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What are the disadvantages of electric bicycles?

Dec 17, 2022

If you are hesitating about whether to buy an electric bike? I'm telling you that manufacturers are afraid users will learn: electric bicycles have many disadvantages. Since the invention of the gasoline car and motorcycle in the late 19th century, it has been widely used in all aspects of life and has become an essential mode of transportation.

In terms of sales volume, from 2015 to 2019, the global sales of motorcycles showed a fluctuating growth trend. In 2019, the global sales of motorcycles were about 52 million, the highest value in recent years. Due to the epidemic's impact, sales have been showing a downward trend in the later period. Even so, it has already become one of the choices of people's travel tools.

As for power bikes, if you don't have a very detailed understanding of them, the impression must remain that they are bulky, expensive, have a small capacity, and have limited distance travel tools. This is not the case at all. With the discovery of new energy and technology development, its functionality has gradually improved and become more diverse and influential.

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With high-end components and excellent manufacturing, the Cyrusher electric fat bike brand has become a global company selling high-performance electric bicycles with offices in 4 countries and online sales in more than ten countries worldwide.

They are now lighter, faster, more convenient, stronger, and more affordable than ever. It would be best to think about the deeper aspects - the changes that come with owning an electric cycle can leave you in a dilemma.

If you choose to buy a motorcycle without careful consideration, you may regret it in the future. In fact, you have far more options than you think!

It is easy to develop more dependence on electric fat bikes

Cyrusher has created electric fat bikes with various styles and reasonable prices to meet people's different lifestyles. Such as city, commuting, mountain, couple, family, camping, adventure, etc.

When you want to choose a means of transportation to go out, the light and fast power bike will always be your best assistant for travel. Once you try it out, it's easy to be blown away by its outstanding riding efficiency. After all, who wants to waste time on the commute?

Electric bicycles provide people with a more convenient and efficient lifestyle. When you're faced with the choice of vehicle for getting around, whether it's grocery shopping at the supermarket or a short trip, it's perfect for any situation.

For example, Cyrusher launched two new models, Ranger and Ovia, equipped with batteries of 52V 20Ah and 52V 17Ah, respectively, which can bring users a long-distance riding range.

They can take you city commuting, outdoor off-roading, avoiding traffic jams and reducing carbon emissions. And they don't require a parking spot, and many offices have plenty of room to store bikes.

In addition, folding electric bikes are more suitable for a broader range of applications. You can fold the vehicle to store in the car's trunk or take it on public transportation. Even keep them under your table while you drink coffee at the store.

They move nimbly in heavy traffic, and the high-capacity battery will help you further. The batteries are waterproof and removable and can be charged at a household socket. Compared with fast charging chargers, equipped intelligent chargers have more advantages, such as overvoltage protection, wide input voltage range, and extended battery life.

On an electric bike, you can flexibly control it to move, devote yourself to the ride, and enjoy the scenery. You will love the feeling of freedom and become easily dependent on it.

Seriously, don't you like a cozy and fast lifestyle? On the contrary, it is not wise to spend a lot of money on a gasoline car for outdoor off-road use.

Easy to enjoy the scenery and forget the time at the same time

Start the electric cycle, twist the accelerator, push the pedal, and you're off to a great ride. Away from the hustle and bustle of the city, walk into fields, forests, mountains or beaches, watch the sky change at sunrise or sunset, and feel the starry sky when night falls. Before we know it, time passes, and we are so caught up in these beauties that we forget the existence of time.

Powerful motors and high-capacity batteries will help you enjoy the pleasures of an all-terrain e-bike in your free time. The XF900, the top product in the brand series is an all-terrain e-bike that combines power, function and beauty.

Its fat tires, good suspension and powerful motor make it a capable and versatile bike that will easily take you across any terrain.

It is powerful to take you through the most challenging slopes and lousy weather. Not only will it allow you to travel faster and farther in comfort over rough terrain, but its unique motorcycle-style fork and frame design will draw attention to itself and make you the center of attention in the crowd.

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You can take on any short-distance adventure with a range of up to 62 miles. Combine the motor with pedal assist and enjoy the natural scenery. If you are not addicted, you can also travel through the forest to experience the fun of nature at close range without consuming too much energy and save some physical strength during cycling.

When you are busy in the city on weekdays, cycling on weekends is more like a leisure experience to get close to nature and enjoy life, and the feeling of relaxation at the same time is very addictive. Do you have enough self-control to keep yourself from becoming addicted to it? Are you ready for an all-terrain e-bike adventure?

Nature is as mysterious as a black hole. You will always be shocked by its beauty when you walk into there and feel the meaning of life and the self of all things. Can you say no to the beauty of nature? Please consider carefully whether you are buying an electric bike.

It's so quiet and easy to forget it's there.

Electric bicycles are quiet and do not make much noise while riding. In fact, if the bike is equipped with a brushless motor, the motor will make less noise when riding on a flat road.

However, when you want to drive with a headwind or up a hill, the motor makes a louder noise. Except for these heavy load conditions, you will completely forget it is driving.

In contrast, motorcycles make a roaring sound when the motor is running to achieve a fantastic, windy feeling. Some users will also modify the vehicle's exhaust and lights, or add sound reinforcement equipment, so that the motorcycle can produce a louder roar when driving with the increased throttle, thus achieving a cooler and more dynamic riding experience.

Remembering that this modification method should be carried out within a reasonable and legal range, and the sound produced during driving cannot interfere with the surrounding environment.

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On an electric cycle, your ears are filled with the whistling of the wind as you move. Even when accelerating, there is only the sound of the motor running. If you're not careful, you could be completely immersed in the thrill of the ride. If you go alone, you can altogether leave all your worries behind and ride tirelessly, enjoying the tranquility of the road.

But not everyone can stand the quiet. Can you bear the loneliness of riding alone on the road? If you're a fan of speed and sound, motorcycles and gas cars might be more for you.

Requires pedaling to move forward

From the power perspective, motorcycles rely on the consumption of fossil fuels to drive forward. Although power bikes have an all-electric mode, this method quickly consumes the battery's capacity and eventually needs to step on the pedals to move. The ideal way forward is to use the combination of pedal assist level and motor reasonably to maximize long-range riding.

When you first start using an electric cycle, you will feel the physical and energy drain. But from a workout standpoint, it can help you get a specific workout. If you often can't find extra time to exercise because of work, it provides an avenue of exercise that gasoline cars and motorcycles can't offer.

On an electric cycle, you can use a combination of pedal assist and electric motors for urban commuting, depending on your physical strength. In case of low stamina, you can complete this workout by adjusting the high-level pedal assist level.

When you use it daily for your commute to work or the trails, your body will get stronger, and your mental health will improve.

In many cases, e-bikes offer riders a multitude of assistance, which makes them more versatile. They have more ways to move forward, are used by more people than motorcycles, and meet the needs of individuals driving short distances. Traditional bicycles are time-consuming, labor-intensive, and far less fast than electric bikes. While we still have some bias against e-bikes, in most cases, they are an ideal tool for getting around.