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Electric Bike Showdown: Cyrusher Ranger Vs. SUPER73-ZX

Jan 19, 2023

As a car country, the most common means of travel in the United States is the car, and bicycles are generally considered a way of leisure and exercise rather than a means of transportation for daily travel. But electric fat bikes are changing that singular perception. With powerful motors and high-capacity batteries, e-bikes replace cars for commuting, delivering goods, or exercising.

It is undeniable that more and more people realize that electric bicycles are a green, economical and fun way to travel. Its popularity has spawned a bevy of bike brands and models, and choosing among them is easy.

However, many bicycle enthusiasts choose a model without knowing enough about these brands, and there will be inappropriate models or other unpleasant shopping experiences. So please take careful consideration when buying an electric bike.

Spending a few hours researching a newly purchased product is crucial. Comparing similar parameters, style positioning, and getting to know a brand is worth the time, especially when you're just starting with the product. Otherwise, how do you know the deal is worth it? There is great joy in successfully purchasing an electric fat bike that fits you and works well because you get satisfaction out of it.

We always see the Cyrusher and Super 73 on some platforms, so here we will pick one model from each of these two brands to compare and get an in-depth look at the specifications of their respective components. By comparing their face-to-face, we can better understand their differences and choose the suitable model for us. Let's get started!

Cyrusher Ranger Vs. SUPER73-ZX





750-watt (1500-watt peak)

750w nominal / 1200w peak


52 volt 20 amp-hour lithium-ion battery

 615W/H (48v 12.8ah)


Half Twist Throttle

Thumb Throttle


Up to 56 miles on a full charge

30-50 miles*

Charge Time

5-7 hours

6-7 hours

Carry Capacity

330 lbs (150 kg)

325 lbs

Vehicle Weight

74 lbs (34 kg) with battery

63 lbs


Shimano 9-speed

Single Speed


Front forks with adjustment and locking device and air rear suspension



3.7" LCD Smart Display


Smart display with App


250-lumen LED

Not Included


6061 Aluminum full suspension frame



Zoom Hydraulic Disc Brakes



26" x 4" Fat Tires

20" x 4"



Not Included







Product Overview

The brand wanted to create the most fantastic bike in the bike line, one that looked cool, powerful, and easy to ride. The result is the new Cyrusher Ranger. It has the best components and specifications, such as a 750W Bafang motor, a higher capacity 20Ah battery, an air rear suspension, etc.

In terms of looks, it has an LCD Display, puncture-resistant fat tires, new custom paint, and a unique two-tone frame. These fantastic features and personalized design make it one of the most prominent bikes on the market.

The SUPER73-ZX is a plus-sized version of the brand's Z1 and Z models, and it's one of the most comfortable bikes of all. The brand has redesigned this classic ride so riders can program their commute into a thrilling adventure.

Each bike comes pre-programmed with a Class-2 mode, allowing throttle operation and pedal-assisted riding up to 20 mph. In addition to Class-2, it can also be switched to Class-1, Class-3, and off-road mode to reach 28mph+.

With an overview of the two models out of the way, let's look at what the component specs contain.


With plenty of power, the Ranger can go wherever you want it. Its 52V, 20Ah high-capacity battery powers a 750W high-power motor. Very importantly, its powerful motor can output a maximum torque of 80Nm.

Torque can be provided by either the motor or the rider's pedals. The more powerful the motor, the more torque is used to propel the electric assist bike forward. In a nutshell, torque determines the climbing ability of an electric bicycle.

The ZX is equipped with a 750-watt (1200W peak) motor powered by a 48V, 12.8Ah battery capacity. Its battery capacity and peak motor are much lower than the other model, resulting in a significantly lower start-up time and climbing ability than the Ranger.

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Larger capacity batteries allow you to go further. As you can see from the listing, the Ranger is equipped with a battery with a larger capacity and can travel 56 miles on a full charge. It can take you wherever your adventures go. The 52V, 20Ah Samsung lithium battery can provide users with longer-term riding protection.

Batteries are the power source of electric fat bikes, and we must consider the capacity of batteries when buying models. The average range of the ZX is 30-50 miles*. Battery range depends on conditions such as rider weight, speed, temperature, wind direction, tire pressure, terrain and slope at the time, so we don't know the actual range of the ZX.

In brand range tests, 30+ miles were achieved with the Class-2 throttle operating mode and over 50 miles with the 1-stage pedal assist mode. And the super 73-ZX has a slower charging time than the Ranger, but a far lesser range than it.

More carrying capacity

If you plan to use electric fat bikes for camping, fishing, picnics, or commuting to get off work, then you need to make sure they have a payload capacity that can accommodate the other items you are carrying. The Ranger has an extra 5-pound load capacity, which means it can hold five more pounds of essentials than the ZX.


Extra gears give riders more flexibility on the trail. Whether it's road conditions or the way you ride, additional gears give you more options. With Ranger's 9-speed drivetrain and five levels of pedal assist, you'll always find a comfortable pedaling cadence that suits your speed and have more room to personalize your ride.

The Super 73-ZX only uses a single-speed transmission. The gear position is single, and the gear size cannot be freely selected according to the road conditions and riding style. If you are looking for a higher quality and flexible riding experience, choosing an electric fat tire bike with more gears is best.

Generally speaking, if you need to climb hills frequently or ride long distances, the extra gears make it easier for the rider to pedal, and it can also reduce the burden on the joints.

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Shock absorbing effect

The shock-absorbing front fork can increase the force time, thereby reducing the impact of the force, and has a good protection effect on the car body. Especially in off-road riding, it can reduce the difficulty of riding.

The Ranger is equipped with a shock fork with preload adjustment, allowing the rider to adjust to the road surface. The fork suspension can be locked when riding on a flat surface. If you encounter rough terrain, you can activate it to absorb the impact of the ground. It keeps riding on flat or rugged terrain enjoyable and easy.

The model also adds an air rear suspension, providing comfort and stability. The benefits of the full suspension are not limited to ensuring a comfortable ride but also include the ability to traverse any terrain, allowing the rider to ride with peace of mind and confidence during the journey.

The effective shock design provides excellent control and ground traction to overcome any outdoor trail. It rides smoothly regardless of the terrain, especially in rugged terrain.

If you're an avid outdoors sportsman looking for a bike ready for adventure, then a full-suspension e-bike is the model for you. And from a performance standpoint, whether it's a steep slope, field, or forest, it's the perfect tool for you.

The ZX is not equipped with any shock absorbers. It cannot absorb the shock and vibration caused by bumps. When the rider travels over undulating terrain, they will feel strong vibrations which may aggravate the burden on the lower back, legs, and joints. It makes the rider prone to fatigue and weakness in the process.


Braking is an important feature when shopping for an e-bike, especially for those with a top speed of 28MPH. Compared to mechanical brakes, hydraulic disc brakes perform better. By providing more braking power, riders can ride more safely.

The Ranger has a large hydraulic disc brake for excellent braking performance and durability. They can brake in time when you need to come to a sudden stop. In addition, Cyrusher adds a motor cut-off feature for added safety. When you have a sudden emergency or ride downhill, you don't have to worry about falling and getting hurt due to braking performance.

When you have an emergency or ride downhill, you don't have to worry about falling and getting injured due to the braking performance. And in terms of throttle settings, the ZX uses a thumb throttle. While every rider has their favorite way of accelerating on the throttle, many riders have commented that the half-twist throttle is more convenient and safer.

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Other functions

Super 73-ZX's headlights, taillights, and horns need to be purchased separately. But the Ranger comes with bright LED horn lights and brake tail lights. These lighting and warning devices help riders see the road ahead in bad weather and allow surrounding drivers and people to notice riders on the move, improving safety.

How do I choose between Cyrusher and Super73?

From the listing, the Super73-ZX costs $305 less than another model. While price is essential in our decision, we also consider whether the vehicle's performance meets your needs and everyday habits. What do you get for an extra $305?

You can have more powerful motors, more capacity batteries, more efficient full suspension and brakes, etc. Overall, the Ranger is a more complete, varied, and cooler e-bike. The brand strives to balance components and price, constantly innovating and never giving up on quality, safety, comfort, and performance.