How to Ride an Electric Fat Bike Without Pain?

How to Ride an Electric Fat Bike Without Pain?

Dec 18, 2022

Cycling discomfort and pain are one of the biggest obstacles to cycling. In the experience of many riders, it is more or less found that fatigue and pain will occur after riding for a period of time. Some cyclists who love bicycles have turned to more comfortable and convenient electric bikes because of lower back injuries. Electric bicycle manufacturers are increasingly looking for products that coexist with comfort and performance. Cyrusher is one of them, always upgrading electric bicycles for a better riding experience to meet customers' comfort.

Cyrusher ebike XF800 fat tire

What Is the Best Way to Ride an Electric Bike Without Pain?

In many cases, riders experience hand numbness, low back pain, neck stiffness and other symptoms due to improper riding posture or vehicle parts that do not fit their body when riding a bicycle. Often, these symptoms will cause more aggravation over time. There are many reasons why cycling can be painful during long rides.

Electric bikes are bicycles in their basic construction, but they do have some differences. Driven by motors and batteries, they do save riding time and pedaling power to a certain extent. This is one important reason why most people turn to electric bicycles for riding. Still, e-bike riding can be painful if not properly set up. For example, you might get a painful buildup of lactic acid if you focus on pedaling too hard with your leg muscles, or a burning sensation in your lungs from a fast ride in cold weather.

Cycling should be enjoyable and, in the face of these barriers to riding pleasure, try to adjust the components of your vehicle to make your e-bike ride more comfortable.

After all, your reason for cycling is to exercise your body, get away from the hustle and bustle of life and even have more family time, not drain your body of energy and cause unnecessary injury. So, to reduce extreme pain from your ride, read on for some effective ways to regulate and relieve your riding pain.

Cyrusher XF900 electric bike fat tire

Choosing the Right Bike Frame

The construction of an  e-bike frame must be considered to properly match the rider's riding style and height. The frame height of an electric mountain bike greatly affects the rider's riding position.

In the marketing of electric bicycles, it is common to have different frame structure options for step-over and step-through. The bike is designed according to different riding styles. Riders can choose the one that suits them best according to their body shape and personality.

To reduce the injury caused by improper riding posture consider whether you need an electric bicycle with a  large or small frame. Before choosing, you can consult the service staff about the frame size of the electric bicycle or go to the relevant store for a test ride in person.

The frame structure of step-over electric bicycles is more friendly to taller riders. For example, Cyrusher's latest high-step electric fat tire bicycle, the Ranger, has a relatively tall geometric frame structure. This frame-construction on an e-bike is solid and stable for riders who need to take on more extensive or adventurous riding events. The height can prevent the legs from bending at the knees too much for tall riders, reducing the leg pain caused by excessive knee bending.

Step-through electric bikes allow the rider to have a more upright and natural posture. The Cyrusher Kommoda is a low-step electric bike. With the step-frame top tube at a lower position, it is easier for the rider to mount the frame of the e-bike freely and there is no high-level top tube to hinder the rider's leg lift, making getting on and off the bike easier. If the rider's mobility is limited or there is basic pain in the lower back, then this low-step electric bicycle will be a good choice.

Tire Choice

The tires are the first part of the bike that comes into contact with the road or trail surface, so choosing an e-bike with wider tires can go a long way toward making riding less painful. Cyrusher XF900 is equipped with 26 x 4-inch fat tires and the wide and thick tires are suitable for all-terrain environments such as over snow, mountains, gravel and sand.

Every gravel area and pothole you encounter sends impact through the tires, into your frame and into your arms and body. Fast and hard ground impacts can take their toll on the rider's body if bigger tires aren’t used to support them. Cyrusher fat tire e-bikes have a tire pressure of 20PSI. Adjust the most comfortable tire pressure value according to the road surface and the rider's body shape to obtain riding comfort. To improve your ride quality and help cushion the effect of rough roads and potholes when riding on fat tires, try lowering your tire pressure a bit.

Cyrusher fat tire bikes

Adjustment of the Handlebar

For riders, most of the time the source of hand pain and numbness is from not choosing the right handlebar.

Fitting handlebars to your needs also significantly affects how comfortable or uncomfortable your ride is. With morning stiffness in your palms during cold morning rides, make sure the vehicle’s handlebars  are adjustable so you can quickly and comfortably reach them anytime or have you have handlebars with heat protectors..

There are two common types of e-bike handlebars: flat bar handlebars and upright handlebars.

Flat bar handlebars: The simplest type of handlebar is straight bars with a grip on the end. Flat bars have traditionally been reserved for off-road riders, but now you can see them in more general applications. There is a very slight bend to the rider's riding position. This is better for climbing since moving your body towards the bike bars during climbs improves leverage and shifting your weight forward enhances the tire's grip on the road.

Upright handlebars: These handlebars place the cyclist in a more upright position than an utterly flat bar and may be more suitable for mountain biking. Most of the time, they are  applied to the cruiser electric bicycles, giving the rider a more relaxed and convenient riding operation.

To make sure your bike is properly tuned, try doing one thing at a time and assess the handlebar height for your ride after each adjustment to get it right. Doing this reduces the load on your lower back and, if you've been having back problems, distributing your weight evenly between the bike seat and handlebars can take the pressure off your spine.

type of ebike handlebar

Saddle Adjustment

Just like shoes need to be the right size fit, e-bike saddle adjustments must match the rider's height.

Cyrusher's range of e-bike saddles is adjustable. Before choosing the bike, a rider is required to measure their inseam. You can also adjust the e-bike forward and backward, adjusting the saddle for reach and the right height.

Saddle adjustment is closely related to riding pain. A good seat will absorb the vibrations from the motor and help keep your body comfortable while riding. Comfortable saddles allow riders to feel like they're riding on clouds rather than making them feel like they're jolting around on a stiff seat.

A low saddle directly affects the rider's pedaling frequency and power output and a high saddle height will cause the rider to spend more effort reaching the pedals, leading to knee pain after riding.

As with handlebar adjustments, try one angle adjustment at a time. This will allow for a better understanding of the causes of saddle-induced riding pain. To adjust to a comfortable angle, place the pedals in position first and sit on the seat of the bike with your feet on the lower pedal. This adjustment will be to the proper height if the pedals are easily accessible and there is no significant bending of the legs.

saddle of Cyrusher ebike Ovia

Choice of Suspension

In the eyes of avid cyclists, e-bikes are a good choice for speed-challenging mountain off-road riding. During off-roading, bouncing and running through rough and bumpy roads is inevitable. 

Therefore, in order to reduce old injuries of the rider’s lower back or additional injuries caused by solid impacts, it is necessary to choose a shock-absorbing suspension before riding. Several models in the Cyrusher range of fat tire e-bikes are equipped with excellent motorcycle-style suspension and rear shock absorbers. This dual-suspension shock absorber can greatly relieve the pressure from bumps and rough roads.

In addition, try to keep your head up during riding which can effectively relieve neck pain. If you feel uncomfortable while riding, don't ride for long. Electric bicycle riding is also a kind of exercise. Don't forget to do warm-up exercises before riding, especially when using electric bicycles in cold weather. Do a good job of stretching to reduce injuries in the lower back area.

Cyrusher front and rear suspension

Electric bikes are heavy compared to non-electric bikes. The weight combined with higher speeds makes riding comfort a real focus. Riding an electric bike is fun and more convenient than a traditional bike. Cyrusher electric fat tire bicycles have set up relevant offline stores and trial riding activities in the United States, the United Kingdom and France, where you can experience them and get professional advice on riding conditions.

Before riding, remember that it is necessary to make some correct parts adjustments and maintain a proper riding posture. This can effectively relieve riding pain and offer a pleasant riding experience.

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