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Cyrusher Announced Joyful Christmas Promotion Plan

Dec 20, 2022

To celebrate the coming Christmas, the Cyrusher electric bike brand announced its holiday promotion program to add to the festive atmosphere to people worldwide. People get new personal mobility products at more favorable prices, making people's life exciting and different new ways of life.

For example, Santa Claus always arrives on a sleigh pulled by reindeer on Christmas Eve, enters the room along the chimney, and leaves gifts for the children. What kind of Christmas gift does this global company that sells high-performance electric bikes have for us?

This program includes beautiful products from the brand's range, such as various styles of electric bicycles and various models of batteries. Users can get a discount of $300 or $700 by purchasing the product, and the battery can enjoy a half-price discount. Promotions are in full swing, aiming to give everyone an unforgettable Christmas holiday experience.

We're sure you're already getting ready for Christmas with your family or friends and New Year ahead! There are presents to buy, Christmas trees to decorate, dinner to prepare, and cards to send. Even if the pandemic disrupts our daily habits, we must remember to enjoy this happy time of the year and not let the year go by in the blink of an eye.

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It's time to appreciate the people we love and the health around us, and most importantly, to be thankful and stay in good spirits. How are you planning your Christmas vacation? Have you ever wondered what it would be like to spend the holidays with your family on a Cyrusher electric fat bike? In this regard, we hope that Christmas 2022 will be a memorable and fun time for you.

Cyrusher has been shipping high-quality, beautiful electric bikes to cyclists worldwide. With the Christmas promotion, you will get Ovia at an even better price. It will be one of the best deals you will ever make during Christmas. In addition to the attractive discounted price, significant functionality is a must for every bike.

Ovia's red frame is like the red robe of Santa Claus. The frame shape, minimalist colors and colored rims give it a gorgeous look that makes it stand out among the step-through e-bike categories on the market. It's the latest model in the brand's range, and its attractive looks and premium performance have made it popular with many riders.

Because many riders well received the brand's previous step-through e-bikes, a more robust, farther-reaching bike was designed to better accommodate riders with different needs by having a larger battery, more capacity, and a lowered frame.

It's a full-suspension ebike with top-of-the-line features for any surface. Every bike's components need to be in good working order for a great ride, and here are Ovia's highlights.

Larger battery capacity

When you buy this model, you will feel the value for money. It is the first bike in the brand's range to have a built-in 52V battery. A larger battery capacity enables riders to ride farther. It gives you 30-50 miles of range on a full charge. The long-lasting 52V 17Ah lithium battery provides a significant boost to the bike.

The built-in battery makes the model's design more concise and the lines more beautiful and avoids the external environment's influence. The designed battery is easy to install and remove, and you don't need to use any tools. It can be snapped onto the bike, so you won't loosen or fall off while riding. It's firm and stable with high security.

The battery powers all the electronics on the bike and is an essential element. You can add a spare battery if you want to achieve a longer riding distance—a 50% discount on all models of batteries in the Christmas sale.

Comfortable air rear suspension

Like other models in the past, this new model retains the original full-suspension design. But its rear suspension fork was upgraded to a more comfortable hidden rear air suspension.

Generally speaking, the air suspension can better independently adjust the response speed, vehicle height and vertical impact of different road conditions and can also ensure the stability and trafficability of the vehicle.

Riding on bumpy roads can stabilize the body's balance by adjusting the gas in the shock fork, absorbing the impact brought by the ground, and providing the rider with greater comfort, passability, and control. This will minimize fatigue while riding, allowing the rider to have a faster, farther, and more comfortable ride.

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Improved braking system

Ovia uses 180mm dual hydraulic disc brakes, and the braking efficiency is stable and fast. In the event of an emergency, the disc brake can respond quickly and have high performance. It also has the advantages of quick heat dissipation, lightweight, convenient maintenance, and little influence from external environmental factors.

Whether an accelerator or pedal assist, the 750W Bafang motor allows the rider to drive at high speed. When crossing rough terrain or going up and down slopes, the brakes can respond quickly and have stable efficiency, ensuring riding safety. The half-twist throttle allows the rider to accelerate the bike more conveniently and safely.

Upgraded Lighting System

This new full-suspension electric fat bike has upgraded lighting. Motorcycle-style LED horn headlights and individual taillights help you see the road ahead and be heard by crowds and traffic in bad weather, increasing your riding safety.

The color LCD screen allows you to see data clearly in well-lit conditions. With three easy-to-use buttons, the controller's computer gives you all the information about your ride. Combine with Pedal Assist to customize speed options and other safety settings based on strength and road conditions.

Other functions

In Spanish, Ovia means "obvious." Simple design and easy riding are the ethe of this electric fat bike. Despite its small size and clean design, this model is packed with features and components to take you across a wide range of terrain.

In addition to the above features, it has an adjustable seat post, fat tires for grip and cushioning, sturdy fenders and a luggage rack. These components make the bike more robust. Its lower frame makes it easier to get on and off, making it ideal for shorter riders or those with limited mobility.

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This Christmas, you can plan to spend time at home with family and friends and schedule a time to get outside, get active, and enjoy the fresh air outside. For example, riding an electric bicycle around a lake, a neighborhood, or a forest is an unforgettable and fun experience for others and you.

Remember that the brand is offering a Christmas discount on the Ovia, originally priced at $2,699 and currently on sale for $2,399. Compared to other e-bike brands, this step-through e-bike can go faster and farther. Take advantage of these deals, grab it now and give yourself a different Christmas holiday!

About Cyrusher

Founded in 2014, Cyrusher has its headquarters and customer service located in Shenzhen, China. Its bicycles have passed international quality tests and meet CE, UL, Rhos and FCC standards. The brand has operations centers and showrooms in China, France, Germany, Japan, Canada, the United Kingdom and the United States.

Founder Harry Xie said: "Our mission is to create the coolest and most cost-effective products through innovative design and green technology to meet the growing global demand for personal short-distance mobility solutions."

The brand has been shipping quality bikes to riders worldwide since 2014, with a global presence in more than 10 countries. The team's dedication to delivering superior products and first-class customer service has been rewarded with steadily increasing sales and positive customer testimonials.

To get closer to customers and provide better service and quick response, the brand has opened an offline store in the U.S. and U.K. The stores offer bike test rides where customers can experience the bike's features and appeal on the spot.

Cyrusher's local team in France provides a mobile service using trucks printed with the brand and team contact details. This mode has a set of basic systematic processes. Local team members in France will take orders and select the optimal route according to the customer's delivery address to achieve fast delivery and efficient delivery of products.

The brand strives to serve every cycling enthusiast with affordable prices and high-quality products, actively listens to customer opinions, always puts the customer experience first, and improves the customer shopping experience.

Service is one of the essential pieces of information that reflects product quality. The team produces high-performance electric bicycles and achieves the ultimate in service.

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Merry Chrismas!

Due to the cold weather, most people choose to sit indoors in the warmth. In fact, you can use the Christmas break to get out more, spend more time with your family or exercise. Because of the many health benefits of cycling, we recommend using electric fat bikes for these activities.

Of course, there are other ways to enjoy these activities as well. We hope you can make full use of the Christmas holidays, find another healthy and optimistic new way of life, and don't indulge in the warmth or funny programs indoors.

Finally, I wish you a happy holiday!