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Difference Between Step-Through and Step-Over Type Electric Bikes

Aug 13, 2022

Most riders riding electric mountain bikes don't know where the geometric frame design comes from. They feel the convenience and practicality of the two types of electric bikes after trying different styles of structured riding. Still, they also don't know what the fundamental differences are between them.

Cyrusher ebike XF900 and the electric bike lover

E-bikes are becoming more and more common in people's lives. Depending on each rider's riding preferences and size differences, there are different frame design types of electric bikes on the market depending on the needs of different people. The step-through and step-over types of electric mountain bikes are two main frame geometries.

While step-over electric mountain bikes are one of the more traditional types of electric bikes, there is a growing demand for step-though electric bikes among riders who enjoy urban cycling activities. Whether it's an electric bicycle for professional racing, electric Mtb for enjoying adventure sports, or an electric cargo bicycle, choosing an e-bike with a geometric frame that matches your height and size is essential.

You can certainly answer your questions by riding different e-bikes with different frame configurations at Cyrusher’s best-value electric bike test rides.

If you are looking for a quality electric mountain bike, don't miss the article that provides information on step-over and step-through electric bikes. Continue reading. In this article, the main differences between straddle and step-through electric bikes will be answered by presenting all the details and unique points of both types of electric bikes as well as the advantages and disadvantages of both. 

Do you know when bicycle frames were invented?

Since German inventor Karl von Drais invented the first bicycle, the design of bikes has undergone one revolution after another, from "swiftwalkers" to "velocipedes". In the 1900s, bicycle frames began to change, and the materials used to make them evolved from cast iron and wood to titanium, aluminum, and carbon fiber, and the geometry of the frame began to experiment with new variations.

At the beginning of the bicycle frame design, the structure favored the traditional stride structure, which is generally more stable and more often found in mountainous and steep terrain environments and off-road races that require challenging speed and stability.

The step-through electric bicycle was designed to make it easier for freight haulers to reduce the need to go over high step beams when carrying cargo, allowing bicycle riders to take and unload cargo easily and safely. Women wore skirts that made movement less convenient in the late 19th and early 20th centuries. While traditional step-over bicycles were more inconvenient for women, step-through bicycles overcame these disadvantages. Step-through bikes help to solve these problems and allow women who wear skirts that make it difficult for them to move around to ride easily. As a result, more and more women are using step-through bicycles.

Cyrusher electric mountain bike and a man sit on the rear seat

Is the step-through electric bike a girly?

The answer, of course, is no. Traditionally, people think of an electric bike with a step-through frame as a "lady's" or "girl's" bike. A step-over bike with a taller crossbar is a "boy's bike". Some women choose a step-through electric bicycle because women are not as strong as men and have a shorter reach when riding. This is no longer a critical factor in determining an electric bike in today's electric bicycle design.

In the opinion of most riders, the most crucial factor in an electric mountain bike is the ride's comfort.

The step-through e-bike gives the rider the most upright riding position, allowing the rider to move easily through the frame, making for a more comfortable ride for daily commuting or leisure activities. And it’s also very stylish and innovative in appearance. As the idea of fashion, attitude and needs evolve for all types of riders, whether women or men, a step-through bike can be a quality choice.

Just as a person shouldn't define people from one perspective fixed style, step-over and step-through bikes shouldn't be defined simply as women-only or men-only e-bikes. The key is which style of riding the rider prefers and which is most suitable for the rider's riding according to the terrain and usage.

Cyrusher E-bicycle kommoda and a man 20220813

High-step and low-step? What is the significant difference between the types of electric bicycle frames?

Generally speaking, an electric bicycle frame is a solid geometric structure consisting of a top tube, down tube, seat tube, fork, seat stay, and chain stay components. The significant difference between high-step electric bike frames and low-step electric bike frame types is the difference in these geometries.

The Cyrusher XF900, for example, is a high step-over type electric bike. Its frame design covers all of the geometry components mentioned above, presenting a diamond-shaped frame of two triangles. This frame structure is a solid and stable bike for riders who need to withstand larger sizes or participate in more adventurous riding events.

The Cyrusher Kommoda is a low step-through e-bike. Its main frame is a triangular structure that differs from a step-through electric bike in that there is no top tube between the seat tube and fork, which is the connection of the e-bike's crossbar, making it easier for the rider to traverse the frame of the bicycle. And the part of the step-over ebike that connects the handlebars to the chain stay is thicker, which is also considered for the stability of the ride. In addition, you will also see step-through electric bikes with top tubes on the market. These step-through electric bicycles with top tubes are relatively lower than the top tubes of step-through electric bicycles, bringing more choices for people with different needs.

Different frame ebike Cyrusher XF900 & Cyrusher Kommoda 20220813

(Left: Cyrusher XF900 Step-over ebike / Right: Cyrusher Kommoda Step-through ebike)

What are the advantages and disadvantages of step-over and step-through e-bikes?

To more fully understand the differences between the two types of electric bicycles, you also need a more comprehensive understanding of their advantages and disadvantages to choose better the one you need.

Step-through e-bikes


  1. It is convenient for riders with limited mobility or petite stature. Since step-through electric bikes do not have a top tube that requires lifting the legs across, they are also equipped with a lower pedal. Both assembly and disassembly are relatively straightforward. The rider can operate the electric bike by simply stepping right through the frame and can ride comfortably and casually on the road. This is convenient for riders with limited mobility due to formal suits, stiff clothing, or older riders. In addition, smaller riders do not need to elevate their pedaling position during the ride. If a rider has undergone knee or hip surgery, a step-through electric bike can also provide a way to keep your joints active.

  2. Safe and comfortable for carrying cargo. A step-through electric bike is easy to handle. If a rider needs to have some load or increase the towing of a trailer, the stepper design that allows for easy loading and unloading will allow the rider to quickly support the ground with both feet in case of instability, thus ensuring safety. What's more, the original design of the stepper is to facilitate the transport of goods.

  3. Stylish. In terms of appearance, the step-through e-bike has a minimalist look that appeals to many urban cyclists. It is a simple and stylish style choice for commuting or weekend rides.


  1. Not conducive to large-size players. The frame structure of the step-through bike is a triangle, it is not fitted with a top tube, and the overall design is not particularly strong. It is less than perfect for riding and larger riders who need to withstand more heavy use. However, Cyrusher's electric bike is of the fat-tire type, which improves this deficiency.

  2. Inconvenient accessory placement. Due to the lower frame design, riders have fewer spaces to configure water cups and other accessories.

  3. Uphill under more significant pressure. Not suitable for hills. For cross-country cycling, the power of a stepper electric bike will be weaker compared to a straight-step electric bike. The energy during climbing is focused on controlling the handlebars, and the lower frame is likely to reduce pedaling frequency. However, this is a less obvious shortcoming for a stride e-bike with fat tires, equally suitable for all-terrain cycling.

Cyrusher Kommoda ebike shoot 20220813

Step-over e-bikes


  1. Stability across a variety of terrains. If you like off-road racing and adventure riding, then the Step-over e-bike will lead you through various rugged terrain with a diamond-shaped frame to complete the ride's stability.

  2. Long service life. This design of the step-over electric bicycle is naturally the most substantial frame configuration from an engineering point of view. It can accompany you in a solid state for a longer ride.

  3. Lighter weight. The diamond shape of the frame allows step-over e-bikes to achieve higher speeds with less energy consumption. Usually, the materials used for the structure are also lightweight.


  1. Uncomfortable cycling. Step-over e-bikes have a top tube, so for long rides, the rider may become fatigued and unable to conveniently step over the frame, making the ride less comfortable.

  2. Not suitable for extreme conditions. Due to the construction characteristics of step-over e-bikes, a high step frame will be a less attractive option for less agile people.

Cyrusher ebike XF900 Shoot 20220813

Both styles of e-bikes can be a great riding partners for riders. But depending on your cycling style and different uses, there is a trade-off between the two. With the information above, to understand the difference between step-through and step-over e-bikes, you can choose the most appropriate type of e-bike frame for your cycling workout. These difficulties are also lessened in Cyrusher's fat tire electric mountain bike style for the shortcomings of both types. We believe you can get the best e-bike to enjoy outdoor activities after rethinking the difference between straddle and step type in Cyrusher's top-rated electric bikes category.

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