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How to Relax Your Body After a Ride?

Dec 07, 2022

Exercise is essential when looking to live a healthier life and keep your body in shape. In terms of helping to enhance their physical training, many people will choose to ride Cyrusher electric bikes. Whether for urban commuting or mountain adventures, fat tire ebikes have the flexibility to adapt to any terrain. They can become the best tool for your daily traveling and meet your needs for physical fitness.

How to ride an electric bike safely was discussed in one of our earlier posts. This time, we'll concentrate on ways to relax your body after a ride. Every novice will be interested in how this issue should be answered, but the solution is straightforward. Throughout your bike ride, stay energized and hydrated. After your ride, gently massage any tense muscles and take plenty of rest.

In addition to using this common sense, some other skills and methods can help you relax your body more effectively. We looked at further expert advice to discover how to relax your body after a ride. To learn more about how to relax after riding an e-bike, go to this article!

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Feed your body

The Cyrusher electric fat bike has three riding modes: electric-only mode, pedal-only mode and hybrid mode. Although it can help people save time and energy to reach their destination, cycling still consumes a lot of energy. Muscles tear when you exercise and you need protein and carbohydrates to repair damaged muscles and reduce pain.

You should be aware that food serves as the body's primary fuel source and the foundation for physical strength. After cycling, your muscles can sustain some degree of injury. Therefore, you need to complement your energy with extra protein to restore your body. Meat, dairy, soy and eggs are excellent sources of protein that the body can absorb more easily.

As mentioned above, protein repairs torn muscles and carbohydrates help riders replenish lost energy. The longer and more intense the ride, the more energy your body uses and the more carbohydrates you need.

The first energy consumed during exercise is glycogen. It  is the product of the rapid breakdown of carbohydrates and muscles need this substance to work better. And, a moderate amount of fat can help people recover energy more quickly.

Prioritizing protein intake, plus the appropriate amount of carbohydrates and fat-rich foods according to the intensity of exercise, can help the body's muscles recover quickly from this high-energy-consuming exercise.

How much you lose in sweating

Human muscle glycogen stores and blood sugar levels will decline after the ride. Water is lost through sweat while you exercise. Therefore, it's important to rehydrate as soon as possible. Additionally, sweat depletes more than just water. One of the crucial trace elements for the human body is sodium which is present in large amounts of sweat.

It's best to take in the protein and carbohydrates your body needs after your ride while replenishing the micronutrients you've lost. If you exercise for a long time, you need to restore the necessary minerals during the exercise. That's why sports drinks  that have essential trace elements in them are helpful.

Fruit and vegetable juice and yogurt can replenish human hydration and flush toxins from the body. You can also drink lightly-salted water or drink functional drinks containing various minerals and vitamins necessary for the human body to supplement the body's demand for mineral salts and maintain the balance of the body's internal environment.

This is especially good to help your body to relax and eliminate the feeling of fatigue after exercise. If you're planning on exercising on an electric fat bike, check out the Cyrusher line of electric fat bikes and you'll find what's right for you.

Pay attention to proper rest

Riding a full suspension ebike is more energy-efficient than riding traditional bicycles, but it is still a high-energy-consuming sport. Long rides require a lot of energy, can be exhausting and cause severe muscle soreness. They may also cause muscle damage and reduce a person's physical strength.

Especially for the elderly, riding requires paying close attention. In one of our previous articles, we introduced the precautions for riding for the elderly. If you are interested, check the content of this article.

If you've been riding for a long time, consider taking a rest day before starting again. Trust me, this will lead to more satisfying outcomes for your future journeys. Proper rest allows the body to recover from exhaustion and will help the rider gradually replenish most of his energy.

It can also help you reduce mental fatigue. Riding for long periods requires considerable  focus on the trail, which can weaken the rider's mental strength. Proper rest, therefore, restores your strength and burns off fatigue faster and easier.

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Massage the sore area

Let's say you have a sore body part that's hard to relax after a long ride. In this case, incorrect cycling position and body asymmetry are some of the most common reasons. But weak physical fitness, excessive muscle strain and high-intensity riding can all cause this.

Compression and stretching can not only reduce the pain caused by muscle tension but can also help regulate blood circulation. After a long ride, the body will have different adverse reactions.

At this time, the correct massage and stretching can effectively increase the muscles' extensibility, stretch the joints, increase blood flow, eliminate the tightness and soreness of body parts and increase the body's flexibility. Massaging after exercise can effectively eliminate fatigue and restore muscle activity.

If you use hot compresses, the muscles will be more supple and relaxed and the massage effect will improve. It is generally recommended not to apply heat immediately after exercise but after rest when the body temperature gradually approaches normal and sweating stops. Hot compresses help to promote the metabolism of lactic acid accumulated in the body which can relieve fatigue.

Sufficient sleep

Sleep can provide enough rest time to restore the tired body after riding and repair the muscle fibers damaged during exercise to achieve muscle strengthening. After riding, fatigue occurs and adequate sleep is one of the very effective ways to eliminate this.

The effectiveness of the body's anabolic metabolism is increased and the excitability of the brain is reduced when a person goes to sleep, which is beneficial for repairing tight and aching muscle tissue. Your body will feel more worn out if you don't get enough sleep and pain results from the body's inability to return to normal.

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Pain Related to the Saddle

Probably the most common source of pain for most riders at the end of a long ride is saddle-related. Because a person sits for long periods, their weight is directly on the genitals. Not only can this be very painful and uncomfortable, but it can also lead to other physical problems.

How can we prevent and address saddle-related pain? Here's some guidance on saddle soreness, including causes, what to do and various tips.

More than half of the riders in one study experienced numbness or pain in their private parts. Pain can be scary when it comes to genital or urinary symptoms. However, we have ways to avoid or solve this problem.

The most likely causes are the saddle being positioned incorrectly or not using an ergonomically-designed saddle; both are possible. An incorrect riding position, poorly made cycling clothing, handlebars positioned too far apart or too close together, excessive sweating, or personal hygiene issues can all contribute to some saddle soreness.


  • Adjust the saddle to the proper height for the bike or replace it with an ergonomically-designed saddle
  • Invest in cycling clothing that fits properly and is made from breathable materials
  • Pay attention to riding posture
  • Plan a reasonable amount of riding time (long rides can cause excessive friction on the inner thighs and groin which can certainly be very uncomfortable, if not also cause bleeding)
  • Pay attention to personal hygiene and regularly clean cycling clothes
  • Keep clean and dry

Almost all saddle-related pain can be relieved by adjusting your bike saddle height, getting a comfortable saddle, paying attention to your riding position and keeping your riding time reasonable.

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Cold Therapy

Post-exercise cold compresses are now recognized as an effective and commonly used practice in sports. Appropriate cold compresses can play a role in lowering body temperature and reducing inflammatory exudation from painful areas.

Cold therapy is not designed to restore physical performance. It reduces the body's inflammatory response and speeds up the fading of muscle soreness.

Hypothermia makes the painful area feel numb which reduces the pain. When you ride for too long, there is a risk of pain in your knee due to excessive movement.

A cold compress with vasoconstriction is good for joint cartilage and can prolong the movement life of a joint. It also prevents the rupture of blood vessels from retaining too much blood caused by swelling.


Cycling can benefit your health, especially if you are older. Ride a Cyrusher fat tire ebike for half an hour daily and your body will change dramatically.

It not only helps you strengthen your physique but also prevents many diseases. But the sport requires a certain amount of energy and physical strength. Therefore, it is vital to relax the body after riding.

If you're looking for how to relax after a ride, the above should help. Use this information as a guide to extend the life of your ride and continue to enjoy riding your fat tire ebike!