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Why are Electric Bicycles Becoming More and More Popular?

Jan 10, 2023

With the development of new energy sources and improving global environmental awareness, bicycles have gradually changed from leisure to commuting tools. In addition, the virus pandemic has changed people's daily habits.Countries have advocated that people use bicycles to maintain safe social distancing and have increased infrastructure such as bicycle lanes.

With today's bicycles moving toward lighter weight and electrification, manufacturers are producing another more efficient personal mobility product ─ the electric bike. In recent years, the global sales of electric bicycles have increased significantly and, in particular, sales in the European and North American markets have risen. It has become one of the most popular mobile products.

So, we have a lot of information about why e-bikes are popular. However, if you've never been on an electric assist bike, it's normal to be confused about it. But once you get on an electric fat tire bike, you'll soon realize why it's so popular.

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Electric bikes keep the fun and utility of a regular cycle and make it even better. That's what you get from an electric mountain bicycle. They are versatile and provide people with the opportunity to exercise while riding. Some bikes for sale are high-speed while others are more versatile. In addition, in some unique scenarios, the electric cycle can reach the destination faster than the car.

It can handle any terrain.

Whether you want to ride on mountains, hills, gravel, or snow, the all-terrain e-bike can take you anywhere. A powerful motor, sturdy frame and efficient full suspension ensure that the bike can handle all terrains. As we've covered before, bikes with different components handle road conditions differently and their style and positioning vary.

Since a hard-tail electric bicycle is equipped with a front suspension fork, it cannot absorb the shock and vibration caused by bumps and is more suitable for urban commuting roads. No matter which bike it is, there is sure to be a model that meets your everyday needs and is practical.

It is more flexible than other means of transport.

Another popular aspect of electric cycles is their flexibility. Because of their smaller size, you can get closer to your camping spots and destinations than ever before and get out more into nature. Electric fat bikes are small and lightweight if you have urban commuting needs so they can zip through any trail without being bothered by heavy traffic.

Plus, they get you  to your destination even faster than a car which would be held up by traffic and unable to pass easily. With a power assist bike, you can go faster, further and with less effort than ever before. And if you're fit, you'll also have the flexibility to take on longer journeys and challenging trails or ride without fear of tiring out.

It provides more workout intensity.

One thing I want to clarify is that using electric cycles is not cheating, meaning users can exercise more by riding electric cycles. The vehicle  retains the frame structure of an ordinary bicycle and adds a pedal-assist system, allowing the rider to customize the pedal assist level according to their physical strength or road conditions.

Plus, research has shown that electric fat bikes provide more intense workouts than regular bikes. Why is this? Because of the convenience, people will use electric assist bikes more frequently and ride farther. This results in people having more activity intensity and practice time. Of course, exercise intensity will vary depending on the factors studied but it's an idea worth testing.

It gives more people a chance to ride.

In contrast to cars, power-assisted bicycles do not require a license to use them. Many people purchase a bike for a high-intensity workout but it is hard to think of an electric assist bike. The fact that assisted bicycles retain the fun and suitability of regular bicycles makes riding more accessible and provides more exercise during the ride.

All electric bicycles on sale allow users to use pedal assist in completing the journey. You can use a combination of motor and pedal assist in riding and enjoy the convenience and benefits of electric assist bikes. That means you don't have to worry about sweating and getting tired on the ride; they’re built to carry you no matter how adventurous your experience is.

In addition, new exercise opportunities are provided for the elderly or those with health problems. They can freely choose the level of pedal assistance according to their physical condition without concern about severe damage to the joints.

Riding at a certain intensity daily benefits joint recovery and physical and mental health. It brings an active lifestyle to those whose joints have been damaged and are unable to move normally, allowing them to get back into cycling.

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It is a more energy-efficient and economical means of transportation.

If you have to commute frequently, gas can be a significant expense. However, if you live in the city or commute up to 20 miles a day, the battery capacity of the electric mountain bicycle is enough to support this commuting distance.

You have to keep in mind that the battery capacity determines the range and most models of the Cyrusher e-bike can go at least 30 miles at a time. After arriving at the destination, you can remove the battery and put it in the office to charge separately so you don't have to worry that  the battery capacity is insufficient.

According to users' needs and living habits, electric mountain bicycles can become a substitute for cars and save insurance, parking and refueling costs, etc. While cars perform better over long distances, their expense and energy consumption is higher. Electric mountain biking is an ideal, eco-friendly and economical way to get around if your commuting distance and body permits.

Are electric cycles better than regular bikes? Everyone has the answer in their hearts because they all have different needs. For those bike-loving warriors out there, don't be offended. The content of this section is subjective; users who have tried electric assist bikes will find it interesting.

When you realize that an electric fat bike can do almost everything a regular bike can, plus a lot more, it becomes clear why so many people choose them. Riding an e-bike has been very beneficial. Whether you're new to it or a seasoned rider, it offers a new way to use your bike and enjoy your ride.

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When you start getting interested in e-bikes, there are many different aspects to consider, especially if this is your first experience with an electric mountain bike. As electric mountain bikes become more and more popular, the number of models and brands on the market is gradually increasing. We want to help you choose the right electric fat bike for your needs and enjoyment.

Cyrusher's dedication to shipping affordable high-quality electric bikes to users worldwide has been rewarded with increased sales and positive customer reviews. What started as a small Chinese company selling bicycle parts online has grown into a global company selling high-performance electric bikes.

Drawing on the experience of eight years in the industry, the brand's catalog of bikes is expanding with various styles and precise positioning. If you're looking for a quality electric mountain bike that's affordable yet powerful, you'll find what you're looking for at Cyrusher.

The brand's bikes have successfully passed international quality tests and comply with CE, UL, Rhos and FCC standards. Its brand name is registered and recognized in Australia, the U.K., Canada, Singapore, the E.U., Japan, the U.S., Korea, etc. It has operation centers and showrooms in China, France, Germany, Japan, Canada, the United Kingdom and the United States.

If you have time, you can go to the brand's offline stores in the U.K. and the U.S. to experience the trial ride service in the store and feel the true charm of full-suspension electric mountain bicycles.

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The brand's local team in France offers a mobile service. They will send trucks to transport the product, and the trucks will have the contact information of the brand and the team on them. This service model allows for more efficient delivery of products and caters to customers' needs in different regions.

The brand has always put the customer first, not just giving lip service. The newly added Ranger, for example, is one of the best bikes on the market and is equipped with the best components. The brand designed the frame structure of this model in consideration of the different heights of riders. So, the Ranger is suitable for taller riders and its lower frame design allows shorter riders to enjoy this fantastic bike too.

Cyrusher offers up to two years of bike warranty, proving the product's quality and improving the buying experience for customers. The brand also has a professional after-sales team, available 24 hours online. If you need clarification about bicycles, you can contact them by phone or leave a message in the customer support column and they will answer your questions promptly.

Choosing a well-designed and comfortable riding full-suspension electric mountain bike will make you fall in love with the feeling of riding and join the ranks of those who love electric bikes! They offer an unparalleled riding experience ─ a joy that regular bikes and cars can't provide.