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Cyrusher Kuattro - Powerful Yet Easy- to-Master Electric Bike

Nov 29, 2022

Are you looking for a powerful and easy-to-handle e-bike but don't want to spend too much money? The answer is Cyrusher Kuattro. It's a more powerful and taller step-through e-bike with the features and components to take you across a wide range of terrain.

Cyrusher, a global company selling high-performance electric cycles, opened its own factory dedicated to providing riders with high-quality yet affordable electric cycles.

It's an affordable step-through e-bike that provides an enjoyable ride whether you want to get to and from your everyday work and places in the city, go camping, ride around a lake or go through the fields to enjoy nature to the fullest!

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What is Kuattro?

It is named after "cuatro," which means "four" in Spanish. Four wheels are more robust than two, meaning it's not your average electric bike. Although the step-through design is built for people with limited mobility so they can easily use the bike, its size and power make it ideal for taller and heavier riders.

In order to achieve high-speed riding, Kuattro is equipped with a 750W Bafang motor with a peak value of 1200W. At the same time, the motor also has greater torque. If you like the thrill of adventure, you'll love speeds up to 28mph!

Each model is equipped with a powerful 48V waterproof lithium battery which can provide excellent power and long-distance riding. With its high-capacity 17Amp-hour battery, riders get the best possible range, speed and endurance. This saves the rider from having to recharge after a few miles.

In fact, it can travel 20-50 miles on a full charge with the range being affected by factors such as rider weight, terrain, wind direction and cargo weight.

Kuattro's fat tires make touring a more enjoyable experience, offering more grip and cushioning for the rider. Its massive fat tires and powerful motor give you a great ride on any terrain while you enjoy the scenery.

Whether you are riding on loose sand, rough mountain roads or soft snow, it is the best choice for your travel. A breathable and comfortable sports saddle, adjustable seat-post and mountain-style puncture-resistant fat tires keep riders entertained. It does everything it can to maintain power and stability on any terrain. Although it is a step-through frame, this model is designed for heavy-duty and rough terrain.

Operating the controller of this powerful step-through electric cycle is convenient and easy. And with a 3.7-inch LCD installed, data is clearly visible.

With three easy-to-use buttons, the controller's computer gives you all the information you need, including pedal assist level, current speed, battery capacity and riding range, among other things. Fully programmable with a pedal assist, speed options and other safety settings it is very user-friendly and can be fully customized.

The Cyrusher Kuattro is fully equipped.

The brand is committed to shipping high-quality personal mobility products to customers worldwide and stands behind the high quality with very safe and reliable components. Cyrusher goes out of its way to ensure that every single part comes from a reliable brand-name manufacturer.

You'll find a Shimano 7-speed transmission, Bafang motor, 6061 aluminum alloy full-suspension frame, ChaoYang puncture-resistant fat tires, Star-Union 180mm hydraulic disc brakes and more on Kuattro. An electronic horn and bright headlights are also available. This is an easy and comfortable ride for anyone.

How long has it been since you enjoyed a ride with your family? Some people will say that after a long and exhausting workday, they have no extra energy to ride. Exercising is good for the body and you can ride with little effort on the powerful Kuattro. It can bring you not only ultimate comfort, ease and safety but also improve the environment of the earth.

It offers a combination of beauty and strength, giving you a new level of comfort

Bright new colors and custom paint will make you the envy of other riders. The combination of the step-through frame design for easy getting on and off and the strength of the larger size provides a new option for rides.

It can perfectly match other taller models in the brand, bringing more couples together. Its attractive appearance and high-end components make it a bike that combines beauty and power and will take you farther on the adventure trips you've always dreamed of it.

Effective full suspension, massive fat tires and a powerful motor can take you down steep trails and other undulating surfaces. Not only does it go faster and farther comfortably over any terrain, but its size and power don't limit you to city traversing or commuting.

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Long range for your convenience

The Kuattro has a much longer range than electric bikes with poor-quality components. With a range of up to 50 miles, you can extend the fun of riding with your family and friends. And you don't have to spend as much time charging, making it even more convenient to get around. Wherever your adventure takes you, it goes wherever you want and meets the needs of customers riding long distances.

Two-year warranty, positive user feedback and customer-centric

The brand has built a reputation for delivering excellent products and engaging customers and has been rewarded with many very positive customer testimonials. In addition, Cyrusher offers up to two years of bike warranty and one year of battery warranty that compares well with its competitors.

In order to improve customers' shopping experience, they have also formed a professional pre-sales and after-sales team. If you have any technical problems, you can call or leave a message in the customer support area of the official website.

They are available 24 hours online to help answer customers’ questions. They have opened an offline store in the United States and the United Kingdom, where they can provide bicycle test ride services so you can feel the power and comfort of electric fat tire bicycles on the spot.

Cyrusher's local team in France provides a mobile service. They send trucking services and the contact information of the brand and the team are printed on the car. This service model is a new  standard process that can deliver products more efficiently.

The brand offers a better experience for anyone who wants to explore electric cycles, but they don't stop there and continue to explore new ways to improve the customer experience. In short, positive customer reviews and a customer-centric service attitude are the best proof of product quality.

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Green environmental protection makes the world more beautiful.

The virus crisis and the deteriorating environment make us rethink our future life. Vehicle exhaust emissions and various human activities that are not conducive to the health of the environment have led to many serious consequences, such as the extinction of endangered species, rising sea levels and frequent extreme weather. We must adjust the existing way of life to find more environmentally-friendly travel.

Electric bicycles are the best choice for you the next time you want to go out and enjoy the natural scenery or commute to the city. Don't hesitate. Just do it. Buy yourself or your family and friends a powerful, easy-to-handle bike and start a different journey!

Before buying an electric bicycle, you should consider the following points to select a powerful and suitable one.

Security. This is our primary consideration and the most critical point. A sound braking system can keep us safe. Since e-bikes are heavier than regular bikes, you can imagine how bad a fall will be if you can't react in time to an unexpected situation, not to mention at high speed. So, choose a sensitive hydraulic disc brake to keep safe!

Topography. There are various types of electric bicycles on the market today. Do you really think they can be used on any terrain? The answer is no. Terrains like rugged mountain roads, sand, snow, gravel, etc. will threaten our safety when riding. Without a capable electric fat bike, you might have difficulty navigating these terrains safely.

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Range. Your battery determines how far you can go. Even though the cruising distance will be affected by various factors, it still has data for reference. No one wants to be held back by the range. This sounds very bad!

Therefore, the range is critical. Be sure to pay attention to the capacity of the battery before buying. If you have a long-distance ride in mind, it is best to choose an electric bicycle equipped with a large-capacity battery.

Power. The power of the motor determines the speed of the bike. The higher the power, the faster the speed. If you want to be adventurous, it is necessary to choose a powerful motor.

Unlike regular bikes, e-bikes add important electronic components like motors and batteries to the mix, so power is crucial. After all, you can agine how scary it would be to stop on those slopes and not be able to move.

Based on the bullet points above, the Cyrusher Kuattro has all the necessary elements and is a more robust step-through electric fat bike. It's powerful yet easy to master, making even beginners feel comfortable. Please don't wait any longer; do it now. Try it out and it will bring you a fun experience!