750W All-Terrain Electric Bike Buying Guide

750W All-Terrain Electric Bike Buying Guide

Jan 12, 2023

Like mountain bikes for racing, all-terrain e-bikes can be used in nearly all weather conditions and a variety of off-road situations. They show good performance in different terrain environments such as those with mud, sand, dirt, grass, pavement and snow, making them very popular with more and more riders.

If you're looking for an all-terrain electric mountain bike for your new year's ride that's worth the long-term investment, choosing a comfortable and well-balanced electric bike should be your top priority. The best part about adopting the all-terrain bike lifestyle is that most electric mountain bikes from brands like Cyrusher such as the 750W are capable of a top speed of 28 mph and, in fact, many e-bikes are built just for that.

These all-terrain fat tire e-bikes would be perfect for a comfortable and stable ride, and right now Cyrusher offers a holiday sale. A careful reading of this shopping guide will allow you to make a more accurate decision when making your purchase.

Cyrusher ebike XF900 for adult

What is an All-Terrain Electric Bike?

An all-terrain e-bike is a bicycle with a sturdy frame and wide tires, designed primarily as a mountain bike or off-road vehicle for mountain riding.

When people talk about all-terrain e-bikes, it's about versatility. All-terrain e-bikes are expertly designed to do everything that many other types of e-bikes can’t do like wading through dirt trails, tackling the steep slopes of mountain roads, conquering underbrush with thick roots, dodging rolling boulders, and going through thick snow.

An all-terrain e-bike can take on the most challenging conditions, quickly tackling any terrain you want it to confront. Traditional mountain bikes are built for mountainous terrain while  all-terrain electric bikes can show their high-quality riding performance on different road sufaces.

For example, Cyrusher's new step-over fat tire electric bike Ranger is equipped with a motorcycle-style front shock suspension. With a solid frame and rear shocks and timely and safe hydraulic disc brakes for excellent control on steep trails, this is a fun all-terrain electric mountain bike worth investing in for the long haul.

If you like fast adventure riding and are a city dweller, then the all-terrain electric bike is worth considering. Many people have traded in their cars for all-terrain wide-tire e-bikes to save time and money, commute easily and effortlessly and give them the freedom to get around the town wherever they want to go.

Cyrusher electric fat bike XF800

Why Choose 750W All-Terrain Electric Bike?

Enjoy more exciting speed

The range of an electric fat bike depends on a variety of factors including the pedal assist mode selected by the rider, the battery capacity, route selected and the rider's weight. Electric fat tire bikes adapted to the all-terrain environment will offer more riding distance in terms of overall performance.

In the United States, federal law defines a "low-speed electric bicycle" as a two- or three-wheeled vehicle with fully operable pedals and a motor power of no more than 750 W. Electric bicycles with 750 W motors can reach speeds that are permitted by most state and regional regulations.

Choosing a 750W all-terrain electric fat tire bike can provide better acceleration for lighter-weight riders. The power level of this motor will also have good climbing performance, reaching speeds of 28 mph with throttle and pedal assist for a more exciting ride.

Ride Anywhere

Those oversized tires on all-terrain e-bikes aren't just for show. This wide tire makes for a noticeable leap in traction on any surface the rider rides on, providing more surface contact with the ground, especially in the snow. Many U.S. states even designate certain snow-covered roads as bike lanes for winter adventure riding.

For safety reasons, a 750W e-bike should be equipped with fat tires. That's a challenge for a two-wheeled e-bike that needs to master balance when riding at speeds up to 28 mph. Fat tires give an all-terrain e-bike a sturdier look and give you the ability to ride on more challenging terrain. Ride anywhere where there might be a lot of bumps or rough terrain. The extra width of the tire improves traction and fat tires on bicycles usually have more sidewall and are much thicker than regular bicycle tires.

Cyrusher is proud to feature fat tires on most of its  models, with a wide range of fat tire electric mountain bikes. The XF900 is an all-terrain fat bike with a 750W motor, a 48V 17Ah Samsung lithium-ion battery, a range of up to 62 miles with pedal assist and an eye-catching full-suspension setup. It’s an e-bike that stands out in the market. For beginners who may not have experience with off-road biking skills, all-terrain fat tire e-bikes provide comfort and balance, allowing riders to ride anywhere, anytime.

Cyrusher 750W full suspension ebike XF900 Kommoda

What Is the Difference Between Full Suspension and the Hard Tail of an Electric All-Terrain Bike?

All-terrain electric mountain bikes  with fat tires are a great and affordable alternative.  Shock-absorbing suspension components that can absorb as much of the shock of rough terrain as fat tires are also critical for people shopping for electric all-terrain bikes. 

The hard-tail and full suspension of electric bicycles give riders different actual riding experiences during competitions or daily riding. Choosing an inappropriate one may cause inconvenience to riders.

Hardtail frames tend to be lighter than full-suspension e-bike frames. This type of all-terrain electric mountain bike has only one front shock suspension. On some trails or flat roads that do not require much technology, the hard-tail mountain bike can give the rider a good riding experience. The hard tail will not lose energy due to the compression of the rear shock absorber. The Cyrusher Rider hard-tail e-bike is ideal.

Full-suspension electric bicycles have better performance in the face of rugged terrain. The double-suspension all-terrain electric bike is equipped with a shock-absorbing suspension at the front end of the frame and a shock absorber in the middle. The Cyrusher XF800 is a dual-suspension electric all-terrain bicycle. Its advantage is that it can significantly reduce the impact of riding in rough terrain. The buffer force of the rear spring suspension can help the wheels maintain contact with the ground and allows the rider to ride more stably.

Cyrusher electric bike for sale Rider

What is Torque and Why is it an Important Consideration for Electric All-Terrain Bikes?

Torque is a special movement that makes an object rotate. The torque in an all-terrain electric mountain bike refers to the torque output by the motor from the crank end which reflects the vehicle's load capacity within a specific range.

Torque is similar to the pedaling force applied to the crank. The larger the force, the stronger the motor's output and the better it can cope with difficult riding situations such as mountain bike off-roading, riding on undulating terrain, etc.

When you want to take your e-bike on more challenging dirt roads, you need more power and torque to counteract travelling at low-speed without bogging down. All-terrain e-bikes typically have a torque of around 80-190Nm. Cyrusher has a range of e-bikes with a torque of 80Nm which are good for both road commuting and mountain trails. When considering an all-terrain fat tire e-bike, remember that the higher torque will generate more speed, making it easier for the rider to ascend steep hills in off-road conditions.

Why Are Cyrusher All-Terrain Fat Tire Electric Bikes Good for Riders?

Cyrusher is a world-renowned electric bicycle brand, selling electric bicycles online to more than 10 countries. It has offices in the United States, United Kingdom, France and Japan. If you're looking for a comfortable and balanced electric fat bike for all-terrain use in the new year, the Cyrusher All-Terrain Electric Bike is the way to go. The brand's bicycles have been tested for international quality and comply with CE, UL, Rhos and FCC standards.

With fat tires and full shock suspension as the main features, its high-quality Chaoyang and Kenda fat tires are sufficient to cope with various terrain environments. The full suspension can reduce the impact from the ground and bring you a comfortable riding experience. For the real experience of all-terrain, the brand also provides the highest quality and convenient offline  trial riding service. Local team members will provide professional purchase guides for riders.

Cyrusher bikes USA local team

All in all

All-terrain e-bikes are a fun way to get around and enjoy the great outdoors. You can effectively avoid slipping or getting stuck on wet or soft surfaces, which makes the 750W electric fat tire bike ideal for riders who live in areas with heavy rainfall and snow. The fat tires' extra weight also helps maintain stability in high winds. Please pick up the best all-terrain e-bikes for your ride in the new year with our guide to holiday sales.

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