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How to take your furry friend on an electric bike

Nov 16, 2022

The pet culture is prevalent among American families. Most Americans see  pets as an essential part of the family and choose to include them in activities. Pets are not only for emotional support but are important  family members. Statistics show that in 2019 about 84.9 million households in the United States owned pets, accounting for 67% of the total number of homes in the country. And, this proportion continues to rise.

Related surveys show that 80% of Americans say their pets are helping  them through this challenging time of the new COVID  pandemic. Since the pandemic outbreak, people's social activities have decreased and pets can offer warmth and companionship in their home life and relieve the anxiety caused by the pandemic.

For many, it's so loving to bring these furry family members on a Cyrusher e-bike to share their joys, interests and hobbies!

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In recent years, with the rise of cycling, camping and fishing culture, many people have used electric bicycles as travel tools for camping and fishing. Some cyclists remember to take their pets along for the ride. On the road these days, more and more people are taking their pets with them on their bikes and this is their reason for choosing certain accessories.

Riding an electric cycle with a dog is different than walking a dog in the usual way and requires more attention. We consider pet size, strength and self-control when choosing a vehicle. Here we've rounded up some tips, tricks and safety guidelines for riding with a dog that  everyone should read before deciding to bring their dog on an e-bike ride.

Are you wondering: How do I take my dog for a bike ride? or How can I  keep my dog safe while riding? Instead of spending time searching for the answers on your phone, take the time to familiarize yourself with this article. See how Cyrusher customers use accessories to ride with their pets. We've put together everything you need to know about riding with pets in one area.

Accessories: How to take your furry friend on an electric cycle?

Backpack for dogs

You can use an ordinary backpack or buy a pet-specific bag. The most common way to use it is on the chest. Special attention should be paid to securing it with a buckle on the back to prevent the backpack from slipping and affecting the safety of riders and pets. A bag is more suitable for small and gentle pets and it  is ideal for short recreational rides.

Note these issues when using a backpack. The zippers and buckles of the bag can effectively limit the pet's movement. You should properly expose your pet's head so they can see the outside environment and breathe fresh air. This can reduce the anxiety riding may generate for them.

Dog bike basket

The bicycle basket can be attached to the handlebars of the bicycle or the parking rack. If you install it in the rear of the vehicle,  the basket should be firmly seated on the rear tire rack and it is best to use a waterproof cover. Remember, you can't always look back to see how your pet is doing while riding and you want to avoid them becoming anxious and jumping off.

In a noisy environment, you may notice your pet is more anxious. To avoid problems, make sure you tighten the leash to a more suitable position to limit the pet's movement range.

Bicycle baskets are usually best for smaller pets. When purchasing a dedicated bicycle basket, we should pay attention to the weight and size of the pet to meet the weight limit and size of the basket. Buy a bike basket made specifically for dogs. This means it will have a secure buckle design and a harness inside to prevent your pet from jumping off the bike or accidentally falling during the ride.

In addition, the rigid car basket is better than the soft one. It will give the pet  a more solid foundation, relieving the pet's nervousness. Riders can wrap the leash around the handlebars, reducing room for pets to maneuver.

Small trailer for dogs

Among the many tools available, the small trailer is the easiest and safest but the cost is the highest. Small trailers are generally connected to the rear wheel quick-release lever on the left side by a universal link. They have no requirements for vehicle models, but a step-through electric bike is recommended. Because of the low position of the trailer, the rider cannot observe very well how the pet is doing behind them if a model with the high-end frame is used.

Customers of Cyrusher often  take their dogs to ride with them on short trips while using Kommoda,  sharing some of the ride. It can increase the pet's experience, make the pet more cheerful and lively and less prone to anxiety and restlessness in unfamiliar situations.

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The trailer does not have any specific requirements for the size of the pet. Large dogs can also use it but it is still necessary to consider the weight and size of the pet to conform to the size specifications of the small trailer.

We recommend attaching colorful bars to the rear of the trailer and installing reflective sheets or strips on both sides, spokes and back. This alerts traffic and crowds on either side  and behind.

At the same time, it should be noted that the zipper of the trailer can prevent pets from jumping out suddenly. The zipper is recommended to be fully closed while in crowded areas to ensure that pets will not have accidents.

Dog bike leash

For large and healthy pets using a dedicated bike leash is one of the great ways to ride an electric cycle with them. But before starting the ride, it is recommended that you go to the pet hospital for a health assessment to confirm whether the pet is in good physical condition to complete the journey.

Once the vet is satisfied of the pet’s health, you can use the leash directly on the bicycle. Compared with a regular leash, the dog bicycle leash has a limited length and will not tangle on the wheel or bunch together, causing a safety accident. It attaches directly to your bike so you don't have to think about other things. You can focus on riding.

Bicycle leashes are more suitable for some trails or areas with less traffic. When riding in noisy neighborhoods, pets will be anxious because of strange experiences and people and they’ll be prone to running.

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Safety Tips for Riding an Electric Bike with Pets

Here are some safety tips and tricks to assist when you start trying to ride a bike with your pet. These will help you share the joy of riding with your pet.

Regardless of the accessory used, we must familiarize our pets with the tool. When pets face strange things there will be both fear and curiosity. We want to capture their interest and introduce them to these new accessories.

Whether it is a bicycle basket or a small trailer, we can encourage them to jump in. After they are in, secure them and give them encouragement and food. We can relieve their nervousness through appropriate petting and waiting until they are more comfortable inside before taking  them out.

We will repeat these steps below:

Please encourage them to jump in.

Give them rewards and praise when they're inside.

Let them jump out.

Once pets understand that the accessory is safe and they are rewarded for completing the action, they will gradually get used to it.

We must be patient and give our pets enough time to adapt. Please don't move on to the next step until they feel safe.

Then you can drive the bike forward slowly, check the status of your pet often and regularly stop for rewards and petting. You’ll find that  they are already familiar and comfortable with your bike. Start with short distances and slow speeds. Don't skimp on your rewards and praise along the way. Gradually accelerate and extend the ride.

If traveling a long way, keep your pet's food, treats and bowls well-stocked. Mineral water in a container  designed with a lid is convenient and the lid can be used as a drinking cup. If you still have room on your bike, bring their favorite toys like Frisbees and balls.

When you are resting you can help your pet by grooming them to remove the sticky weeds and other garbage on their body and prevent ticks. Ride with your pet, see new things, increase your contact with other people and animals and promote the bond between you and your pet.

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Suppose you’re riding in weather with poor visibility. In that case, prepare a collar with an L.E.D. light to alert passing people and vehicles that you have a pet with you  and ensure their safety.

Final reminder

We hope this article will help you share the joy of riding with your pet. Pay special attention to the specific the dos and don'ts and tips about accessories.

Whether it is using a bicycle basket or a small trailer for dogs, we must ensure that the pet is accustomed to this  to avoid accidents. With practice and adaptation, these new accessories can help you share journeys with your pet and keep them safe.

All photos in this article are from Cyrusher riders.