork, large headlights and striking custom paint will make you fall in love with Bandit at first sight. Its bicycle rims are different from the usual black and white ones on the market. And, the rims in the same color as the frame paint are even more distinctive, making you stand out in the flow of cookie-cutter bicycles. Once you meet the new model, you’ll find there's more to discover about it. It not only has a beautiful appearance but it’s also powerful. Let's dig deeper and see what's so powerful about this new model.

Upgraded flywheel system

For the Bandit, the Cyrusher design team continues to use Shimano that’s a reliable, safe and trustworthy transmission manufacturer. They also opted for an all-new upgraded 9-speed transmission. This means you can customize your choice of a comfortable speed to complete your journey. Choose different gears for different terrains. Try switching to a larger gear when riding uphill and switching to a smaller gear when driving at high speeds. This increases your riding comfort.

Effective suspension design

The newly-designed Bandit model features a motorcycle-style fork with preload adjustment that you can choose to turn on or off for different terrains. There’s also an additional rear spring suspension that provides the rider with more back protection.

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When facing rough terrain, turn on the shock button to help you absorb the impact of bumps to the greatest extent possible and relieve fatigue. The full-suspension design enhances the comfort and versatility of the bike, reflecting the brand's emphasis on user experience and proactively meeting customers' changing needs.

Powerful braking force

Remember when the new model had an upgraded 9-speed cassette drivetrain? It also comes with more powerful braking. Riders can safely traverse rough terrain or brake in time when riding at high speeds. This new folding e-bike is equipped with 180mm dual hydraulic disc brakes that are responsive and disengage quickly. The added motor cut-off helps the rider brake speedily and increases the ride's safety.

Greater cruising range

The Bandit is a rebrand of the Cyrusher XF690 with a newly-designed custom paint job and a larger battery capacity. The brand has opted to partner with a manufacturer known for quality products. This provides users with an 800-cycle discharge count which, with proper maintenance, can extend the battery's life. The design team is still using the previous 48V battery but the amp hours have been increased from 15 to 17. The increase in amp-hours means you can have a range of 25-60 miles.

Main technical specifications of Bandit

Motor: 750W (LKS), 80Nm

Battery: 48V 17AH waterproof lithium battery (Samsung/Panasonic)

Range: 25-60 miles

Battery charging time: 5-7 hours

Frame: 6061 aluminum alloy folding frame

Tire: Chaoyang 26"×4" puncture-resistant fat tire

Transmission: Shimano M370 Transmission 9-speed

Braking: Zoom hydraulic 180mm disc brakes front + rear

Display: 3.7-inch LCD, smart computer

Bike Weight: 74 lbs (with battery)

Total Payload Capacity: 330 lbs

Recommended Rider Height: 5'11"-6'4"

Bandit's size

Safe and reliable component configuration

Cyrusher selects high-quality components fom companies like L.K.S., Samsung, Panasonic, and Shimano. These are all leaders in their respective industry sectors and are world-renowned for their quality products. Users can be confident in the brand's electric fat tire bikes because the brand is earnest about component selection and actively listens to customers' suggestions.

Even when choosing frame materials, the brand doesn't obtain cheap steel to keep costs down. The brand selects 6061 aluminum for its frames. This high-quality steel has good corrosion resistance, weldability and machinability. The material is dense and defect-free, has an excellent oxidation effect and is lightweight. That’s why it’s widely used in aerospace, electrical fixtures and communication fields.

Why does Bandit have such a strong climbing ability? Why is the new model so solid and safe? I think the reasons are inseparable from the brand's careful selection of components. The brand strives to strike the right balance between price and quality components, aiming to provide customers with the best quality at the most reasonable price.

Meet the different needs of customers and give customers a new riding experience

The new model uses a 750W high-speed motor with a maximum torque of 80Nm. Riders can run at high speeds and cruise effortlessly in pedal assist mode. The higher the torque, the better the climbing ability. Combined with the 4-inch fat tires, riders can traverse more types of terrain. The fat tires give the rider more grip and traction and Bandit’s powerful motor will take you up steep trails and over other rough surfaces.

The new model's folding frame reduces the amount of storage space needed. This means that you can put it in your car's trunk and take it on long trips. Go camping or travel to those remote places you've always wanted to explore and enjoy fantastic riding. You can easily fold the bike in the vehicle's trunk and when you get to the camping site, you can quickly unload the bike. You’re ready to traverse some rough trails on an electric fat tire bike that's sized well and transported readily for using on some backcountry trails. The bike's fat tires are perfect for adventure on any type of trail. Ride wherever you want to go on your electric fat tire bike, explore unknown places, enjoy the natural scenery and have fun.

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First-class service attitude and awareness

Cyrusher provides customers with a two-year warranty on their bikes. The brand's bikes are tested for international quality and comply with C.E., U.L., Rhos, and F.C.C. standards. The brand name is registered and recognized in Australia, China, the UK, Canada, the E.U., Japan, South Korea, and the U.S.

In order to protect the rights and interests of customers, the brand has a professional pre-sales and after-sales team who have a deep understanding of electric fat tire bicycles. The pre-sales team gives customers the bicycle knowledge they need, answers their questions and can recommend the most suitable models according to a customer’s lifestyle needs. The after-sales team helps customers solve technical problems with their bicycles. Basically, you can ask customer service personnel for help with any bicycle problem. They’re online 24 hours a day and users can choose to contact them via phone or customer support.

At Cyrusher, our vision is to create fantastic personal mobility products for anyone, anywhere.

The brand was founded in 2014 and is headquartered in Shenzhen, China. What started as a small company selling bicycle parts in China in early 2014 has grown into a global company selling high-performance electric bicycles. It has offices in 4 countries and online sales in more than 10 countries around the world.

Over the last eight years, the brand has continued to develop its style of electric bicycles, innovating step by step and also expanding its catalog of electric bikes. Today there’s a wide variety of electric bikes listed, such as hardtail e-bikes, all-terrain suspension e-bikes, folding e-bikes and step-through e-bikes. The brand actively listens to customers' opinions about manufacturing and production so that new products can meet customers' changing needs.

The brand's mission is to create the most excellent cost-effective products through innovative design and green technology to meet the growing global demand for unique short-distance exercise solutions. The founders want to meet the ever-increasing global demand for electric bikes by creating an excellent electric cycle brand with the best value.

Local direct distribution and on-site installation services in France.-1020

The brand continues to provide customers with a superior product and first-class service experience, earning many positive customer reviews and steadily growing sales. This wouldn’t have been possible without the resourcefulness, perseverance and hard work of all members of the company's team. In the spirit of meticulous planning, the brand insists on bringing high-quality, eye-catching electric cycles to its riders.

In order to be closer to customers to provide better service and a quicker response, the brand has local service teams in the United States, France, and the United Kingdom. It has opened offline physical stores in the United States and Britain where users can visit for a test ride. France has created a mobile truck service which can shorten response and delivery times and improve customer experience.

Cyrusher doesn't stop there. It’s committed to meeting the needs of its customers now and in the future and will continue to explore new ways to improve the customer experience. Let's look forward to its future performance!

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