Three Tips for Camping on an Electric Bike

Three Tips for Camping on an Electric Bike

Dec 11, 2022

In the process of exploring a new way of life, a new generation of people will choose to try camping. Camping is about getting back to basics, away from the creature comforts and excesses of modern life. Campers crave connections with nature and each other, so it's no surprise that camping is fast becoming a fundamental part of outdoor lifestyles. With the increase in new campers who are younger and ethnically diverse, as well as  the general availability of camping and the emergence of various forms of unique camping accommodations, people are looking for another fun new way to camp.

If cycling is your passion and you are ready to invest in a good bike, the Cyrusher specialized fat tire electric bike for camping is a great option. Currently, e-bike camping is also emerging as an exciting alternative to  hiking and backpacking. As long as you know the tricks of e-bike camping and ride efficiently, you'll be in for a great adventure.

How to Plan an Electric Bike Camping Trip?

By camping around on an electric bike, you can easily travel farther distances, find more suitable spots for camping, transport camping items and explore many areas when necessary. Riding the bike is easy but transporting the equipment on the road or charging the e-bike can be difficult.

It takes  some planning to figure out how to pack for an electric bike camping trip and find related e-bike camping tips like how far you can go on a single charge. Once you understand your options and limitations better, you'll be in a stronger position to enjoy e-bike camping and plan some rewarding wilderness trips.

Tip One: Choose a Convenient and Comfortable Electric Fat Tire Bicycle as a Camping Tool

Since the camping environment is unpredictable in most cases, to face a rugged and dangerous camping environment it would be wiser to choose an electric fat tire bike suitable for all-terrain environments. Elements you need to consider:

    • Campsite riding restrictions
    • Riding range and power of electric bicycles
    • Safe suspension of electric bikes

When camping outdoors, you can use electric mountain bikes to explore the unknown environment. In addition, the impact of not adding  pollutants to the environment, unlike when driving a car,  is  doing our part for nature. An electric bike with electric drive will get you to your destination faster and more quietly, and it will take less effort to carry the supplies you need to the campsite.

Cyrusher bikes specialize in fat tire electric bicycles, providing electric bicycles suitable for all types of terrains such as snowy, gravel or mountainous roads. With a 750W motor and a top speed of 28 mph, the Cyrusher XF900 gets you moving on your e-bike outdoor adventures. Plus, it  can  be used for street riding and stored easily.

Electric bikes go faster than conventional bikes, especially on rough uphill trails that require more effort. Before bringing an e-bike, you should check your local campground's regulations regarding e-bikes. You don't want to find out that your campsite forbids e-bikes. A 750W motor is permitted in most parts of the US. However, consider any speed restrictions where the various state campgrounds are located, especially if you plan to share the trail with hikers or mountain bikers.

For an outdoor camping environment, you  should also consider the choice of  battery pack and tires that come with an electric bicycle. Try to select a configuration with strong performance. For example, the 48V 17Ah electric bicycle battery configured on the XF900 has a relatively strong life. It is excellent for  visiting long trails to explore better scenery. Plus, 26 x 4-inch fat tires, motorcycle-style front suspension fork and rear shock provide the camper with dependable stability on gravel and rough trails. Remember, it’s far more convenient to use electric bicycles to purchase camping supplies in cities than by driving a car — an environmentally friendly solution.

Cyrusher electric bike all-terrain

Tip Two: Transport Your Electric Bike Properly

When camping with an e-bike, you must also know how to transport it properly to your destination. Assuming it's a family outing, you'll probably be hauling the bike in a car or travel trailer. It is worth noting that any of these solutions for transporting e-bikes have weaknesses. When carrying them in the body of a car or on a trailer bed, the following factors need to be considered:

    • The weight and size of the electric bike
    • Battery safety

The most important thing to emphasize when transporting electric bicycles is avoiding damage due to friction or a fall. If you're using a trailer for a camping trip, place it directly in the trailer's hauling space or place it on top of the trailer and add a stabilizing cover to avoid the chance of shaking and causing damage or  contamination from debris or dirt.

Try adding some hanging gear. After considering the weight and size of the e-bike, see if the e-bike is the right size for the width of the car's body. Add a hitch receiver at the vehicle's rear end to extend the space for placing electric bicycles. When considering a hitch receiver, you need to know whether the number and weight of your bike can meet the load restriction of the hitch receiver and whether it is safe to be suspended at the rear end of the car where you may not be able to see it as easily.

The above two methods may expose it to various external environments during transportation. Therefore, try to remove the electric bicycle's battery and put it in the car's interior space. Removing the battery before putting the bike in the vehicle allows for the bike to  fit better  where you plan to store it and makes the bike lighter and easier to lift. Not only can this reduce the weight of the trailer, but it can also efficiently protect the battery from damage.

If you use an SUV or a sport utility vehicle, you can put the e-bike in the vehicle's back seat. Transporting your bike inside your vehicle ensures that your bike and components like brakes stay clean, dry and free from contamination. In this case, the Cyrusher Bandit Folding Electric Bike is a smarter choice.

Bandit has a collapsible frame which is very convenient for camping trips. Great for long camping trips and a huge space saver, it also has five levels of cadence assist and an easily adjustable LCD display with a backlit LCD that tracks speed, electric assist level, distance traveled and distance remaining on charge.

Not only do they increase the fun of travel, but electric bicycles can also be used instead of cars to reach places  that cannot otherwise be reached. When transporting a folding e-bike in the car, it is necessary to ensure that the cables and handlebar-mounted controls are not chafed or damaged. Put a blanket over your e-bike to prevent damage.

Cyrusher folding electric bike for sale

Tip Three: Find or Equip Electric Bike Charging Devices

It's a great tool to have and a great way to enhance your camping experience, whether you're looking for an easy ride around the campsite or wanting to travel to a particular spot. Camping with e-bikes is fun and convenient. However, depending on the service configuration of different camps, there may not be an easy way to charge your bike. You need to find or be equipped in advance with the charging equipment that can sustain  the battery life of the electric bicycle. Equipment you might consider:

    • Spare battery pack
    • Solar charging board

If the campsite is well-equipped for RVs, you can plug your electric bike directly into the power outlet for an RV to restore the battery life. Please pay attention to the charging time for electric bicycles and don't charge them for too long. Alternatively, the camper can carry a spare battery pack to use and supplement power when necessary. Cyrusher USA launched two electric fat tire bicycles, Ranger and Ovia, with battery life in November 2022. They are equipped with 52V 20ah and 52V 17ah batteries respectively, bringing riders longer battery life.

Also, consider using solar panels for electricity. Solar panels can generate enough electricity on sunny days to charge an  RV and your e-bike. If you're planning an extended camping trip and looking for a rechargeable device for your electric mountain bike, solar panels are portable and can be quickly recharged.

 Cyrusher electric bike Ovia

All in All

Electric bikes make cycling more accessible to people of all ages and abilities. Riding an e-bike is more enjoyable and less physically demanding than regular cycling or mountain biking. E-bikes are a great way to get around, allowing riders old and young to keep up with the pace of the group. And, once you've learned the tricks to get around, grab an e-bike and you’ll find it's perfect for a family or group camping holiday.

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