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Electric Bike Showdown: Cyrusher Ovia Vs.Aventon LEVEL.2 Step-Through Commuter Ebike

Jan 02, 2023

Today, a wave of electric bicycles is sweeping the world. According to reports, the current number one selling electric vehicle in the world is not an electric car but an electric bike. Its sales in the global market in 2021 will reach 9.7 billion U.S. dollars, especially since the markets in the United Kingdom and the United States have ushered in a surge.

As they have grown in popularity, the number of the bike makes and models available has steadily increased. There are many types of electric bicycles on the market, and users must be familiar with bicycle knowledge in advance. If buyers want to avoid shopping regret, they must conduct a comprehensive research.

It's worth doing the necessary research, creating a list of e-bikes that interest you, and digging into the details of each model before making a final decision. Let's take a closer look at two popular step-through electric bikes, Aventon LEVEL.2 Step-Through Commuter Ebike and Cyrusher Ovia.

The step-through frame caters to a broader range of people who want to use an e-bike. If you are short or have mobility issues, it allows you to reach the ground with both feet easily and comfortably pedal and stand on the frame. The step-through design quickly solves the problem of many people having difficulty getting on and off the bike, and some feel more secure on a more petite frame.

Users are concerned about power, distance, quality, price and service. When these few factors strongly appeal to buyers, that model may be very suitable for the rider and provide a long ride. Let's examine each of these factors and note how they affect the riding performance of these two models.

Cyrusher Vs. Aventon

Technical Specifications






LEVEL.2 Step-Through Commuter Ebike


750-watt (1200-watt peak), 80 N.m Bafang electric motor

750W (Peak) 500W (Sustained) Brushless Rear Hub Motor


52V 17Ah lithium battery

Removable Internal Lithium-ion 48V, 14Ah (672Wh)


30-50 miles (40~70 km)

Up To 60 Miles*(PAS 1)


Standard 110V~240V AC, 54.6V 3Ah Smart Charger

48V 3 Amp Fast Charger


20" x 4" puncture-resistant fat tires

27.5" x 2.1" Hybrid Tires, Reflective Sidewalls


6061 Aluminum full suspension frame

6061 Double-Butted Aluminum Alloy with Internal Battery


3.7" LCD, Smart Computer

LCD Smart Easy Read Display with Backlight, Colorful screen with app


Logan full hydraulic 180 / 203mm disc brakes front + rear

Hydraulic Disc Brakes, 180mm Rotors


Half twist throttle

Throttle on demand - Throttle from a complete stop


Shimano TX50-R gear shift system 7 speed

8 Speed

Bike weight

74 lbs (34kg) with battery


Total Capacity

330 lbs ( 150kg)

300 lbs


Two years

One year


$2599 (Original $2699)



The motor determines the performance and class of the e-bike. It is the component that converts the electrical energy from the battery into mechanical energy that drives the rotation of the tires. Do you want to choose a model that has the power to conquer steep hills and the ability to traverse a variety of challenging terrain quickly?

From the list, we know that Cyrusher still uses the safe and reliable Bafang motor to provide more power and torque. Users can enjoy 750W (peak 1200W) power and 80Nm of torque. The Aventon is equipped with a 500W motor, and its peak power only reaches 750W, far lower than the Ovia.

Torque, like power, is one of the main parameters of an electric motor. It is reflected in performance, such as acceleration, climbing ability, etc. N.m is the measurement unit of torque. The larger the torque value is, the stronger the carrying capacity, acceleration performance, and climbing ability will be, and the wear on the vehicle will be relatively reduced.

Torque is the force that turns an object, and it can be provided by a motor or by pedaling. The harder the rider pedals, the more point turns the tires. Likewise, the more influential the motor, the more power is available for the bike to go forward.

The 750W motor gives the rider more climbing ability and faster acceleration than a smaller 500W motor. With 1200W of peak power and 80Nm of maximum torque, Ovia can drive at high speeds on the road and cruise effortlessly in assist mode.


No one wants to be bound by distance. It sounds too bad when you're about to reach your destination but can't move on due to low battery! The LEVEL.2 Step-Through Commuter Ebike rides up to 60 miles, but there are requirements: a rider weight of 160 lbs and using Level 1 pedal assist throughout flat terrain. If your weight is over the limit and the road is rough, you won't be able to reach the standard distance.

The Ovia is the first bike in the brand's range to have built-in 52V, and it can last for 30-50 miles on a full charge. No matter your destination, it can go where you want and doesn't put too many restrictions on rider weight and road conditions.

Both bikes have built-in, waterproof, and removable batteries. Riding in the rain and on wet roads will not harm it, but please do not expose it to rain or submerge it for a long time.

The built-in battery has the advantages of windproof, rainproof, and flying stone impact resistance. And designed for easy use, all you need to do is unscrew the safety lock, take it out and charge it separately.

After fully charged, it is directly snapped into the tube, and the safety buckle is locked. You do not need to use any tools for this process, which is simple and fast. Anyone can do it, regardless of user experience with bicycles or batteries.

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In terms of brakes, both models use 180mm hydraulic disc brakes with higher braking efficiency. Compared with mechanical brakes, hydraulic disc brakes have the advantages of safe and reliable performance, convenient and quick maintenance, lightweight, and quick response.

And Cyrusher additionally adds a motor cut-off function for added safety, and its improved hydraulic disc brakes are easy to use and save effort during riding. The half-twist throttle allows the rider to accelerate the bike more conveniently and safely.

Riding on flat ground, the difference between the two is not apparent. Ovia can provide a more comfortable and safe experience if users go on off-road adventures.

On display, both use color displays. Users can still see the data clearly, even in sufficient light. LEVEL.2 Step-Through Commuter Ebike can also be connected with Aventon APP to share your riding journey with friends.

But the Cyrusher is much easier and faster to use, with just three buttons to operate the electric fat bike's functions and the controller's computer to give you all the information you need. You can customize your speed options and other safety settings depending on your fitness and road conditions.

In terms of transmission, the Ovia comes with a 7-gear shifting system, a standard value that offers riders plenty of options. More gears provide riders with more flexibility, meaning they can adjust the speed of their ride to suit their riding conditions and the terrain they face. The Aventon commuter bike has eight gears to help riders have more room to grow when riding.

Regarding suspension design, Aventon is only equipped with a suspension front fork. As far as flat terrain is concerned, full-suspension e-bikes perform indistinguishably from commuter bikes. But on rough ground, although the suspension fork can buffer part of the impact force, most of the impact force will be reflected on the frame and rider. And narrow tires cannot cushion the ground well, which will increase the fatigue and unpleasantness of the rider during use.

The Cyrusher model is not only equipped with a preload-adjustable suspension fork but also adds a hidden air rear suspension. Compared with the spring suspension fork, the air rear suspension can adjust the body's height according to the road's roughness so that the bicycle can adapt to various road conditions.

Out of the great advantage of air rear suspension, it is widely used on off-road bikes to ensure the vehicle can successfully traverse mud, mountain, gravel, and other surfaces. The mountain-style fat tires provide better grip and traction, and its powerful motor will take you through steep trails and other undulating surfaces.

The Ovia is small in size but powerful enough that it will ride amazingly well on mountain adventures. Its comfort makes commuting an easy experience, too, and its size makes getting around town more accessible and more convenient. The large capacity battery is enough to get to and from work.

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Prices and Services

When choosing a product, price and service are also crucial apart from quality. Knowing from the list above that the Cyrusher is $700 more expensive, you might be hesitant about your final choice. However, a face-to-face comparison revealed that the Ovia's motor, battery and warranty were all superior to the other model.

What do you get if you end up choosing the Aventon because of the price? Less motor power, a closer riding range, less load capacity, suspension forks, and a shorter warranty. Overall, for an extra $700, you get a high-performance electric fat bike and a top-notch service attitude.

The Cyrusher is more broadly positioned, with more than just commuting. It comes with a full suspension design and fat tires, meaning the rider can comfortably traverse any terrain. The other model is more commuter-oriented and needs to be more powerful to go off-road in the mountains.

Despite the wide variety of e-bikes available, buying them is not a small sum. When you compare them face-to-face, you will soon discover that these models have slightly different specifications and features. When you make your choice, think deeply! You're sure to find something that's right for you!