Electric Bike Comparison for Urban Commuting: Cyrusher Kuattro vs Juiced Bike’s NEW Ripcurrent S Step-through

Electric Bike Comparison for Urban Commuting: Cyrusher Kuattro vs Juiced Bike’s NEW Ripcurrent S Step-through

Nov 27, 2022

Is it a good idea to commute on an electric bike?

There's no denying that electric commuter bikes are one of the best ways to commute right now.

Since e-bikes are more environmentally friendly and more economical than conventional bicycles, they are growing in popularity faster than traditional bicycles. Electric bikes bring riders a more durable, sustainable and high-quality experience that encourages exercise. Because of their powerful motors and pedal assist, riders find them easier to ride than ever before, saving people a lot of money when passing through congested traffic and shortening the commute time. There's growing interest in the Kuattro, Cyrusher's step-through commuter e-bike designed with a casual style.

This article will compare Cyrusher Kuattro's well-received mountaineering electric bicycle and Juiced Bike’s NEW RipCurrent S Step-through electric bicycle. An in-depth analysis of performance and configuration can help you make a better decision.

Cyrusher kuattro ebike step through

Model Introduction

Kuattro is a step-through electric fat tire bicycle launched by Cyrusher Bikes in September of this year. Its unique brand paint and bright color appearance attract many cycling fans. And, this model has a taller frame and larger fat tires. Its configuration and overall performance have been better upgraded than previous models, adapted with  more elevation for heavier riders who want to challenge more types of terrain.

Juiced Bike’s NEW RipCurrent S Step-through is also a more functional fat-tire leisure electric bicycle, popular among consumers because of its large battery pack and comfort. Its clean looks and power make people want to try riding in different places and the overall ride is more suitable for heavy riders.

Which E-Bike Is Best for Riding Needs?

Cyrusher and Juiced Bike are two interesting brands of electric fat bikes with their own specialties. So, which electric fat tire bike is the best for those who want to find an e-bike suitable for daily commuting or leisure riding on field trails?

The table below is an overall comparison of the two products. It allows you to compare the differences in performance and configuration between the two electric fat tire bikes and determine the model that best meets your riding needs.



Juiced Bike


NEW RipCurrent S Step-Through


750-watt (1200-watt peak), 80 N.m Bafang electric motor

1,000W Rear Gear Hub (1,300W Peak)


48-volt 17 Ah

52V/ 19.2Ah


Standard 110V~240V AC, 54.6V 3Ah Smart Charger 

2Amp Charger


50 miles (80 km)

70+ Miles

Comparison of Riding Speed and Range

Unless you are an elite cyclist with Tour de France experience, an e-bike will be faster than a traditional bike. This can be important in choosing a fun electric commuter bike when your goal is to get to work on time.

So, in a Kuattro vs RipCurrent S Step-through comparison, the speed and range of the ride are what most riders focus on. The motor is the core component that affects the riding speed of an electric bicycle and the battery is the root of the bicycle's continuous electric drive life.

Speed Comparison

In the comparison table above, you can observe that the motor power of RipCurrent S Step-through is higher than that of Kuattro. Juiced Bikes uses a 1000W rear hub motor. Although its motor is relatively large, according to the laws for electric bicycles in the United States some states or regions do not allow electric bikes with a 1000W motor to be ridden on the road. In addition, a motor with too much power may overheat during a long climb which is worth paying attention to in terms of safety.

Think about it from another angle. Your goal is to use electric bicycles to commute more conveniently on the road and when you spend more than 2000 dollars on a powerful electric bicycle, you might not be able to ride it where you want to go. What a pity.

In contrast, the advantage of Kuattro's motor is that its 750W power motor is allowed in most riding environments. Its peak power is 1200W which is the capacity of the motor under heavy load and it can also travel at a speed of up to 28Mph. It satisfies the rider's need for power assistance and delivers  better balance when climbing hills at a good speed or using less power for higher-speed commuting.

Range comparison

The Kuattro has a 48V 17Ah battery while the RipCurrent S Step-through has a 52V 19.2Ah battery. In contrast, although RipCurrent S Step-through seems to have an advantage in battery capacity, it is not the most important factor. For daily commuting riders, 50 miles of riding on a single charge is relatively adequate.

When comparing the chargers of the two products, you will find that Kuattro's 54.6V 3Ah smart charger has more advantages and can provide the rider with a fast-charging experience. Although Juiced Bike's battery can last for a certain period of riding, the more critical point that riders need to weigh is whether the charging time of the battery is faster.

And in the case of having sufficient power, the battery is not an important factor affecting speed and range. If you pedal moderately during riding, its cruising range can be extended. In addition, compared to the external battery of RipCurrent S step-through, Kuattro uses a built-in lithium-ion battery that  is integrated into the frame of the electric bicycle. This perfectly integrates with the bicycle's frame to make the whole appearance more beautiful and simpler. It is not at risk of being splashed by sand, stones and mud, improving safety to a certain extent.

Cyrusher ebike kuattro motor and display

Which Electric Bicycle Configuration is More Comfortable and Safer?

In addition to the electric performance of electric bicycles used for leisure commuting, the bicycle's brake components and related accessories are also essential factors in improving safety and comfort.



NEW RipCurrent S Step-Through


Suspension fork
with lockout and adjustment

Front Air Suspension


3.7" LCD display, Smart Computer

Advanced LCD Display


Chaoyang 26" x 4"
puncture-resistant fat tires



Star-Union full hydraulic 180/203 mm disc brakes front + rear

Hydraulic Disc

Pedal Assist

5 level PAS

Not mentioned


Shimano 7-speeds


Carry Capacity

330 lbs

300 lbs


Half twist throttle

Thumb Throttle

Bike Weight

66 lbs / 74 lbs with battery

73lbs (65lbs w/o battery)


250 lumen LED

1,050 Lum LED

Frame material

6061 Aluminum full suspension frame

Custom Aluminum Heat-Treated

Rear rack




Comparison of Accessories

  • Throttle setting:

    The Kuattro uses a half-twist throttle while the Juiced Bike’s RipCurrent S Step-through uses a thumb throttle. The half-twist throttle is a device that is more conducive to the rider starting the vehicle. Forcyclists who love the outdoors, the design of the half-twist throttle offers  better Although the choice of half-twist throttle and thumb throttle is determined according to the rider's usage habits, when you are touring the town, Cyrusher's half-twist throttle can help you start the e-bike most conveniently, allowing you to save a lot of time.
  • Display screen:

    Both models feature a backlit display that illuminates rider speed settings. But the most significant difference between the two e-bikes is that the Kuattro's 3.7-inch backlit display sits in the middle of the handlebars. With just the push of 3 buttons, the controller's computer will give you all the necessary information. Fully programmable, along with the pedal system, with five levels of pedal modulation, you can fully customize speed options and other safety settings. The RipCurrent S Step-through’s screen is located on the side of the accelerator, and the interface is smaller which is not conducive to the rider reacting quickly and setting the relevant values needed for riding.
  • Handlebar:

    The Kuattro uses a flat handlebar and the RipCurrent S Step-through uses an upright handlebar. It's worth mentioning that the flat handlebars keep your bike in a better position, allowing you to lift your head and straighten your back. They don't require as much skill to use. They help keep your eyes "up" so it's easier to see what's going on and make riding with a pack easier. Upright handlebars may be easier for riders with injured wrists but require more effort when climbing hills.
  • Horn:

    The horn is an essential accessory to keep an eye on when riding around town. The RipCurrent S Step-through configuration has a horn while the Kuattro uses a horn light paired with bright 250-lumen LED headlights to help you see your path clearly, even in bad weather. The horn light of Kuattro is enough to remind other vehicles travelling with youand the horn light  can make other vehicles notice your presence when night riding, delivering higher safety performance.

Cyrusher kuattro fat tire ebike

Price and Service


RipCurrent S step-through





2 Years

1 Year

Price Warranty Comparison

According to the comparison of the prices and warranty services of the two vehicles, as well as the built-in battery and safe horn lights of the Cyrusher mentioned above, it can be seen that it's cost performance will be relatively high. All-terrain fat tire e-bikes can sustain some damage through some rough terrain environments and the built-in battery can better reduce the amount of damage.

Cyrusher's branded two-year warranty will give riders even more peace of mind. When it comes to service, Cyrusher's pre-sale, in-sale and after-sale services also meet the needs of customers to a great extent. In addition, there are local professional services for riders to help customers truly experience the performance of electric bicycles.

Cyrusher electric bike kuattro step-throught

All in all

The Juiced Bike’s RipCurrent S Step-through will be more beneficial to riders who need to pursue speed in terms of the battery pack and motor power. Still, riders need to understand local electric bicycle riding regulations before buying. After all, some power motors are not allowed on the road.

The Cyrusher Kuattro has everything you need to enjoy this year's warm, sunny weather, setting it apart from the competition with great looks, electric mountaineering performance and unmatched service. If you want to use electric bicycles for commuting and leisure mountaineering, Kuattro will be your best choice.

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