Why Do People Love Electric Bikes?

Why Do People Love Electric Bikes?

Jan 15, 2023

Traditional bicycle travel has been considered more environmentally friendly among the green ways to get around. But in recent years, electric bicycles powered by electric energy have been increasingly considered as a mode of travel.  And, people are beginning to use electric bikes instead of small gasoline scooters or instead of regular bicycles.

Why do people love electric bikes?

Electric mountain bikes  are the future because they are economical, environmentally friendly and run on eternal electric energy. They allow people who love the outdoors to go the distance, providing a low-cost, energy-efficient and emission-free way to get around.

Many brands of electric bikes use powerful motors and portable batteries to build up power for the ride. The Cyrusher electric fat tire bike brand is available in various styles with outstanding performance. It allows riders to ride much faster than on a bicycle, helping the rider to reach their destination faster and maintain a good ride.

Cyrusher best e mountain bike

What is the charm of electric bicycles?

With traditional cycling, many riders who have been on a bike for a while will realize the difficulty of maintaining momentum, the wear off of power and perhaps the perceived small rewards of riding the bike. The appeal of e-bikes is their use of electric drive and pedal-assisted performance, encouraging people to ride and use less power.

Not only that, but that's not the only reason to consider getting an electric mountain bike. There's much more to choosing an electric bike as a mobility lifestyle.

Cyrusher XF900 and kommoda electric bikes

Assisted riding

Electric bicycles can be ridden using purely electric power and are equipped with pedal-assisted riding functions. This is a good choice for riders with knee joint injuries who want to continue riding. What makes the Cyrusher fat tire electric mountain bike special is its five-level Pedal Assist System (PAS). Contrary to the idea that e-bikes are bad for exercise, the reality is that the PAS allows cyclists to pedal more comfortably and efficiently.

Riders can ride the bike entirely by pedaling, using only the motor or a combination of both (PAS). In PAS mode, the bike's computer detects pedaling and activates the motor to assist and drive the ride. One of the main benefits of electric bikes mentioned by numerous riders is the ability to keep up with faster riders. This aspect makes group rides more enjoyable. They are  also suitable for family rides where abilities may vary due to not being physically strong. The  stable ride won't give riders the feeling like they're being dragged down.

The beauty of the pedal-assisted riding of an e-bike is that it enhances your pedaling ability. It can reduce the pressure and impact on the knees and thighs. Plus, say goodbye to sweating during the ride.

Improve physical and mental health

Although an electric bicycle is an electric-driven riding tool, this does not deny that it has the same effect as a traditional bicycle in terms of riding exercise and enhancing physical fitness. The benefits of electric bike riding to  one’s physical health have been verified by people's long-term riding. It will make people produce heat, endorphins and monoamines which are important factors for effective physical fitness and is conducive to improving physical and mental health.

Riders can set goals for cycling to get in shape. The Cyrusher Kommoda Step-though Electric Bike is a great model for everyday exercise. It is equipped with a 750W Bafang motor to provide powerful riding with Shimano 7-speed gears. The five-level pedal assist system can be easily adjusted on the color display to help riders complete daily exercises at different speeds. For older riders,  it helps to combat their slowing metabolism as they age  and fitness can be maintained with 20 minutes of cardio twice a day.

Some people make the mistake of thinking electric mountain bikes won't keep you in good shape like regular bikes. When it comes to e-bikes, many people have the impression that the motor and battery demand less effort from the rider. But that's not true; while e-bikes can make riding easier when you're on the road, you'll probably still need to pedal as often as you would on a regular bike.

Riding an e-bike also requires a lot from the rider, especially when trying to accomplish a riding goal. At higher speeds, you'll likely be able to cover longer distances on your e-bike which means you'll be pedaling more than usual for a rewarding workout.

Create environmentally friendly travel

As e-bike sales soar, the mobility landscape in cities is changing. In addition to providing riders with a more affordable and efficient transportation alternative, e-bikes can help improve city life for everyone. As cities from New York to Milan scramble to expand bike lanes, e-bikes have become more attractive. Compared with travelling in cars and subways, electric bicycles are more convenient to ride from start to finish, allowing riders to commute according to their schedule and not be limited by routes.

Electric fat bikes create an environmentally friendly mode of mobility that has direct benefits such as lower transportation costs, free parking and faster commute times. This results in fewer cars on the streets and is widely seen as one of the best ways to reduce city traffic. While e-bikes certainly won't replace all car travel, diesel is expensive and riding saves money along with the affordable batteries.

Electric bikes are nature-friendly and emit less pollution per kilometer than motorcycles and cars. A growing variety of e-bike styles and an emphasis on e-bike utility means more and more families are trading their second car for an e-bike.

Why are people buying more e-bikes instead of regular bikes?

The reasons people use e-bikes can vary widely. Electric bicycles are a kind of vehicle for exploration and adventure chosen by more riders.

Cyrusher kuattro fat tire electric mountain bike

  • Fast and flexible, multiple uses through open trails

Electric bikes offer a great way to get around when riders need help facing hills or headwinds, commuting or shopping with a heavier load. For example, the Cyrusher XF900 electric fat tire mountain bike is equipped with a 750W motor. With its 1000 watts peak, the powerful motor allows you to run at high speeds and, in assist mode, cruise with ease. It is equipped with a full suspension capable of traversing any terrain. It has fat tires and larger capacity batteries for a more extended range. E-bikes are a game changer for a great riding experience, even with heavy loads.

  • An efficient and affordable alternative to travel, use it for commuting to work

In an urban environment, point-to-point e-bikes are faster and more convenient than cars or subways. Riders can wear suits or whatever they wear to the office and commute without a sweat. The Cyrusher Ovia is a fun step-up commuter electric fat bike with a 52V 17Ah removable battery. It can travel 50 miles on a single charge. You only need to charge it once a week. This is very convenient for riders who need to commute to work and will assist with  riding further. The Ovia's large battery pack is able to take people farther. By using lower gears and increasing the cadence,  the battery's range will be better.

  • Simplify travel and encourage more outings and rides

Electric bikes are still considered bicycles under the laws of some countries, so if you don't like registering or getting a license or insurance for a car, an e-bike might be a good option. In addition, they don’t require special charging stations like electric vehicles. The batteries of electric bicycles are lighter and riders can even carry spare batteries or portable charging equipment to replenish power. They are  easier for novices to operate and ride, cost-effective and safe.

  • Ride further to discover new places and adventure riding opportunities

Electric bicycles can provide higher riding speed and better mileage than traditional bicycles. You can spend more time outside, exploring new places or experiencing an e-bike racing adventure. The exercise and thrill of cruising in the open air around town like this will release endorphins and adrenaline. In addition, electric bicycles allow riders to explore more trails and roads that cars cannot reach, ride farther to enjoy beautiful scenery and go almost anywhere they want to explore with a bicycle.

 Cyrusher ebike XF900

Electric bicycles are developing side by side with smart bikes, attracting the attention of many consumers. The Cyrusher electric fat tire bicycle company is also expanding its product  intelligence, connecting users and brands through digital forms. In the United States, the United Kingdom and France, you can enjoy the electric bicycle trial ride service to truly experience the product's performance. With continuous improvement over time, more people will love electric bicycles.

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