52V Battery Cyrusher Electric Fat Tire Bike Riding Range

52V Battery Cyrusher Electric Fat Tire Bike Riding Range

Jan 17, 2023

Many factors affect the riding range of an electric bike, and for riders who like to ride off-road or cruise on long rides outdoors, riding range is the most important parameter to look at. In the U.S. market for electric fat tire bicycles, the most common and popular voltages are 48V or 52V. Choosing between 52V and 48V e-bike batteries can often be confusing for riders.

In November 2022, Cyrusher introduced the Ranger and Ovia, two electric bikes with large 52V battery packs. This article will explain why the battery upgrades have become more unique, and about their better riding range. While manufacturers of e-bikes have specific maximum riding distances for each model, the standard riding range may be adjusted depending on the model's battery configuration or operation in a particular environment. So, before you make a choice, learn about it to help you choose the right e-bike battery pack for your riding needs.

Cyrusher ebike Ranger

Why Is the Voltage of the Electric Bicycle Battery Important?

Electric bicycles rely on battery power and motor-assisted mode as the source of electric drive power. The battery power determines the speed of electric bikes and the ability to climb hills. It improves your riding efficiency and range, allowing you to ride more miles with less effort. Unlike lithium-ion batteries used to power electric fat bikes, the Cyrusher uses a Samsung lithium-ion battery that is lightweight, fast and has good range on a full charge.

Electric bikes have several different characteristics that affect how many miles per charge they can get, depending on a variety of factors, including battery size, average speed, terrain, rider weight, etc., where the voltage from the battery pack of an electric bike generates power is the most important.

Larger batteries can provide a higher range. With a high-voltage battery, you get a better range and higher speeds. You can ride freely with the wind with a fully charged electric fat bike. A battery with a voltage of 52V has a more extended range than a battery with a voltage of 48V. It's not just because of charging but also because of speed. Bigger batteries are more powerful, and with that power, the Cyrusher Ranger is powered by a 52v 20ah Lithium-Ion battery with a range of up to 56 miles on a full charge, a faster bike with more range.

Cyrusher electric mountain bicycles

What Is the Difference Between a 52v Battery and a 48v Battery?

For batteries of different voltages, the main difference between them is power and performance. V represents the voltage of the battery, meaning the rate at which energy is drawn from the source that produces the current in the circuit. Simply put, the higher the voltage, the stronger the power and the longer the battery life.

At its simplest, it might just be a numerical difference. Still, in practice, it means that for cyclists traversing mountains or complex and uncertain terrain, the 52V battery is a good choice. And for a commuter who lives on flat ground with heavy traffic, a 48V battery may suffice. Still, who doesn't love a versatile e-bike for more opportunities to explore on longer rides.

A 52V battery is more efficient than a 48V battery, which allows your motor to run at a lower current draw while operating under the same conditions. This helps reduce heat build-up in the motor and reduces overheating and premature failure, making it easier to climb higher hills. When offset by drag, the 52v battery provides some performance boost up to around 25mph.

How Do You Get the Most Out of Your E-Bike Battery for a Longer Ride Range?

So from that, the real benefit of a 52V battery is that you don't experience voltage dips at lower charges like you would on 48v. A 52-volt battery will use very little energy while providing decent performance. If you need better power, mileage, and speed, then 52V is an excellent choice.

The riding range of an electric bicycle is affected by many factors. In most cases, the riding mileage of an electric bike mainly depends on the battery's capacity. In the long run, the battery's quality and size determine the ride's mileage, and extending the range of an e-bike battery can help riders complete long-distance travel.

Some characteristics that affect the range of your bike:

Battery Size - A more extensive battery gives you more power, allowing you to go further with each charge. Cyrusher's latest electric fat bikes, the Ovia and Ranger, both feature 52V batteries for a better riding experience.

Pedaling Capabilities - Electric bikes come in different styles and cadence assist capabilities for different rides. Another unique feature of the e-bike is its Pedal Assist System (PAS), if you have a Cyrusher model with five levels of cadence assist. Contrary to the idea that e-bikes do not allow movement, the reality is that PAS allows cyclists to pedal more comfortably and efficiently.

In PAS mode, the bike's computer detects pedaling and activates the motor to assist and drive the ride. You can combine your power with that from the battery to save power when you're on the go. If you're running entirely on battery power, it's likely to drain faster.

Battery Aging - During the long-term use of electric bicycles, riders will think about how long the battery will last? It depends on the battery's power and the rider's operation during use. Predicting the battery life of an electric bicycle is a difficult problem. The lithium-ion battery used by the Cyrusher is rated for 800 charges. As batteries age, they can no longer charge as well as when they were brand new. If you ride with all your might, expect less. Manage your battery life well, and you can get more.

If the bike is not ridden much, charge the battery at least once a month and say the more the bike is ridden, the stronger the battery will be. When you have a problem with your battery that won't charge, you should ask your local retailer what to do with it.

How to maximize battery utilization:

How to maintain the battery's excellent endurance so that the electric bicycle's single charge is the strongest? What ways maximize battery life to provide a long-range for e-bikes?

In rider experience, the higher the pedal assist level, the more power is consumed. So using a higher pedal assist may reduce the bike's range. More extended range on a single charge is available when using the lower pedal assist setting.

If the range is your main concern, it's important to remember that your bike setup matters. Like without motor power assist, the parts you have the most control over are your tire pressure, suspension pressure, and setup.

Cyrusher's 52V 17Ah pedal electric bike, the Ovia, features a dual-shock suspension for a good ride on rough terrain. This full suspension reduces the amount of force the rider needs to exert when riding downhill, saving battery power. The Cyrusher uses fat tires with a maximum pressure of 20PSI. You can adjust tire pressure for an easier ride on muddy trails.

Plus, lighter gears can be used on starts and steep grades. During the riding process of electric bicycles, the large power consumption may be at a low cadence assist level and high torque provided by the motor, which makes the motor generate excessive heat and consume a large amount of battery power. So instead of using too large a cog on extreme hills or cornering roads, try switching to a smaller cog. This will allow you to do more work and use less power from the motor. As your speed increases, shift to higher gears, but always try to maintain a high cadence.

Cyrusher electric bike Ranger snow

The Advantages of the Large Battery in the New Cyrusher Model

The latest two 52V battery pack models of electric fat tire bicycles have attracted the attention of many cycling fans who want to know the advantages of the new models with large batteries.

Built-In Integration - The Ranger and Ovia's battery packs are built into the top tube of the bike's frame and last for 30-50 miles on a full charge. In most of the built-in battery designs, the compact structure of the battery forms a streamlined match with the frame design of the electric bicycle. It can reduce the dust, mud, stones, and water raised during riding and avoid causing damage to the appearance of the battery of the electric bicycle.

Portable - The removable lithium-ion battery keeps it with you wherever your adventures take you. Please charge the battery on the bike or take it out and charge it separately at your convenience. You can equip an extra battery in the pannier bag when riding long distances to make riding more secure.

Cyrusher full suspension ebike Ranger

The 52V battery electric bicycle can upgrade the riding mileage under the correct operation. At the same time, the outdoor temperature must also be considered. After the ride, the electric bicycle battery and equipment should be maintained in time to obtain a longer driving mileage. The offline stores of Cyrusher electric bicycles have professional service personnel who can help riders with battery maintenance. Regular charging is also necessary for better range, and with continued use, the rider must replace the battery when it dies.

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