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Electric Bike Maintenance | How Can a High-Quality Electric Bike Be Durable?

Oct 22, 2022

When people hear the word "electric" in transportation, they usually think of electric cars and high-profile products like those made by Tesla. But as we discover today, electric bicycles are quietly changing the way we use energy for transportation. Electric bikes have come a long way from the days of traditional bicycles to those powered by electric energy. The exterior design and technology have improved and the e-bike looks cooler than ever.

This has also led more and more consumers to look for a high-quality electric bike and this will be a long-term investment for most riders. Here are some long-term questions to consider: How do you get the best life out of your e-bike? How do you take care of your favorite e-bike and ensure you get the best out of it while riding?

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Just like when you care for a car or a traditional bicycle, electric bicycles also require daily maintenance. This is crucial to maintain the durability of a high-quality electric bike. In addition to its excellent performance, a high-quality electric bicycle also needs to use durable and wear-resistant sturdy materials in configuring the essential components of the frame. Cyrusher e-bikes are an exciting brand that provides riders with high-quality e-bikes using materials that meet a world standard.

However, that doesn't mean you can just put an e-bike full of mud and debris on the sidelines and ignore it. Regular cleaning and maintenance of your e-bike can keep your ride safe and smooth and this maintenance can effectively prolong the life of the motor and battery.

Maintaining a fat tire e-bike is the key to riding it longer. An e-bike is equipped with a power system which is more complex compared to a traditional bicycle. Knowing the structure and related components of an e-bike can help you take better care of your e-bike and keep it in perfect condition.

Which E-Bike Components Are Critical to E-Bike Durability?

Motor - The motor is the core component that affects the riding speed of an e-bike. Compared to the other components, the service life of the motor will be longer. When choosing a high-quality electric bike, as much as possible choose an electric bike brand that uses a professional motor. Cyrusher's electric bikes use Bafang's high-speed brushless rear hub motor which can provide power for a long time with the rider's meticulous maintenance.

Battery - Electric bike batteries are the lifeblood of the bike. It's an electric-assist vehicle after all. The e-bike is a complex bike and its battery determines how far and fast your bike can travel under the motor's power. In some ways, you can think of the battery on an e-bike as the gas tank on an ATV.

Lithium-ion batteries are used in most e-bike brands since they’re the only ones proven to have the range, longevity and light weight required for e-bikes. For example, the Cyrusher XF900 electric mountain bike uses a 48 V 17 Ah Samsung Li-ion battery that withstands 800 charges. It lets you do whatever you want, no matter your adventure.

However, like anything innovative and significant they’re still expensive to manufacture. Batteries lose capacity as components wear out and the more times you use your e-bike. Therefore, battery maintenance is also worthy of serious consideration by riders.

Fat tires  Fat tires are widely used on e-bikes. When a rider enters a complex off-road event, the tire is the part that comes into direct contact with the rough terrain and gravel. Cyrusher's electric bicycles feature fat tires. The wide tread can better withstand the pressure on the road and reduce the impact on the rider.

Brakes - The braking system of electric bicycles affects cyclists' riding safety. Before each ride, you must ensure the brakes are in good condition and safe enough for you to start riding.

Electric bicycles are generally similar to traditional human-powered bikes, using disc brakes (mechanical brakes) and oil brakes (hydraulic brakes).

The Cyrusher XF650 uses disc brakes, and the XF800 uses oil brakes. With a disc brake, after stepping on the brake pedal the brake caliper presses the brake disc through the booster and uses the friction force to convert the kinetic energy into heat energy consumption. The oil brake refers to the small oil pump of the electric vehicle. When braking, the oil in the oil pump controls braking by generating pressure to push the brake pads against the brake disc.

Chain - The chain and sprocket of an electric bicycle belong to the transmission system of the electric bicycle and affect the operation of the electric bike. When the motor is turned on the small sprocket and the large sprocket are driven to rotate by the chain, thereby driving the car body forward. Riding at high speeds for extended periods often wears out the chain, which may increase the risk of the chain falling off. Lubricating the drivetrain can make the e-bike operate smoother in pedaling mode, preventing excessive chain friction and mechanical breakage.

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Reasons for Motor Loss of Electric Bicycles and Maintenance Methods

Generally, hub motors are installed on the front and rear wheels of electric bikes. They usually consist of a coil, a rotating shaft, a magnet and a casing. With the action of the current, the positive and negative magnetic steel sheets generate a huge magnetic field that’s driven by the current to make the intermediate shaft rotate rapidly.

The in-wheel motor has a simple structure and the possibility of failure is relatively low. Long-term high-speed riding and wet environments may affect the life of such in-wheel motors.

Due to the direct drive integration of the in-wheel motor, the motor can overheat when the rider is using the e-bike to climb steep high grades, ride at low speeds for long periods, or carry too much load. When the load power of the motor is greater than the rated power of the motor it causes the motor itself and the components to become too hot and cause melting. In turn, this affects the long-term use of the motor. In addition, when the rider rides in the rain or stores the e-bike in a wet environment for a long time, the e-bike will rust and not function properly.

Motor Maintenance Method:

- Try to avoid operating the electric bicycle motor at high speeds.
- Do not expose the electric bike to high temperatures for long periods.
- Avoid storing the electric bike in a humid environment and dry any moisture near the motor as soon as possible. (Although a good-quality electric bicycle has a certain degree of waterproofness, a long-term humid environment will inevitably cause the motor to rust.)

Battery Maintenance Methods for Electric Mountain Bikes:

- Store the battery in a cool, dry place with a charge of at least 40-80%.
- Try to avoid charging after completely draining the battery multiple times.
- Pay attention to the charging time and avoid charging for a long time.
- Prevent exposure to high temperatures. If the temperature is too high, it’s easy to lose battery life.
- Always remove the battery when parking for storage, even in the protection of a garage.

How to Maintain the Tires of Electric Bicycles:

- Make sure you purchase a bike with puncture-resistant tires (for example, Cyrusher uses puncture-resistant Chaoyang fat tires).
- Check to ensure your tires are always inflated to the correct pressure.
- The maximum air pressure of fat tires is kept at 20PSI and when a tire is excessively inflated it’s prone to wear or puncture.
- Use an inner tire liner between the inner tube and outer layer of the tire.

Electric Bicycle Brake Maintenance Method:

  1. Disc brake

- At least monthly check the tightness of the screws of all mechanical parts to ensure safety.
- It there’s a noticeable change in function the sound can be used to determine the location of the fault.

  1. Oil brake

- Change the brake fluid frequently. (When the brake oil gets dirty, the viscosity increases which will directly affect the braking force of the vehicle.)
- Check all working parts. Periodically inspect the brake pads for wear and uniformity.

Chain Maintenance Method of Electric Bicycle:

- Check that the chain is correctly aligned with the gears.
- Check the lubrication state of the chain, clean out the dirty old oil, rotate the roller freely and inject new lubricating oil to lubricate the chain.
- Check the condition of the chain for wear and replace the chain of the electric bicycle regularly.

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It’s very inconvenient to replace the parts of electric bicycles. If you cannot complete the maintenance yourself when components wear out, it’s necessary to seek timely professional care.

Cyrusher electric bicycles have a professional service team and provide owners with two-year warranty service. For offline stores, such as in the United States and the United Kingdom, service is available and maintenance tasks can be completed quickly and efficiently to keep your electric bicycles operating safely.

All in all, to keep the electric bike you own working effectively and efficiently and in a perfect and durable sturdy state, check your electric bike both before and after riding. This will allow you to enjoy a pleasant ride with your electric bike!

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