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Electric bicycles − a good tool to survive the virus pandemic

Nov 27, 2022

Since the World Health Organization (WHO) declared the novel coronavirus outbreak as a public health emergency of international concern (PHEIC) on January 30, 2020, new public health policy measures have been implemented. This is the highest level of alert for the WHO.

As of November 20, 2022, 638 million confirmed cases and 6.62 million deaths had been reported worldwide, making it one of the deadliest diseases in history.

Public health mitigation measures, such as travel restrictions, lockdowns, business restrictions, and closures, have negatively impacted productivity and society has paid a high cost, causing severe social and economic disruption worldwide.

Although the Novel Coronavirus Vaccine has now been developed, the virus is still circulating. Therefore, it is best to avoid gathering in relatively closed spaces.

It is not without reason that public transport carries a higher risk of viral transmission. With a large number of passengers using public transport, it is difficult to maintain a safe social distance due to the limited space and dense crowds. Also, gatherings in public places can bring you into close contact with other people.

During the pandemic period, people can ride electric cycles to reduce the possibility of infection. Whether you work from home or in a physical office, it is crucial to ensure that you are safe. As the virus has been changing how people travel, they can be looking for new ways to get to and from work and school that is different from how they’ve traveled  in the past.

While we need to avoid going outside or gathering in crowds as much as possible during a virus pandemic, employees in some important positions still need to go to work and people have things they must do, such as going out to purchase household items.

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People are actively looking for new ways to get around, so power bikes have become a meaningful way to travel during the pandemic. After reading this article, you'll understand why power bikes are a great tool to get through the pandemic.

  1. Maintain social distance

Since implementing public health mitigation measures, people have carefully observed safe social distancing. This means keeping a relatively safe distance from others when you are in the same space as them to prevent catching the virus.

Moving from one location to another during this particular pandemic may be one of our biggest challenges. At the same time, the longer we are exposed in public areas, the more likely we are to contract the virus.

This is why public transportation such as buses and trains are restricting passenger flow. With that in mind, riding an electric fat bike is one of the best ways to follow social distancing guidelines as long as you're riding alone.

  1. People can reach their destination faster and more conveniently

Commuters are finding it difficult to get to their destinations on time due to extended wait times for public transport that has reduced the number of riders transported at the same time. But with power bikes, journeys and commutes are easier and people can reach their destinations faster and more conveniently.

Cyrusher sells specialist electric fat bikes with high speed and long range which means you can spend less time getting to your final destination, increasing your productivity for the day. If you're worried about running out of power, you can remove the battery and take it to the office to charge or reduce the use of pedal assist while riding for extra physical exercise.

Smaller in size and weight than a car, electric fat bikes can rip through forests and city trails without getting bogged down in heavy traffic. They offer  a combination of motor and pedal assist riding modes to help riders reach their destination with less time and effort than in cars.

  1. Improves Mental Health

During this particular time, we all tried everything that came to mind at home such as baking, dancing, painting and fitness. After a while we can feel that life is boring because human beings are essentially social animals with social needs. Stay in a space long enough, and people will get more bored. For many, this is psychological torture.

Many bicycle manufacturers have established bicycle communities. In the Cyrusher bicycle community, cyclists share their experiences and routes. They can share their experiences and learn about cycling with others with the same interests. Talking to strangers may make it easier to speak freely about what's happening around you which can be a huge psychological relief. People need to pour out their emotions and an e-bike can take you to find someone.

Talking to strangers may make you relaxed and you can freely talk about what is happening around you, giving you great psychological comfort.

If you're not good at talking to strangers, that's okay. It's also fun to explore the winter landscape alone on a Cyrusher electric fat tire bike. Meditating alone is another an excellent means of relaxing, free of distractions and allowing you to focus on thinking about things, good or bad.

With the focus on riding, you can think about the things in life and make choices you genuinely value. Don't let the trivial things in life interfere with the things you cherish. Whether you're friendly or not good at talking, an electric bike can take you out of the humdrum.

  1. Strengthen physical exercise

Before the outbreak, commuters mostly remained sedentary or spent time standing on public transport. Now that there is an outbreak, different modes of transportation  may transform and change how we travel.

Riding an electric bike makes our brains produce dopamine, relieving anxiety. Exercising on a sunny morning can energize us for the day and give us a break from Monday jitters syndrome.

Electric bikes turn commuting into exercise. If you want a more intense workout, you can adjust the pedal assist to a low level. The rider needs to use more strength to complete this journey, which can achieve the purpose of getting  exercise. You can choose the pedal assist level according to your physical condition and the terrain.

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If you are low on stamina, you can adjust to a high level of pedal assist to complete the ride. Riding an electric fat tire bike saves time and energy that would otherwise be expended in a commute.

  1. Treat the environment with kindness

During a lockdown, city dwellers experienced life without traffic noise for the first time since the rise of the automobile. Many people have rediscovered the active lifestyle of walking and cycling, freeing city streets from loud horns and foul-smelling car exhaust.

Electric bikes are a cleaner form of transportation than cars. They can replace a vehicle for urban commuting, saving money and improving the current environment by reducing gas usage and emissions.

The unique feature of the electric cycle is its pedal-assist system which is powered by electricity, and a recyclable  lithium battery. It does not use any fossil fuels nor release into the air  harmful gases and substances that pollute the environment.

And it's a quiet vehicle, allowing you to escape the noise of cars and enjoy the nature around you. There is usually a whoosh of the motor when climbing or accelerating.  The rest of the time, it is almost silent so it does not cause noise or air pollution.

We can use this approach and continue to find new ways to be environmentally friendly, even as the virus pandemic normalizes. More and more people find that riding an electric cycle can save the cost of driving a car and improve the current environment.

Globally, the use of new energy vehicles is gradually increasing so using electric cycles when possible is a wise choice now and in the future. In addition,  the development of electricity will be the direction of the future .

Just as our daily work is affected by the virus, today's leisure life is also restricted everywhere. Electric bikes are a great way to get people out and solve transportation problems. It’s  a new and popular form of transportation and we're excited for the future. In the post-pandemic era, we envision that human life is healthier and better and all these changes come from electric bicycles.

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Cyrusher has been working hard on this front. The brand's mission is to create the most excellent and cost-effective products through innovative design and green technology to meet the growing demand for unique short-distance mobility solutions worldwide.

As a global company selling high-performance electric bicycles, for eight years we have  been shipping high-quality, attractive electric fat bikes to riders around the world.

Electric bicycles are becoming more and more popular. Many countries are actively building more bicycle lanes and implementing some purchase subsidy policies to encourage people to use them.

With this virus sweeping the world, taking care of you or your family's physical and mental health is vital. An electric bicycle is a relatively independent form of transportation that protects against infection from potential virus carriers.

Whether you're looking for the best all-terrain e-bike, folding e-bike, or step-through e-bike, we're confident you'll find the perfect fit at Cyrusher.

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