Can Electric Fat Bikes Be Used in Cold Weather?

Can Electric Fat Bikes Be Used in Cold Weather?

Jan 02, 2023

The cold winter months are upon us and, in some frigid regions, biking throughout the winter is the norm. When the forest and the whole city are covered with snow , this kind of beauty will always attract the crowd to watch such a beautiful scene. Riders who love the outdoor environment will ride electric bicycles to experience such a scene. Riders who ride outdoors are warriors who are not afraid of the cold.

Electric bicycles are not as easy to ride daily in a snowy environment. Riding in cold weather affects electric bicycles' maintenance and durability and has higher requirements for bicycle configurations. All-terrain electric fat tire bicycles are a good choice.

Cyrusher's fat tires for all-terrain environments stand up to the test even in severe winter conditions and provide premium riding dynamics in this cold weather. You can effectively avoid the impact of sub-zero temperatures, such as snow, with the various components of the electric bicycle.

Cyrusher ebike Ranger all terrain snow

Benefits of E-Bike Fat Tires in Winter Environments

When used for sport outdoors in a snowy environment,  electric bicycles need relatively wide and fat tires for support. Why choose an all-terrain electric fat bike? Fat tires for all-terrain environments are essential for riding farther and faster through a variety of rough snowy terrain during the harsh winter months. They, provide a practical and low-impact ride experience. Cyrusher's range of e-bikes features sturdy fat tires that won't be a problem in slippery, muddy terrain and will allow you to travel more comfortably and explore more in cold winter terrain environments.

Cyrusher full suspension ebike fat tire

Tire size plays a huge role in effective snow riding. A bike's tires are the only thing connecting it to the ground, making them crucial. So, what are the benefits of fat tires?

Larger contact area with the ground: 

Fat tires are more expensive than those used on traditional e-bikes. There is more contact surface during riding. This greatly enables them to provide better traction in many terrain environments such those with ice,  snow and  beach sand.

Effective shock mitigation:

Due to their wide contact surface, fat tires can absorb greater bumps and shocks in bumpy and rough terrain environments. This means you can ride more comfortably on unpredictable road conditions such as heavy snow in cold weather, having an easier riding experience.

Strong practicability:

In snowy and icy conditions, the rider can depressurize the fat tires to a value of 15 or 20PSI in order to ride more stably and safely. Cyrusher fat tire electric bikes have a maximum air pressure of 20PSI. This allows for regular riding on snow without excessive pressure causing you to get stuck in a snowy environment.

The extra width of a fat tire e-bike gives you better traction. The deeper grooves formed under pressure increase the surface area for better grip, and the lower pressure lets you glide over the snow instead of sinking into it.

Full Suspension and Disc Brakes for Maximum Snow and Ice Control

Riding an e-bike in cold weather conditions doesn't have to be dangerous. The basic configuration of electric fat tire bicycles suitable for all-terrain environments can withstand ice and snow and show good riding performance.

Riding in a snow environment below 0 degrees means relatively difficult riding conditions  which requires a relatively high level of riding skills for most riders. However, strong full suspension and good disc brakes on your all-terrain e-bike will give you the most control over snow and ice.

The Cyrusher Ranger's generous 26" x 4" tires cling to the ground while offering puncture resistance and a mountain-inspired look. This means the Ranger can navigate any terrain with confidence. It performs well in snow and shows advantages in sand, gravel and other terrain environments. Therefore, it gives the rider more confidence in facing unpredictable roads covered by heavy snow. Because the full suspension design reduces the difficulty of driving, the rider will not feel tired. At the same time, riding it feels effortless when traversing rough terrain thanks to its excellent stability and versatility.

Before trying to ride on a cold road, you need to check the working efficiency of the brakes and any ice or water accumulation and replace the brakes with new ones when needed.

Cyrusher Ranger uses large 180mm dual hydraulic disc brakes which can help you stop quickly in emergencies and increase the motor's cut-off function. This gives more stability and safety when riding on snow. Also added is nine-gear Shimano gearing and five levels of pedal assist to choose from. Always find a comfortable pedaling cadence that suits your speed on wet slippery ground to have  optimal control and confidence. Remember, freezing temperatures may reduce the working efficiency of your brakes. It is necessary to check the accessories of the whole vehicle and the normality of each configuration before riding.

Points to Pay Attention to When Riding Electric Bicycles in Winter

The main problem faced by riding in cold weather in winter is the damage to the electrical system of the electric bicycle in the low temperatures and snowy environment. In order to reduce the damage caused by this extreme environment, you need to take care of yourself and the electric bicycle.

Cyrusher hydraulic brake ebike

Battery Protection

Electric bicycle batteries, like people, are sensitive to temperature changes in various environments. Maybe you have also experienced power outages when using electronic products in cold weather. The battery of an electric bicycle is the same. In cold weather, the performance of the battery will be adversely affected and the battery life will also be greatly reduced.

So, when choosing an e-bike model for winter riding, look for one with a large battery pack. The Cyrusher Ovia is equipped with a 52V 17Ah battery and, while larger batteries aren't better at fighting cold conditions, they can hold more power and allow you to ride farther.

In addition, for charging the battery, try to charge it indoors because trying to charge a frozen battery may cause damage to the plug and battery. And, in addition, the battery cannot be charged at all in a frozen state. If you use an electric bicycle in a severely cold environment, you must keep the battery warm next to your body.

Configured Lighting

The riding experience when riding in winter is different from other seasons. Remember that it gets dark early in winter. So, make sure your headlights, taillights and any other lights are on when riding in the cold winter months. Cyrusher Bandit is equipped with a large lumen headlight, illuminating  and allowing you to see the road ahead. There are also reflective spoke cards on the wheels' spokes, easily seen by pedestrians and vehicles. You want to be as visible as possible in all forms of traffic. Riders and e-bikes should be easily visible using bright colors, lights and reflectors. In addition, wear gloves, goggles and waterproof pants to strengthen your protection in the face of severe cold weather.

Ride Slowly

When you're doing your first winter ride outside, it's important to make sure you're always going slow and steady and watch out for slippery spots. But even more important is to have your e-bike and yourself ready. Be sure to start slowly and consider your experience level. Novices should take a test ride without the motor to get a feel for the terrain.

In any case, slow down your ride to get more braking time. This is because the snow-covered road is always full of unknowns. You never know when you'll hit a steep rock, for example.

When you need extra help, you can use the hand throttle at any time. A half-twist throttle assists Cyrusher's all-terrain electric bicycles to use their powerful motor power. The maximum speed that can be reached is 28 km/h, enough to deal with most snow and sand environments. As experience levels rise, once riders feel comfortable handling an e-bike in the snow, they can slowly increase the level of pedal assist.

It's worth noting that every ride through slush results in wet, salty snow that splashes onto your gears and can seep into hard-to-reach areas, causing rust. If you have to ride in slush, wipe down the entire bike, including  the chain, etc. afterwards. Removing salt, water and gravel from the bike will reduce performance damage after snow riding. Store it in a warm, dry place if possible.

Cyrusher XF800 electric bike snow road

(Picture from Cyrusher Bikes Owener Group)

Riding an electric bike through the snow in cold weather is possible and can make most riders feel the joy of winter riding. Cyrusher's all-terrain fat-tire e-bikes have cold-weather performance and can be a fun ride with the right handling, so start riding now and see more of the winter road landscape.

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