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How to Choose Between Electric Bicycles and Electric Scooters

Jan 04, 2023

Driven by the development of new energy and carbon emission reduction policies and the background of users looking for convenient, more cost-effective, and energy-efficient transportation, the global market size of electric bicycles is proliferating.

For example, the European and American markets, where sales rates are growing significantly, have a long-standing cycling culture. Users are usually bicycle-oriented, focusing on the practicality and sportiness of the products, so they prefer power-assisted bicycles, electric scooters, and electric motorcycles.

If you're looking for a new way to get around, buying an electric fat tire bike or an electric scooter is worth considering. You may wonder what the differences are between the two and which is better for you. We'll discuss the main differences between electric bikes and electric scooters here to help you with your current dilemma.

The electric cycles on sale are very similar to traditional bicycles. The notable difference between the two is the added electronic components. Power bikes retain the frame structure of conventional bicycles and add motors, batteries, controllers, displays, etc.

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Motor: It is one of the essential accessories of a bicycle. The motor is a component that converts battery electric energy into mechanical energy and drives the tires forward. The motor determines the performance and class of this bike, and 500W and 750W motors are standard configurations on bikes sold.

For example, with its 1200 watts of peak power and 80Nm of maximum torque, the Cyrusher Ovia's powerful Bafang motor lets you run at high speeds and cruise effortlessly in pedal assist mode. Its comfortable full suspension, fat tires, and sturdy frame allow riders to traverse the most challenging slopes and hills.

Battery: Battery capacity determines how far this model can ride. The greater the battery capacity, the greater the range. Some power bikes for sale can travel 40 miles or more on a single charge, but Ovia is powered by a 52V, 17Ah waterproof lithium battery that can travel 30-50 miles on a full charge. No matter how far your destination is, it can take you anywhere.

The battery is waterproof and removable. It can go in the rain or the cold wind. Bad weather is not even a factor in stopping it. You can take it out at the end of your ride and charge it separately.

Controller: It is the part of the e-bike whose computer, in P.A.S. mode, detects the pedals and activates the motors to assist and propel the ride. The controller is the component that controls the motor speed and is also the core of the electrical system, with under-voltage and over-current protection functions.

E-bikes can be ridden entirely by pedaling, using only the motor or a combination of the two, and what makes them unique is their pedal assist system. Riders can customize the level of pedal assist based on the physical strength or roughness of the road, allowing the rider to pedal more comfortably and efficiently.

Display: There is an LCD that provides all the information the rider needs. With three buttons, the Cyrusher electric fat bike with a color display provides information on current speed, battery capacity, power, and pedal assist level. This allows riders to monitor current ride information and other safety settings.

Electric scooters are vehicles based on traditional human-powered skateboards with electronic components added. The most common drive method is a hub motor or belt drive, and its primary power source is a lithium battery.

Motor: Its power is much lower than that of electric bicycles. Electric scooters are more suitable for less undulating terrain but not ideal for outdoor needs. It does not have enough power to traverse rough terrain.

Battery: A good battery can ensure that the scooter has enough battery life and power. The size and weight of the battery have always been the main factors that hinder the development of electric scooters.

The choice of battery has become an essential factor in balancing the various needs of electric scooters. Whether it is battery life or lightness is a big problem in making and choosing it.

Electric scooters can travel 20 miles or more on a single charge. If your round-trip distance is longer, we recommend choosing electric bicycles so you don't have to worry about power shortages midway.

Display: It adds a code table that shows the speed of the scooter. This allows the rider to understand the model's speed performance, making it easier to know how they ride.

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Maintenance Differences Between Electric Bikes and Electric Scooters

Due to the size and component differences between the two, e-bike maintenance is more troublesome. But you can still easily replace flat tires, resize gears, and more, just like you would on a traditional bike.

If there is a problem with an electrical component, your best bet is to find the manufacturer or a bicycle specialist to inspect or repair the part. We can avoid this technical difficulty as much as possible by knowing everything about full-suspension ebikes.

With proper maintenance, you can keep your electric fat tire bike in good condition and use it for many years. If you choose a safe and reliable manufacturer before deciding, you can minimize the possibility of electrical problems. For example, Cyrusher electric fat bikes use components from world-renowned brands that are safe and reliable.

The Bafang motor, Samsung lithium battery, Shimano drivetrain, and Kenda fat tires are all reputable e-bike components, and you'll be hard-pressed to encounter problems regarding the components. In addition, Cyrusher provides users with up to two years of bike warranty.
If you have any technical issues, you can contact the after-sales staff through the information on the official website. They are available 24 hours daily to answer questions based on the user's problems.

Speed difference

Electric fat bikes are faster than electric scooters. With a powerful motor, the Ovia allows riders to cruise at speeds of up to 28 miles per hour, allowing riders to achieve high speeds without breaking a sweat.

In addition, power-assisted bicycles can save more physical strength. This is because Ovia has a 7-gear transmission system and five levels of pedal assist, so the rider can always find a comfortable pedaling rhythm that matches his speed. Electric bikes are an excellent choice when you want to ride outdoors without exerting too much energy.

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Riding Experience

Comfort and ease are essential considerations for most people. Although today's electric scooters have added a sound suspension system, they do not have a solid enough frame and strong power to face rough terrain and cannot absorb the shock and vibration caused by bumps, which will make the rider feel tired.

What's it like to ride an electric cycle? How is it different from an electric scooter? Ovia is perfect for people who are short or have limited mobility to ride. Its excellent full suspension design and fat tires absorb the impact from bumps, allowing the rider to pass comfortably and efficiently when facing rough terrain. Simple design and ease of riding are the spirits of this step-through e-bike.

The adjustable seat post can better adapt to different heights, and the handlebar position can be adjusted for a better riding experience. The 180mm dual hydraulic disc brakes are responsive and stop quickly. It also adds a motor cut-off feature for increased riding safety.

Plus, you can adjust the pedal assist level according to your riding style, and a high pedal assist will let you finish your journey quickly. Riding an electric cycle takes a lot of effort, but it's more fun.

Advantages of Electric Bikes Compared to Electric Scooters
We learned about the differences in components, speed, feel and maintenance between electric fat bikes and electric scooters. Compared with electric scooters, electric mountain bikes still have many advantages.
1. Ride faster and further.
2. It can adapt to a wide range of terrain. Such as hills, deserts, snow, city roads, etc.
3. It allows you to perform better exercises with less stress on joints and knees.
4. It saves more effort when crossing rugged terrains and will not feel tired.

While electric cycles have many advantages over electric scooters, they also have some disadvantages.
1. Compared with the advantages of lightness and convenience of electric scooters, electric bicycles are heavier.
2. Electric mountain bikes have more components and are more troublesome to maintain.
3. Beginners need to understand the faster speed and safety guide.

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Who is more suitable for using power bikes?

Urban Commuters: Fat tire ebikes are ideal for urban commuting. Its high-capacity battery is enough for a round-trip trip, and it's sized for traversing city trails at will. This allows you to reach your destination easily, save time and effort, and quickly. Most importantly, it avoids the heavy traffic in the city.

Seniors: The step-through frame design allows the rider's legs to stand on the bike, giving them a new way to exercise again. Riding an electric cycle is rehabilitative for people with injuries or joint pain and can be especially beneficial physically and mentally.

Outdoor Adventurers: Get closer to outdoor adventure destinations with an electric bike. Its size can go deep into forests and hills, and saving time can help better explore the outdoors's beauty. They are perfect for unique riding fun with family and friends.


Compared to electric scooters, electric fat bikes are more widely used. It can do anything, no matter what you have in mind. Their quality components offer a whole new way of life for users. Before making your final decision, please carefully consider your lifestyle and usage needs. E-bikes can provide you with new possibilities!