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Are Electric Bikes Good Thanksgiving Gifts?

Nov 20, 2022

On the fourth Thursday in November, the date is meaningful because it’s Thanksgiving as well as a bountiful "Turkey Day." This is the perfect time to say "thank you". Call the turkeys, spend time with family, friends and loved ones. And, use this day to show each other the love you neglect to show daily and to express gratitude for all the things that make life meaningful. It's a rare fall holiday time to reflect on blessings and express gratitude, and what better way to celebrate than by sharing the gift of giving back?

Changes in urban transportation triggered by the coronavirus pandemic are being seen worldwide, with commuters ditching public transport due to fears of the virus. In New York, which has the country's most extensive urban bike network, ridership has soared and it's hard to find a place to park a bike. Riding e-bikes appears to be an excellent form of aerobic or cardiovascular exercise. The benefits for a broad population in terms of active transportation and physical activity are being confirmed by a growing number of researchers.

So, what better Thanksgiving gift than a fun e-bike? Don't miss this fat tire e-bike brand − Cyrusher, celebrating a great holiday with the community. Choosing a high-quality electric bicycle as a Thanksgiving gift expresses gratitude to nature for providing an excellent living environment. It allows your loved ones to ride as they please and move freely in the flourishing landscape.

Cyrusher XF800 full suspension ebike couple

Choosing an electric bicycle to give as a gift is not easy, especially if it's your first time getting involved with e-bikes. What makes the Cyrusher the best choice among e-bike brands for a thank-you gift? We believe that the following reasons will make customers attracted to the brand.

Reason 1: The brand is full of goodwill

Founded in 2014, Cyrusher has set up offices in the United States, the United Kingdom, France and other countries and conducts online sales in more than 10 countries worldwide. It has now provided high-quality services to more than 60,000 electric bicycle fans.

This professional e-bike manufacturer treats everyone  with kindness and tries to be grateful for the things in life. For instance, Cyrusher UK hosted a charity evening at the Steadings Marketing Center to raise funds to support Sue Ryder's hospice. The Cyrusher team thoroughly enjoys the opportunity to bring warmth and kindness to more people. In addition, in August 2022, Cyrusher will donate two XF690 Maxs folding fat tire electric bicycles suitable for road and off-road to the Logan Police Department. This donation new mobile equipment to the police will help them to conduct security patrols more conveniently.

These examples of goodwill may make you more determined to give an electric bike as a Thanksgiving gift to a wonderful person to show your love.

Reason 2: The uniqueness of the Cyrusher e-bikes

Cyrusher stands out among other global brands. Its unique edge  draws a lot of attention across a wide range of electric bicycle markets.. It has enough confidence to become your best choice for Thanksgiving gifts. By insisting on using high-quality electric bicycle parts and craft design, it offers comfortable and interesting riding and allows the rider to show his unique personality. Just take a look at some of its advantages:

– Safe and stable full suspension (unique suspension design)
– Rich colors
– Fat tires
– Quality components (Bafang motor and Shimano transmisson)
– Attentive service (two-year electric bike warranty and one-year battery warranty)

Gift for Every Important Woman in Your Life

Two fun mobility e-bikes, the Kommoda and Kuattro, offer excellent performance and can handle most people's daily commuting needs. Loved by many for their sleek design and great performance, they're sure to turn heads on the street with their bright colors and custom paint.

They are all characterized by a sturdy frame structure. Most women need to wear skirts that may restrict their movements  and this makes riding traditional bicycles more inconvenient. The step-through bicycles overcome these shortcomings and allow women to wear skirts that are inconvenient to move. Can ride with ease. Therefore, more and more women are using step-through bikes, which are also the best gifts for essential women in your life.

The motor is an essential part of the electric bicycle product, which determines the speed of the electric bicycle. Cyrusher uses the well-known Bafang motor, mainly with a 750W motor as the power source, which brings sufficient power to the rider's riding to the destination in his heart.

Kommoda electric bicycle has a stylish appearance and powerful performance, and a color display screen allows the rider to control it day or night easily. Kuattro is Cyrusher's new stepping electric bicycle in 2022. The horn and lights are directly connected to the power supply, with a simple and bright appearance. They allow riders to decide the intensity of exercise freely.

If your loved one wants to enjoy a leisurely ride on the field trails, the powerful hub motors of Kommida and Kuattro will help you and take you through a pleasant vacation.

Cyrusher electric bike kuattro

For Your Most Respected Person

The advantage of an electric bicycle over a traditional bike is that its electric drive saves the user's effort. What better Thanksgiving gift than a full-suspension fat tire e-bike for the person you admire the most? Maybe they love to ride but can't use traditional bicycles to get around because of some past injuries. The Cyrusher XF800 full suspension ebike is the most suitable choice as a heart-warming gift.

The XF800 electric bicycle is a full-suspension electric bicycle with a wide audience. The rear shock absorber can safely protect the rider's lower back and reduce the impact force from the ground. Full-suspension fat-tire electric bicycles are better in the face of rugged terrain and can easily pass through rough paths through perfect shock absorption devices. It is also assisted by a 48V 13 Ah lithium-ion battery that maintains the riding range. Whether a mountain or a road, it has a stable riding experience. This electric mountain bike allows riders to shuttle in the city and the countryside freely. The Shimano 7-speed flywheel can adjust the appropriate speed to complete the journey.

cyrusher xf800 full suspension ebike senior

Gift It to Your Friends Who Love the Outdoors

Suppose your friend likes to explore and enjoys the thrill of being outdoors and off-road. Then giving them an XF900 is the best choice. This e-bike uses a high-end frame, and the 750W motor provides plenty of power for climbing mountains and mountains. XF900 has a dazzling suspension fork. This beast is as strong as a model that offers riders performance and appearance for off-road riding. It will take you across any terrain, up the most challenging slopes, and take riders farther on their most coveted adventures.

As a high-quality outdoor off-road model, safe braking is essential for electric bicycle riders to consider when riding. Cyrusher's electric bicycles use hydraulic disc brakes. XF900 has 160-180mm front and rear hydraulic disc brakes. It can be safely suspended in the most urgent riding conditions. In addition, Shimano's transmission is used in the speed change device, which can quickly and stably complete the speed change of riding.

Such a fun and healthy gift that will make the person you want to feel happy and excited with an adrenaline rush, let your already outdoor-loving friends forget their troubles and release endorphins to relieve the exhausting stress of work. 

cyrusher xf900 outdoor ebike ride

Plan a Meaningful E-Bike Trip

Millions of people across the country travel to see family on Thanksgiving. The day before and the day after Thanksgiving are the most traveled days of the year in the United States. Travel delays by plane and train are common, and traffic on the roads is often heavy. The emergence of electric bicycles can give you and your family greater freedom and reduce travel congestion.

Suppose your loved ones need some fresh air and exercise, especially those who need to recover and do proper training. Why not plan a rewarding e-bike trip with them? Explore life with an electric bike and do something different and fun from everyday life!

You can decorate your e-bike with seasonal items like leaves, pumpkins, and turkey or throw in some fall colors for a fun ride with your friends and family. You can also ride an electric bicycle with your family and enjoy freedom. The goal is as easy as possible, cruising the harbor and beaches. This will be a Thanksgiving that will never be forgotten.

cyrusher ebike xf900 light

Pursue beautiful things by cycling, and be grateful for the daily life of freedom. This year's Thanksgiving, try to give your most precious family and friends an attractive electric bicycle as a gift. Are you ready to bring an electric bike to experience the freedom of riding?

The Cyrusher electric fat tire bicycle brand can enjoy accurate bicycle test riding services in the United States, the United Kingdom, and France. The online sales platform also has dedicated service personnel to answer your doubts about electric bicycles. Either way, when Thanksgiving rolls around, follow four basic principles: Hold on to your happiness. Hold good luck to the end. Carry love to the end. Protect your health to the end. Please strictly abide by it!

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