How Do I Know What Size Tires I Need for My E-Bike?

How Do I Know What Size Tires I Need for My E-Bike?

Jan 04, 2023

The popularity of e-bikes provides wider access to the masses, further boosting and changing the key to mobility between cities and towns. It is also an effective means of transportation rooted in clean technology, as consumers have sought and liked green cycling. Choosing an e-bike's performance is probably the first question before you start riding. But it is undeniable that the choice of tire size for electric bicycles is also very critical.

Cyrusher brand is a professional electric bicycle manufacturer. There are many styles of electric bicycles styles to meet the needs of different riders. If you plan to use an e-bike and don't know much about wheels, read about the various types and sizes of e-bike wheels and how these differences can affect your choice of wheels.

Cyrusher full suspension e bike Ranger

How important is the size of an electric bike's tires?

For riders who love to ride, the mobility of a bicycle depends on strong and good tires most of the time. A good electric bicycle tire can also help you avoid tire leaks, which is very important. Taking the Cyrusher electric bicycle as an example, the tire's maximum air pressure should not exceed 20PSI. With a flat tire, it can become quite a pain for a rider to replace a hub motor on a wheel.

The tires on the electric mountain bike directly touch the ground and feel the impact of the ground and the terrain environment. So it is one of the most critical components of a high-quality e-bike. The tires on your wheels seem to affect every aspect of your riding experience. The force you put on the pedals, the brakes you apply, the bumps in the road you ride, and the changes in direction you make while riding are all about the wheels. So, the quality of the wheels will make a difference to your riding experience and safety. 

Your tire size choice greatly impacts how your e-bike handles and rides. Different types of bicycle tires have a big impact on speed, range, suspension, and maneuverability. Choosing the right tires is even more important for e-bikes, which spend more time riding at higher speeds than standard bikes.

In short, the electric bicycle tire's size affects the bicycle frame's size and the force required by the rider when pedaling, which is crucial.

Cyrusher Kuattro fat tyre ebike

Fat tires or thin tires? What are the different sizes of tires?

On the bike path, you can see that electric bicycles have bigger tires, and some are thinner. Electric mountain bikes come in fat or thin tires depending on the type of riding. The Cyrusher electric bike features fat tires. If you are often on rough terrain or want to try off-road riding, it is best to choose fat tires, which can effectively cushion part of the impact from the ground. From another perspective, thin tires are more suitable for smooth roads than rough roads.

  • Fat tires

Fat tires can withstand the elements, operate at much lower pressures, and have more traction and puncture protection. The Cyrusher Ranger is configured with 26 x4 inch fat tires, allowing the bike to perform well on different types of terrain. They're primarily designed for all-terrain riding on tarmac, sidewalks, gravel floors, the beach, and even snow. Having said that, it is worth noting that the thickness of the tire has a certain effect on the speed of the bike, so care needs to be taken not to overinflate the tires of the e-bike when riding and cause a flat tire, it may bring extra weight to the bike, ultimately increasing rolling resistance.

  • Thin tire

Thin tires are found more on road bikes, and unlike fat tires, thin tires use less rubber and are therefore lighter than fat tires. This one feature makes them more efficient and easy to handle. They are best suited for flat roads. Their characteristic higher pressure, lower rolling resistance and lower traction allow them to easily outperform thicker tires in terms of speed and agility. Their downside is that they are less puncture resistant and not as strong as fat tires. More suitable for flat riding environment.

The main feature of mountain bikes is that the wide tires have front and rear shock absorption and are more comfortable to ride. Most e-bike wheels for mountain or trail use are 26" or 24" in diameter. And most of them are fat tires and patterns, which can show better grip, are suitable for off-road, and have good stability. The Cyrusher electric bike features fat tires, the Ranger uses 26 x 4 inch Kenda fat tires, and the XF900 electric mountain bike uses Chaoyang fat tires. It provides a better grip and gives it an eye-catching look.

Some are also equipped with smaller thin tires used on flat roads. The SOLO sold by Cyrusher in Japan uses 24*2.35-inch thin tires. Another XF770 is a 26 x 1.95-inch mountain bike tire that improves grip and traction on the roughest terrain. Rides well even when the ground is covered in snow. Under the condition of low tire pressure, it can ensure the safety of the rider when riding in the mountains. The overall strength is high, and the impact resistance is strong. Compared with ordinary bicycles, it is less likely to be damaged when riding strongly.

The wheel size of the urban commuter electric bicycle is generally 20 inches. The shape is beautiful, gorgeous and fashionable, and it appears on people's daily commuting roads as a means of transportation, and has a wide range of applications. In addition to the smaller tire design, the frame and front fork are not upgraded to increase strength and achieve the purpose of lighter daily riding.

Both the Cyrusher Kommoda and Ovia electric fat tire electric bikes use 20 x 4 inch high-quality fat tires. The models have stylish paint and tread designs, and are equipped with large motorcycle-style shock-absorbing suspensions and rear shocks. device. The strength of the frame, the electric power generated by the motor and battery drive the Qingda, and it is equipped with Shimano's durable gearbox, which can adapt to the needs of various road surfaces and wind directions.

Cyrusher Kommoda electric assist bike

How to choose the tire size of electric bicycle?

E-bike wheels are extremely important to the quality of your ride. Using the correct wheel size for your bike can make your ride smoother and more efficient.

Cyrusher believes that many riders who have not prepared in advance will encounter a problem. The electric bicycles they buy are either too low or too high. Those electric bicycles that seem to be suitable for their height seem to always have more or less incompatibility problems after they are handed over. In fact, the tire size of an electric bicycle is the main factor that directly determines the size of the bicycle frame. Then, according to the height difference of the rider, the tire size of the electric bicycle has a great relationship with the rider's height. 

Cyrusher electric bicycle is a professional fat tire electric bicycle brand, and you can learn about the measurement and measurement of related tire and inner seam values. After all, the tire size of an e-bike also directly affects the quality of the ride.

The wheel diameter selection of electric bicycles is also very important. Adult wheel sizes are typically 26 to 29 inches, depending on the type of riding expected. Larger wheels tend to be better for high speeds to some extent. And smaller wheels tend to be better for off-road use and trick riding. For example, 26 inches is a common wheel diameter for mountain bikes.

Cyrusher electric bike Ranger

All in all, the size of the tire affects the shock resistance of riding. With a high-quality transmission, it can drive smoothly on various complicated road sections. Larger tires are more likely to be thicker, while smaller and thinner tires come in different sizes.

However, if you already have a fun e-bike, then enjoy the ride with the tire pressure adjusted to the best level for your condition. If you are new to e-bikes, it is recommended that you take some time to identify and understand your riding habits, and then purchase accordingly. At the same time, if the time is convenient, you can also go to the Cyrusher offline store to try a real test riding experience.

If you're more looking for portability and an easy-to-span frame, then 20-inch wheels are the way to go. If ride comfort and efficiency at speed are more your thing, then you should definitely consider big wheels, and the 24- or 26-inch tire sizes are worth considering.

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