A Closer Look at the New Folding E-Bike Cyrusher Bandit

A Closer Look at the New Folding E-Bike Cyrusher Bandit

Nov 16, 2022

Folding electric bikes are worth the investment because of their practicality and portability. They  can easily help avoid annoying traffic jams, save on gas bills and avoid parking tickets. When more and more people are trying to escape the fast-paced rush and go to the countryside to experience a different lifestyle, Cyrusher bike's newly-upgraded folding Bandit is at the forefront for riders who love riding. It can effectively overcome travel, transportation and storage barriers and bring more freedom. On closer inspection, the Bandit is an electric folding fat tire bike that can inspire riders to travel to unfamiliar places more often.

Cyrusher folding ebike bandit

What Makes the Bandit Electric Bike Exciting?

Driven to find a more practical solution for the town commute, people are looking for a stylish and retro-inspired folding bike. They’re interested in  a more modern product with the latest innovations that speak more to the rider's personality. The Cyrusher Bandit is here to meet riders' needs for town and country riding lifestyles. |It maximizes the features of a folding fat bike with a unique redesigned paint and more efficient green tech accessories for the most cost-effective product.

Bandit is a rebranding of the XF690 Maxs, based on the XF690 Maxs with some new configurations and innovative exterior designs. Just like its name, "Bandit", this powerful folding electric bike is bold in attitude and innovation and full of power. This power is reflected in the more significant shock-absorbing suspension which offers the rider a safer ride and a more comfortable riding experience. A folding electric bike is a safe, sturdy and serviceable machine that can be easily maneuvered and requires minimal storage space. When people are anxious about long trips, Bandit's large battery ensures riders that can get to and from their destination.

Cyrusher folding electric bike bandit mountain

What's New in the Bandit Folding Fat Tire Electric Bike?

Bandit appeared in the public eye with a cool new look. On  first impression, riders may see a change in the appearance of the e-bike. In fact, with a professional eye you may observe that it also has new changes in some of its built-in accessories. The following is a brief list of its performance features:

  • Safe and reliable large suspension fork and rear shock absorber
  • 48V 17Ah battery pack
  • Brighter LED headlights
  • Spoke reflector

Most riders who yearn for a folding electric bike would prefer a powerful electric bike with better performance. Riders can navigate congested areas more quickly than on other large vehicles, cut out traffic to take shortcuts and traverse narrow streets. It  can take riders to their destination faster than a car can. You can use electric bicycles to explore more exciting environments when cycling or camping in the countryside, for instance. Cyrusher is relentless in providing all enthusiastic riders with a new solution for the ease and practicality of folding needs. Bandit has done it and it's giving customers a new way of exploring nature as well as a pleasant commute.

Efficient and Stable Shock Absorption Design

What is most obvious is that this folding e-bike has a significant shock-absorbing suspension on the front end. Bandit is a symbol of rebellion. It represents brave and daring adventure riding. The large front suspension with lockout travel preload adjustment and rear shock work together to give the Bandit and the rider a more powerful presence. The rear shock suspension also slows down the impact from the ground when the rider explores  all types of terrains and environments. This effectively protects the safety of the lower back and increases comfort and versatility. This suspension design gives this folding electric bike a new upgrade from the inside out, effectively ensuring rider safety.

Reduce Mileage Anxiety

Bandit carries riders better on a commute to work or to remote areas. And, it provides improved riding mileage. It comes with a larger 48V 17Ah Samsung Li-Ion removable battery pack than the XF690 Maxs and lasts 25-60 miles on a full charge. This gives it enough battery capacity for a  commute to and from an average workplace or other location in the city. In conjunction with the 750W motor, its unique pedal assist system can also help riders effectively obtain strong power on slopes, no matter how steep hills or how long the distance. This reduces the rider's anxiety about riding mileage.

Sturdy Folding Frame

There will be different breakpoints, whether on a standard electric bicycle or a folding electric bicycle. The folding electric bike is often folded in half for convenient storage. Riders will worry that this will wear out faster than similar bicycles. These losses are limited by the types of metal materials that are practical for bicycle frames. The joints and hinges on the frame are fragile and constant stress can cause wear and tear. But high-quality folding e-bike frames feature stronger joints and hinge designs. Bandit uses a 6061-aluminum alloy folding frame which has relatively good weldability and corrosion resistance and is easy to fold. This design also reduces loads at the folds, improving durability and preventing frame breakage. This is why most folding bikes last longer than some regular bikes.

Riding at Night Is Safer

The Bandit is equipped with a larger LED light that gives the rider a brighter field of vision when riding the Bandit at night. Reflectors are configured on the wheel spokes which can be seen by other riders and reduce the occurrence of traffic accidents. In addition, in terms of safety, the Cyrusher Bandit still uses large 180mm dual hydraulic disc brakes to increase the motor cut-off function for more excellent safe braking performance.

 Cyrusher bandit full suspension

Reduce Traffic Jam Time and Reap the Fun of Commuting and Riding

The foldable design makes the Bandit a versatile choice for commuting. Its big fat tires make riding on town roads more enjoyable and its size makes it easier to navigate city traffic. This greatly reduces the time in traffic jams and makes commuting and road riding fun. In addition, compared to  travelling in a car, it can be conveniently stored in the trunk of the car or folded and carried in the office.

Flexible E-Bike Travel

Folding bicycles were originally used to facilitate travel by the army and have a relatively long history of development since their introduction in 1890. Their convenience and overall efficiency cannot be underestimated. For example,  they are now widely used across the globe as flexible and fun vehicles for those seeking to explore open space adventures and camping. The Bandit can provide substantial space savings if riders yearn for extended camping trips. It also has a five-level cadence assist system and an easy-to-adjust LCD display that adds to the fun of the journey. In addition, you can also use an electric bike instead of a car to get to places that can't otherwise be reached.

Cyrusher folding fate tire ebike

How Much Does Cyrusher Bandit Cost?

Bandit starts at $2,399 in the e-bike market and you can get $200 off when you buy an e-bike during Black Friday. Folding bikes are worth it! Moreover, this is a practical mobility tool equipped with full suspension and fat tires. Each configuration uses world-renowned, high-quality, robust materials such as Samsung, Panasonic, Bafang and Shimano. At the same time, Cyrusher electric bike products have been tested for international quality and comply with CE, UL, Rhos and FCC standards. These high-quality components are an investment in giving the rider the value of a safe ride − not just for daily commuting but for avoiding the clutter of town traffic and subways. Bandit can also satisfy the rider's demand for nature and camping adventures on the road.

A sleek urban-style commuter folding e-bike, the new Bandit is Cyrusher's more profound complement to its folding e-bike offering, delivering distance, speed, fun, comfort and safety. Riders can use electric bikes more freely to explore unknown environments.

Cyrusher full suspension ebike bandit

The bottom line, after careful observation, is that Bandit not only attracts people's attention in terms of novelty and unique appearance, but it also satisfies most riders' imagination of folding electric bicycles in terms of performance. This makes it a high-value travel vehicle. Bold and incredible looks and performance give riders confidence and add meaning to their adventure and leisure travel.

Americans can experience this powerful e-bike with a test ride  at the following location.

Business hours:
Monday to Friday: 11:00 am to 7:00 pm
Saturday 11:00 AM-5:00 PM
Address: 124 S 600 W Suite 102, Logan UT 84321

If you are interested in Cyrusher electric bikes, you can find more information on Cyrusher at the link below.

Cyrusher Contact:

US official website: www.cyrusher.com
UK official website: www.cyrusher.co.uk
French official website: www.cyrusher.fr
German official website: www.cyrusher.de

Phone: (800) 778-0116
Email: support@cyrusher.com
124 S 600 W Suite 102, Logan UT 84321

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