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Electric Bike Choice: Aventon LEVEL.2 Commuter Ebike Vs. Cyrusher XF900

Nov 19, 2022

Electric bikes for sale are becoming increasingly popular these days and, as people become more aware of cycles, the number of brands and style categories is also increasing. In 2021 the global electric bicycle market sales reached 9.7 billion U.S. dollars and is expected to reach 13 billion U.S. dollars in 2028. Over the years, global sales have continued to grow, especially in the U.S. market where its year-on-year growth rate has been increasing.

There are many types of electric bicycles on the market and how users choose them becomes very important. If you want to avoid the language traps of merchants read this article carefully. It is worthwhile to make a list of electric bikes that interest you and do your specific research. Then, dig into their technical specifications before making a selection.

Let's compare and contrast these two popular electric fat tire bikes, the Aventon LEVEL.2 Commuter Ebike and the Cyrusher XF900. After knowing the details and differences between these two models, how would you choose?

Aventon LEVEL.2 Commuter Ebike Vs. Cyrusher XF900





LEVEL.2 Commuter Ebike



500W brushless rear hub motor
(peak 750W)

750W high-speed brushless motor
(peak 1500W)


48V 3Ampfast charger

4-5 hours charging

54.6V 2Ahsmart charger
5-7 hours charging


48V 14Ah(672Wh)

48V 17Ah(816Wh)

Pedal assist

Five levels

Five levels


On-demand throttle - full stop throttle

Half-twist throttle


Hydraulic disc brakes

Zoom hydraulic disc brakes



Front + Rear


Color display

3.7" LCD


Eight gears

Seven gears


6061 aluminum alloy

6061 aluminum alloy

Bike weight

54 lbs

74 lbs(with battery)

Total payload capacity

300 lbs

330 lbs


One year

Two years



(original price$2699)

From the table above, we can see that the two models have some differences in terms of accessories.

Motor comparison

The motor can provide electrical assistance to the e-bike to reduce the pedaling force required for driving. In trail riding the motor plays a more critical role. With the help of the motor and auxiliary pedals you can climb hills more efficiently while saving energy to reach higher speeds.

The Aventon model is equipped with a 500W motor which may be sufficient for urban commuting. But if customers want to carry out other adventurous ideas, they should know that the LEVEL.2 Commuter Ebike is less powerful than the XF900. Cyrusher uses a 750W Bafang motor with a peak value of 1500W and a maximum torque of 80Nm.

It's a well-known fact that the more torque, the better the climbing ability of an electric fat bike. Torque is related to power which can be provided by the motor or the rider pedaling. The harder you pedal, the more torque the sensor receives. The Cyrusher All-Terrain Electric Fat Bike lets you traverse any terrain and feel the thrill of a high-speed ride when needed.

Battery comparison

Lithium batteries have a longer service life than lead-acid batteries and are less polluting to the environment. Many manufacturers have used them. The two models differ in the capacity of the battery specification and the higher the ability of the battery, the longer the cruising range. No one wants to be limited on the journey by the power available, so most users will consider the range of battery life when purchasing.

But we know that the cruising range will be affected by various factors such as terrain, rider weight, cargo weight and wind speed. Therefore, you should realize that the range quoted is an estimate and actual ranges will vary. But riding range provides better comparative data.

The LEVEL.2 Commuter E-bike uses a 48V 14Ah lithium battery, providing the rider with a cruising range of 60 miles. But the XF900 is equipped with a 48V 17Ah Samsung lithium battery and you can go farther. It has a higher capacity and can travel to a range of 62 miles on a full charge. No matter what your adventures are it's ready to go. An easy-to-access USB charging port has also been added to the battery for riders to charge their G.P.S. or cell phone.

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Charger comparison

The battery is one of the core components of an electric bike and its merits determine the performance of the bike. Whether for short or long trips, whether it is charged daily or at intervals, how you choose a good battery and a charger that is less harmful to the battery is critical.

Aventon uses a fast charger. The higher the output current of the charger, the quicker the reaction which will generate more heat and cause the battery storage capacity to decrease. The most intuitive manifestation is the shortened battery life and cruising range.

Although the total charge time of the fast charger is short, the battery's capacity will decrease after long-term use. Plus, the rider needs to charge it frequently and carry the charger with him to prevent the battery from being completely drained.

XF900 is equipped with an intelligent charger which can automatically identify the voltage and current, keep charging the battery with a constant current and not cause damage. And after the charging time is up, it will automatically stop charging or switch to charging at a trickle which ensures safety.

Although the charging time of the XF900 is more extended, its battery life is longer and the power is not consumed entirely so it is not necessary to charge frequently or carry a charger.

Suspension comparison

An electric bike fork can help the rider travel comfortably through some rough rides. On trail rides or other rough terrains you'll feel tired and strenuous without it. The Cyrusher XF900 has a unique motorcycle-style front fork suspension with 110mm of pre-adjusted travel and adds an extra rear suspension spring for looks and comfort all in one.

In off-road riding, the full-suspension frame absorbs impacts from the ground very well and the rear suspension allows the rider to overcome any off-road conditions without any problems. Its rear wheels keep a smooth ride, no matter the terrain. The full suspension provides better control and good ground traction, making the XF900 comfortable to ride.

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Brake comparison

The external structure of the disc brake has good heat dissipation, a simple construction and is easy to control and maintain. The braking effect is faster than the wire brake and the braking distance is shorter and safer.

Both the LEVEL.2 Commuter Ebike and Cyrusher XF900 use hydraulic disc brakes. Compared with mechanical disc brakes, the operation is more straightforward, convenient and responsive. It can respond quickly to protect your safety when you need to stop. In addition, Cyrusher adds a cut-off motor function to improve riding safety.

With these braking systems, you don't have to worry about falling and getting injured when riding downhill or encountering unexpected situations. They have good braking and durability. As long as you maintain them correctly the braking power will not be easily reduced.

Display comparison

Both models use LCD screens with clearly-visible data. The rider can still see all data even when exposed to intense sunlight. Both displays provide riders with all the necessary information, including mileage range, charge, current speed and P.A.S. assist levels. The Aventon is also equipped with a color screen with an APP.

Tire comparison

Fat bikes have a lower center of gravity for better balance. Because they are wider, there is more surface area to spread the pressure. Wide fat tires give the rider more ground traction, making the bike less prone to sliding sideways in loose ground conditions.

The XF900 uses 26" ×4" puncture-resistant fat tires which can provide good grip even on sand or snow and give it an eye-catching appearance. It is suitable for any ground that needs cushioning, such as loose sand, snow or wet leaves and provides riders with excellent traction.

Even in winter, the fat tire still has a great ride. It is more stable and sensitive to snow and ice conditions than a regular bike would be. The 4" wide fat tires provide significant traction and stability, allowing people to keep the cycle upright when turning.

The tire size of this model of Aventon is 27.5" x 2.1" which is enough for daily commuting. It can be a struggle if you want to traverse over lose ground. In off-road riding its tire size is prone to slipping on some rough surfaces and causing injuries.

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Price comparison

Price, while necessary, should not be the number one consideration when buying an e-bike. The quality of the components will affect the price and high-end components are more likely to protect the rider's safety during riding. Remember, an excellent electric fat bike will last longer and cost less to maintain for years.

Cyrusher strives to strike the right balance of price and quality components to produce a quality electric fat bike for the rider at the best possible price. And in terms of service, it provides customers with a warranty period of up to two years.

Plus, it has a professional customer service team. If you have any technical problems, you can always call or leave a message on the official customer support website.

The XF900 beats the competition in terms of power, quality, performance, range and service. You'd think it would cost a fortune. But in fact, it does not! The merchant is currently running a Black Friday sale priced at just $2,399.

The Aventon is a cheaper model but what do you get? You get less power with a motor that is only 500W. The lower battery power range will be shorter at 14amp hours compared to the 17amp hours of the XF900. And while this model is primarily positioned for urban commuting, the XF900 will excel in off-road riding; its size and power are not barriers limiting it to urban commuting. No matter what terrain you face it can take you through it successfully.

Finding an e-bike that fits your lifestyle and provides an enjoyable experience is difficult. Consider it carefully. Which model would you choose?